Retreat in the temple of Master El Morya



The expanding strength of the Light,

All power has been given to me by the Essential Life

Every design is fulfilled by the law.

God's will,

He goes before us revealing himself,

The Power of God is unique.

Who walks in front of the Light,

He has already traced the Victory,

All those who face the Light in this hour

They perform the crucial task.

I AM driving that Sacred duty

Sustained in consciousness.

The momentum of each day is not submitted

Surge Victorious as the triumph of

Eternal Life on the apparent death!

The Power of God and His Victory

They manifest at all times.

Life scattered everywhere

It exists for the Will of One.

Finally Everything is transformed into Unity!

The current of the same seas

It is just a simple expression of Greatness

Of the Divine Will.

Join the Law of Perfection

It is a sacred duty,

The first compliance,

The first commandment,

The first work.







My Loyalists;

In order to be able to provide adequate service, fulfilling the exact Universal and creative Will, one must act with a broad scope, a perfect mental disposition and a perfect adaptability in the face of the undisciplined behaviors of some aspects of the behaviors of the personal being.

Patiently, the development of the so-called "Plan of perfection" engraved in the core of White Fire, which is the heart of each electron of each of the cells that make up the one involved, will be transferred to the most hidden corners of human minds and feelings. mesh of the physical structure.

Reactivating the Divine codices, the original Patterns of the Immaculate concept is precisely the design and fulfillment for this New Age that is openly enthroning the Kingdom of Light and its Greatness omniabarcamente in all this already Sacred Earth.

To the extent that they know, protect and strongly support this Sacred Commitment, they will be the supporters and promoters of an expansive activity of such magnificent and high Power and deployment as never before carried out in this Human and Planetary evolution.

All this same Solar System of the Milky Way is like a tapestry in which its own stellar destiny is woven at every moment, to find itself in the present in the anteroom of a New Order and Resurgence that goes towards a new Solar Dimension, expected millennia ago and delayed by the dark barriers of mental, emotional and behavioral overflows

Of human beings, which curb the Master purpose of the Divine Plan.

The Ignominia is finishing its cycle, and the apocalyptic beasts will begin to close their jaws, as long as the abjects do not continue feeding their voracious appetites!

My Brave,

The time has come to fight against the invisible hordes, but as real as the air itself and against everything that stands as an obstacle to the free passage of the Light and the Greater Good to attract the Powerful Presence of the Light of the Christ in the consciousness of the entire Humanity!

Individual and collective Armageddon itself is deployed and frankly open, internal and external struggles ravage the intricate foundations of everything believed safe, in which material blindness covers the spiritual vision of many of the allies in the “ranks of the light.

It is then necessary to look with pervasive look at the conflicts and struggles themselves, such as those that are simultaneously unfolding around.

The winner will be defeated and the defeated will become the winner!

With these words it is my desire to emphasize that there are no permanent triumphs or defeats, only the Divine can point to the victors never defeated, to those who are able to sustain themselves in the Perfect Order of the Greater Law.

We will quickly lighten all burdens and submit Our Lives to the eternal understanding capable of opening even the most stony consciousness!

I will give guidelines for outstanding students:

1-THE FIRST ORDER IS AT THE TIME THE FULFILLMENT OF THE FIRST LAW: YOU WILL LOVE GOD FIRST OVER ALL THINGS ”. In the current Era that means putting all our actions, affections and efforts as an active offering towards His Presence dwelling in each one.

2-Acquire the treasure of the Force and adaptability, under any adverse circumstances, never leaving aside the Master key of Patience with ourselves and with others.

3-Check the internal dwelling daily to clean all energy other than Light.

4-Irradiate as Suns the Light, spreading everywhere all the attributes of the Seven Rays of God

The instructors in charge of the Teaching Groups will gather people according to their affinities of lightning, for the realization of the work. Tasks that will promote the development of daily work.

It is a true privilege for all of us, the Ascended Masters to bring you to Our Retreats, and sustain your consciences under the protection and protection of Ours in the Octaves of Light.

I greet you with the triple venia of the Council of the Elders!

In the head,

In the heart

And in the Hand!

I am, El Morya.

Mirtha Verde-Bouquet.

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