Cosmic time report - just be authentic - by Mak Borax

  • 2014

URANO / PLUTON QUADRATURE : On December 14, the sixth quadrature of the seven of Uranus-Pluto occurs between June 2012 and March 2015, on which I will write in a special update so remain tuned.

SATURN IN SAGITTARY : On December 23 after more than two years of agitation in the dark waters of Scorpio, Saturn emerges in the bright fields of Sagittarius for a six-month respite before falling back into the Scorpio waters from June to September 2015, then returning to Sagittarius for two more years.

Saturn's role is to remind them who they are. Deep down, under all those other things that you are Who are you?

The magically complex question of identity is what Saturn asks them to discover, a process that requires removing all layers of who they really are not, to get to what they are. The task of Saturn is to restore the essential nature of our species, something that can make our world get going again, because we have settled for less and built a society with that masquerade that provides reduced and limited versions of what everyone we are

While Saturn has been shaking the scorpionic waters deeply for two years, the collective air waves have been filled with the anti-aircraft fire of emotional psychic ejections that ignite when the absurdity of this commitment that sucks the soul explodes with the revelation of the way we settle for less. We are completely exhausted by the dirtiness of so many things that we repudiate through the masquerade, which is piled up and piled up layer after layer, threatening to bring life, love, work and relationship down.

My dark side skyrockets every time I contemplate the madness of an economic system based on perpetual war. Unlike what happened during the Vietnam War everyone continues with business as usual, while industrialists enrich themselves with war fever, ceasing to realize that there is enough money in the world for every man, woman and child is a millionaire - however we have millions of people living below the poverty line, while the war machine produces weapons and victims every day in this perpetual war of the economy - that makes you want to scream.

As Saturn emerges from the hidden corners of Scorpio to the bright fields of Sagittarius, even the distorted distortions of our society acquire a new light of inspiration and healing. It reminds me that hope is eternal, that even the worst nightmares of our time will also pass and that something bright and beautiful burns in the soul of even a wrong species. I remember that hope and inspiration can turn the darkness around as the amazing dreams of artists and visionaries have spun me every time I sink into the silt.

If you have felt flogged, beaten in the last two years during the passage of Saturn through Scorpio, cheer up - you will have a six-month break to get out, get out ... wherever you are! Rays of light are flowing through the rubble. The flowers bloom where the ghosts dance. Sagittarius brings new hope and a new light, just as the Winter Solstice marks the return of the light.

And when Saturn turns back and dives again for three months this summer, just remember that the main thing that Saturn is demanding of you is to remember who you are. Be real, authentic. Meet. Make your truth count. Don't worry about being nice or nice or perfect or popular or right, or eminently respectable with neighbors - just be authentic.

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Translation : Alicia Virelli

Cosmic time report - just be authentic - by Mak Borax

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