Summary report to the infinite and eternal Cosmos

  • 2015

Dear All, all, as we have agreed since my departure, I will give you my report of what it would be for me, about a little more than half a century traveled by this density; taking into account that from where you are. That is similar to a human blink.

I am going to try that only the Truth of the facts, be the one that I expose here and that my Mind does not betray me with false testimonies. And of course you. They know that I am characterized by conciseness, in this 3rd Dimension in which I find myself, it will not be extensive, the intention is that it be simple and real .

I will try that the Heart expands in a trail of Love and overturns in this writing the veracity of the experienced facts.

I will start from the beginning of my trip: the ship that brought me turned and shoved, landed abruptly and the pollution had already begun to wreak havoc on the small vehicle ass that transported My Being.

He acted until he was totally taken by oblivion according to what was agreed, hid the Cup of Eternal Life in the depths of my Inner and began to walk without memories, stripped by my amnesia, of all Divine Flashing.

It is not easy, Beloved, to walk in ignorance, the pain deepens and fear takes on all power, doubt is the only certainty that led me to commit endless errors (duality gives step to error ), with its consequent sufferings, which, having reached the maximum state of sleep, were unknown to me as learning.

Such was the disguise I built that the confusion played the Truth, leading me through many deaths closing the Mind and the Heart.

He went through each extreme and lived it to its last consequences .

When the time has come, I blurredly visualized the Path that I had suppressed in my mind, I remembered to join both peripheries and I was on my way to the Center to the Core.

Now from the known I go into the unknown guided by Peace and Harmony that dwell in this My Interior.

I recognize in myself the Ego and my Real Being, in each Being I recognize the Ego and its Real Being ; in all and everything I recognize myself.

And here I go, here we go, Beloved Glory, Beloved Source, Beloved All, recognizing that I am what I am, in this matter, that is becoming and subtling to give way to the One, to the Great Presence That we all are.

Summary report to the infinite and eternal Cosmos

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