Restoring The Power of Love ~ by Goddess Isis

  • 2014

October 9, 2014

Welcome dear Beings of Light that sustain all the elements of the Earth and of the internal planes, you are a power base of this Universe. They are in a space and positioned on Earth to give a new impetus of power to everyone's perspectives, giving power to the Creator in his presence that flows naturally. You have the ability to access the power of the Creator by returning and gathering this sacred essence to its original purpose. Wherever Love is present You create Love within your being and on Earth, providing for all the Age of Love, and therefore, create a new form of power for all to experience and remember as your truth.

Like a large and ugly snake raising its head from the depths of darkness where it was banished, you could experience your own inner power to activate and rise with great force within your being. This force could be overwhelming and vast, causing them to bend under their weight. They may see the snake's eyes seeing only ugliness, feeling resentment, betrayal and distrust. They may seek to push the snake back into the depths of its being, with the perception that it no longer has a place in its love life. The ugly and great perceived snake symbolizes the darkness of power that asks you with your expanded and improved love heart to take a moment and look into the snake's eyes with the sole intention of showing acceptance. The snake that symbolizes your power and the power of the Creator asks you only for your gentle love and to accept it. She does not want to cause chaos, distrust or fear, as you might perceive it, but simply wants to support and stabilize the great presence of love within your being. Take a moment to accept the snake's loving gesture and accept your own power while he transforms from a snake of darkness to you, as his being of ultimate supreme love. You realize that you have been denying an aspect of yourself, causing pain and suffering at so many levels of your being. Now is the time to forgive and accept all aspects of your being; This is the truth of his love. The lessons of the Age of Love cannot be denied or avoided in any way.

Now it is time for you to recognize that you are a base of love, a source of loving and gentle power as you realize that power and love are one and the same when you are equally accepted and honored. Only you, beings on Earth, can send this new perspective and energy of a loving power; This is their purpose, if they choose it to be, to change the perception of consciousness within humanity that love is power and power is love.
'I am the power of love, my power is love, ' is a sacred affirmation with which many have aligned in the past, while others have ridiculed and buried it in favor of the dark side of power.

Renounce the dark serpent of power within yourself and let him see love again as it is, for he is the sun shining on his face instigating a profound transformation. Repeating the statement will allow the process to be carried out, especially if it is practiced when they meditate with the intention of accepting their internal power and restoring it to their natural existence inside and as the presence of love.

Love has been hindered for some time because it has not been able to be fully present as an integral energy because its power has been abused and banished. Now is the time to restore the Creator's Love into the consciousness of his being, the Earth, humanity and the consciousness of humanity to manifest a new wave of love. This new wave of love will allow many, especially those who are ready to accept the power of love. What is the power of love? You are the bearer of love, the guardian and transmitter of the power of love; They have this answer inside. The power of love is the intensity of love beyond anything experienced or possibly imagined. It is unlimited in its intensity. Can you imagine feeling loved and expressing so much love that you experience a divine and elegant intensity of the love projected from you? Then they double, quadruple and multiply the experience a million times, and they will not even come close to experiencing the intensity and power of the Creator's Love, and yet it will be stunning. His belief in love and his multifaceted abilities, gifts and means would be magnified and emanated from his being, naturally inspiring others to accept his own love, and then the power of his love.

The Age of Love encourages them to accept, personify and use love in their reality, thus creating a deeply meaningful love experience that reflects the Creator, while releasing everything that no longer serves them. In this experience you welcome the golden gift, the ability to recognize, use and experience the power of love, changing everything so that more love can be created. Your faith will rise, and what is important is that you will be living a life and reality of love because you will have accessed the personification and truth of love. Said transformational and confirming experience that returns them to the center of the truth of the Creator allows the New Consciousness of Love and United Power to express to all of the Earth and the Creator's Universe.

They may see being able to rise and manifest themselves at first as power struggles when there is a greater presence of love on Earth and within their being. Everything you experience inside you often needs to be experienced outside, in your physical reality, because this is where you play with energy, deciding what is aligned with your being and spirit and what is not. The power battles between people and countries beyond their reality could be evident, and battles between people and yourself could arise in your own reality, and of course power struggles within his own being, in the mind, emotions, and even in the heart chakra. My intention is not to create, but I wish to manifest a compassionate consciousness as the power of love is returned and restored; Acceptance is the key. If you recognize any form of power struggle within the reality of your being or the world reality, you are consciously aware of it.

First, bless the situation because she is evidence that love is claiming its power.

Second, accept the presence of power with a loving and open heart and mind.

Third, try to understand what area, aspect or quality of power is being restored to unity with love again.

Fourth, let go of the physical manifestation and visualize the source of love of the Creator and you united with his power. Imagine love as a person full of a soft pink light, a very gentle and gentle one, and then imagine the power of love as another strong and fiery red light person. The soft pink luminous body and the strong red luminous body hug and become one; and they rejoice in their restoration of their energy. We see a person with a single luminous body, which is a mixture of pink and red light - the power of love has finally been restored and love is emanating its new source of energy with intensity. It is a beautiful vision to imagine as she will also restore the same in her being as a deep healing. Allow love to reunite with its power because this is the process happening now on Earth and within all beings.

Give yourself permission to let go of the fear of power, it belongs with love and was born of love, so now it must be restored in order to advance the ascent. Do not allow the struggles for power, conflicts, wars, arguments and resistance seen throughout the reality of your world to dictate fear, negativity or even create the perception that love is not has manifested. This is to misunderstand the influential and sacred process of awakening love that is happening in all its now. Power and love are returning to your natural unity and you are present on Earth now to recognize this, holding a positive and faithful perspective of what emanates from your being, comforting and supporting at all times the drastic movement, change and transformation on Earth and in everything.

Your thoughts and perspective impact the world in a very powerful way; you bring comfort and healing to your minds that choose to be carried and shrouded in fear due to the child. You are creating a new consciousness for humanity with every thought you create, every faithful perspective you hold and every deep understanding you accept. Your acceptance and willingness to see the truth and the ascension process with compassion and love beyond fear and suffering is what is carving and manifesting the New Age of Love for all to experience. You are important now, so allow the renunciation of the darkness of power for love to be restored with its power, instead of being separated as two lovers yearning to be like one. It is time to accept your role on Earth and at every step of this ascension process that you are handling.

With the unity of love and power within my being, I extend my blessings to you,

Goddess Isis

Channeled via Natalie Glasson

Restoring The Power of Love ~ by Goddess Isis

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