Coral rose Lady rowena

  • 2016

The brotherhood of the rose, will work Gaia with the frequencies and seals of universal love, is a fragrance of the etheric rose of health perfect that is to say in balance with the conscience of each one, and with the energy To restore what health and the physical body shows us.

In these days of so much energy and co-creation, the paths of rejuvenation of cellular energy are opened.

On the ground level, in you this does not mean that you will change your physique, what is not there is not. What was damaged can be energetically balanced, and gradually open up energy flows that compensate and restore it, as long as they meet your emotional needs, and your certainty of living in love for yourself.

When they do not love each other or refuse, any possibility of expansion or light is openly canceled , that is the serious problem, strands of light are closed, which should vibrate and capture the next step.

At this moment, in Gaia the vibration continues to rise, and the diamond and rainbow energy is present in each and every one of the steps to which they are directed, to incorporate their being of light one hundred percent , at their daily frequency.

Therefore, the enteric fragrances of the roses of the garden of Gaia Maya are the most important part in their daily evolution, they are the path of aroma, which opens memories in their soul.

To heal is to become aware of something, and release it, therefore, if there is no next step and responsibility, no way of healing is possible.

It is the fragrance of the rose of "perfect health", a fractal of diamond light that opens the awareness of responsibility in their emotions, the awareness of self-generation and dissolution of emotions, so they will feel intense and very physical in the next hours and days.

This diamond fragrance, which you will receive in the crystals of your heart chakra, will open intrauterine memories, give all of you, remember, how much you wanted to come to the planet, even knowing your duality, will restore your desire to live, or your desire not to continue living according to what things, you will open in yourself a strong energy of feeling alive, or failing to feel that you are not living as you would really love to do.

These days are a bridge of light until mid-May 2017, to fit one hundred percent of your original vibrations, and all of you chose your commitment to the new earth and with your hearts, in different grades, in different planes, or abandoning The planet even.

There are no good or bad, there are no somatizations, there are choices to learn in different dimensional planes, the realities, which assertively set out to grow as souls, in your life.

Beloved being of light we honor you for it, for your commitment, sometimes forgotten in your physical life, but absolutely present in your multidimensional being.

It is a great effort that you are making, transcending duality and maximum polarity these days, and sustaining inner peace, even without knowing what the next step will be like, we love you, deeply, and your being of light also loves you, now You must remember that love inside, feel it, amplify it and vibrate inside, in most moments of your life.

Only then will they reflect that visible balance in all your acts, in your physical body, in what you call health, and most importantly, in the expansion of your being in any activity.

The rose of health, perfect, is an eternal rose of coral lightning that descends from its crown chakra, if you heart chakra, you can meditate with it as you wish, and receive its internal fragrance in the form of a coral ray, from the inside their bodies.

We took a deep breath several times and connected to the crystalline core of Gaia, and climbed after several breaths a rainbow crystal ray from the core of Gaia to the star chakra of the matrix on the surface of the earth, we took a deep breath, and there we opened a sphere of Crystal light, rainbow, that shines as we breathe.

We continue to raise the energy vertically upwards and direct the frequency of light to the star farm of Gaia, a span just below the bottom of our feet, we continue to breathe three times, while the crystalline frequency opens.

We feel how the light is divided into three beams of light and we focus attention on the bottom of our feet and in the direction of the base chakra, thus vertically upwards with three breaths in the 7 chakra, to the crown and the soul star, A span above our head.

Broaden, ask for a beam of coral light that descends progressively from the crown chakra to its interior, fills with light, and forms inside a rose of light, coral, a flower of light, which opens in several crowns of petals and that descends vertically downwards, from the crown chakra to the heart chakra, we breathe softly, and we feel how that energy brings us strength inside, we continue to breathe and ask that the coral rose be activated, of perfect health, receiving from the interior of the rose a fragrance of light and crystals that begins to spin on itself and that opens a spiral of light that expands vertically up and down in a continuous spiral from the heart chakra to the star of Gaia on the sole of our feet and the heart to the star chakra of the soul, a span above the head.

And we breathe 9 times, so that the spiral expands, leaving us in a circular chamber of light, which permeates the whole elementary of the body .

And we remain inside this spiral, and we ask for a golden ray of light to permeate it, golden and coral for as long as we want, to open that energy, in all our light bodies, we can stay for the necessary time.

Then we go down again a ray of golden light that bathes the whole set of light, and we feel how the rose permeates inside us melting into our consciousness, and little by little, we feel the energy It melts into us, and we begin to move the body very slowly and smoothly, first the legs the ankles the energy of the arms, the body and gently, we feel like all the energy and our body He is moving, when we decide to do so, we breathe again, opening our eyes, and slowly incorporating ourselves.

Thank you beloved beings of light, for your great planetary work, all is well, even the imbalances are squeezed by the change and transformation of these times, we love you from the central sun of Alcyon, Lady Rowena. And his brothers from the brotherhood of the rose.



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