Cosmic Time Report: Love and Balance by Mark Borax

  • 2014
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Putney Mountain, Vermont

1st. March 2014

Last month the Dragon Head and the North Node of the Moon changed from Scorpio where it had been for a year and a half to Libra where it will remain until the end of 2015. This change indicates a relief of the exhausting test of the face-to-face struggle with his soul that accelerated in the year when the Node entered Scorpio, the most open and highly energized celestial domain of Libra, which governs Relationships and societies or associations of all kinds.

The Dragon's Head indicates the way forward, while the Dragon's Tail denotes the strong tide that pulls us back. With the head in Libra in the next year and nine months, the tail is in Aries, emphasizing the ability to relate to carry them forward, while Aries is obliged to rise from the thorny issues remaining within its own nature that must be addressed in order for the promise of the Relationship to be fulfilled.

For many of us, trapped generosity obstructs our system, overwhelming us. Lately I have been learning about this through my five and ten year old children, Hart and Sky. Hart reminds me of the part of the open heart in me that just wants to give and give incessantly, spilling the world with my ideas and passions. Sky reminds me of the part of me that feels the need to allow my ideas and feelings to grow to maturity somewhere deep within me before offering them to others.

This stretch of yoga between holding things and giving them a way out is bound to emerge strongly during the Libra / Aries period.

When carrying forward Libra the emphasis is on openness and giving rather than clinging.

Those of us trapped in the dark side of the relationship can practice the exercise of replacing the words "I / my" or "myself" with the name of your partner. When I feel tempted to point my finger at my wife Marcela, for example, instead of saying, "No matter how much I try, I can't communicate with Marcela, " I can replace it, "No matter how I try, I can't communicate through myself. " This exercise is a good way to wake up to the underlying karmic pattern that attracts repeated lessons in the field of relationship, because you would not have attracted that relationship to your life, if you were not trying to learn something from it. To get to the underlying lesson, ask yourself, "What would make a person trying to learn to get involved with this particular topic over and over again?"

The positive side of Aries is to free ourselves from the residues of memory and history and lead us to live fully in the present moment. In one of my darkest moments of relationship many years ago, an ex-girlfriend of mine listened to my sorrows and said: “Mark - just because love has always gone in a certain way for you, doesn't mean it has to be like that again! “At that moment, trapped in the teeth of my harder karma, those words instantly began to reassure my soul, an antidote to the part of me that felt ground by Nietzsche's Chamber of Eternal Return. The idea that my future love could be much brighter than the past caused profuse purifying tears to flow in me, while I sobbed away ghosts and felt encouraged to start over.

The balance between Libra and Aries in the coming months will range from here to there between their ability to be fully present at all times, to the need to clarify the issues of the past. In fact, sometimes being in the present means clearing the past. During the shaking action, if they realize their own ability to open their hearts and give, while respecting what they know is true, they align with the Moon Nodes and find the balance of giving and taking.

Then in November 2015, when the axis of the Lunar Node moves from Libra / Aries to Virgo / Pisces, the emphasis will shift out of its immediate field of relation to the broader field of service that satisfies the soul. If they discover who they are now and what they love, they can later continue to advance their greater connection with the world.

Who are you really? What are they here for?

How much longer will they wait?

* * *

Mark Borax is a master Soul Level Astrologer and bestselling author who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter. He offers readings over the telephone and in-person, and classes that catalyze individual evolution.

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Translation: Alicia Virelli

Cosmic Time Report: Love and Balance by Mark Borax

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