Renew to Innovate-Lanto Channeled Message

  • 2017

Channeled Messages of the Masters of Light

In Portuguese the original.

How can human beings, who trace the physical path, bring to the physical plane the energies of the New Age if they are not yet renewed?

Step by step it evolves when one seeks to go to the Universal Light, when this search is from the inside out, when the soul aligns itself with the personality and opens the channel between the spirit-soul-mind.

But the action of a spiritualist may not be as transparent as he wishes, such as the mixture of oil and water, because the personality is still immersed in the illusion.

When a disciple has his channels open and accessible to the higher planes, his internal potentials are constantly expanding. It receives orientations from the Beings of the Planetary Hierarchy and the personality no longer fights against the language of the soul, which gradually dilutes the unbridled and irrational impulses caused by the garbage that floats on human minds.

Any barrier between the personality and the soul represents a difficulty for the realization of the tasks and missions of a disciple and prevents him from making better use of the time period of his incarnation.

As missionaries, you must be aware that you need to be equal, outside and inside, inside and outside. It is time to stop to synthesize the true personal values, separating those who were instilled in this life from the universal values ​​rooted in the soul, so that the true authenticity of each one's inner being is reflected.

We have few channels that present that transparency and we understand that this phase of development is only reached by those who self-analyze and question, renew, never conform to the opinions of books and doctrines.

Most spiritualists subdivide life: home life, work life, spiritual life, and are dissatisfied with most of the sects and movements they frequent, believing that a movement that truly transforms them is yet to come.

- Pure illusion!

The transformation is done from the inside out and not from the outside in!

But, once it has developed and is a conscious channel, a disciple can increasingly add the virtues of the spirit and synthesize the opposites of himself, using the greatest discernment to live true life and achieve true realization, innovating.

The contact with a Master should be more exploited, every disciple should surrender much more to the guidance of his Master and make the most of this opportunity.

The human being burns his time, erodes energetically, but can not get rid of the anguish that demands the light of the soul !

Every disciple needs to seek the greatest harmony with his soul, with the values ​​of the spirit, because the energies that are coming to Earth will progressively separate the “straw from the wheat” and will bring many conflicts, much confusion, but also many transformations in human life., because they are energies moved to promote group and collective decisions. The souls that will work for the New Age will be mobilized by these energies of transformation and imported by the energies of splitting, of separation, of personality. Therefore, if there is no time for deep reflection, for the analysis of spiritual virtues, of real values, if there is no internal determination to move forward, regardless of chaos, it will be very difficult to live together and fulfill one's goals .

It is necessary that each one be renewed to innovate, within the Universal Laws of the Aquarian Era .
With love,

Spiritual Channel: Lourdes Rosa
Message from the Book "Mensagens dos Beres de Luz" - vol. II
Authors Henrique Rosa and Lourdes Rosa

PORTUGUESE-SPANISH TRANSLATION: Patricia Gambetta, editor in the great family of


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