Do you know the meaning of the word Amen? We invite you to discover it

  • 2017

Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of the word amen ? Its meaning is so concrete and special that it has no exact match in other languages.

"Amen" is a term in the Hebrew language in which its use is very old. The etymological point of view, Am n is derived from the verb Aman, used to reinforce or confirm something. Basically, it means the register, and the truth .

What is the meaning of the word am?

This word has no exact equivalent in western languages. Its meaning has to be understood as a response confirming something that is considered strong, stable, immutable . This is the reason why the Judeo-Christian tradition kept this word unchanged unchanged, since any translation could impoverish or ruin the original meaning of the word, which, in a sense Strict, it can only be said in reference to God.

Extended to Christianity, the term Am n is often used in the Bible to say that something has to be . The word is also one of the most frequent liturgical acclamations as a formula to put an end to the sentences, which means t that it be so

To pronounce the word am n is to proclaim that you are certain what has been said, in order to ratify a proposal or join it. In the context of religious worship, it means that the house is in line with what is celebrated and affirmed.

The term Jesus himself uses in the Gospels to start a speech, which gives him the connotation of strength and forcefulness. That is why Jesus says in the Bible something like; I really tell you.

Does the word Am n mean Jesus?

The Holy Bible calls Jesus el Am n because it is the confirmation of the promise of salvation (Revelation 3:14). God promised to save those who repent and the coming of Jesus was the confirmation of that promise. Jesus is the testimony that the word of God is trustworthy. The Bible is the word of God and all she says is the truth (2 Timothy 3: 16-17). Our confirmation of this comes from Jesus.

Jesus also used the word "amen" many times to emphasize the saying, stating that it was really the truth . In the expression translated "I truly say to you ..." Jesus used several times, the original "truth" is "Amen."

The meaning of the word amen can also be translated into something like truth, really, .. ”. (Psalm 89:52) Saying amen a couple of times in a row is a very serious statement of belief. By saying "Amen, Amen, " Jesus was saying that his words are true and very important to us.

Curiosities of the word Amen

  • It originated in Hebrew, the word "amen" came to Greek and Latin when Greek theologians translated the Bible into language . Later, the word came to Arabic and English.
  • One of the many names attributed to Jesus in the Bible is "the Amen, " for example in Revelation 3:14, described as the true, faithful witness.
  • The last word of the Bible is Amen . You can observe it for yourselves in Revelation 22:21.

Then I will leave you a short video, but where you will also explain the meaning of the word Amen precisely.

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