Surrender and control, Jeshua through Pamela Kribbe

Dear friends

I speak to you from the heart of Christ consciousness. I am Jeshua, but I am not only a particular personality who lived on Earth two thousand years ago. Here, I represent more than that. I represent the Christ energy that lives and vibrates in all their hearts. Thus, he who speaks here now also represents his own energy and vibration; It is his own sincere longing that turns into words in this room where we are sitting.

Being together in this way does not mean simply giving a lecture ... It is a meeting and a celebration of the New Age. The awakening of a new consciousness seems to be far away sometimes. There seems to be a lot of disharmony and conflict in your world and, indeed, within yourself too. But still the awakening has begun. A new dimension of consciousness is being born on Earth right now, and after a long stage of preparation you will gradually find support and spread a wave of enlightenment across the Earth. You are all part of this wave of consciousness just waking up, absorbing the Earth at this time. In many ways, you are that wave of energy.

"Surrender and control" is a great theme in this process of spiritual awakening, both individually and collectively. On a political level, world leaders are often confronted with this issue. It is still very difficult to be in charge politically and make decisions from the heart. Politics does not seem ready for this yet. However, surrendering to the wisdom of the heart is the only way out for the great conflicts on Earth at this time, the only possibility of a peaceful resolution of these conflicts.

The universal sense of connection and unity that is possible among people of very different races, religions and cultures is the foundation for world peace. The recognition of each other as human beings, despite external dissimilarities, is growing among the world population, and is partially stimulated by its modern information technology, which greatly decreases distances in time and space. At the same time, growth towards mutual understanding is threatened by old concepts based on fear about "we" and "them." Thinking in terms of good and bad, right and wrong, "we" and "they, " perpetuate old hostilities and fuel a lot of emotional turmoil. These divisive concepts are still used by politicians to sustain their power.

However, those who ultimately determine reality at the political level are you, the individual. The policy reflects the conscience of most individuals as a whole. It is through the knowledge of many independent individuals as a whole that a new level of consciousness comes alive. Rather than extending to the political level, I would now like to talk about the individual level, which all of you are working to integrate the energy of the heart into your lives and which you are dealing with the issue of surrender and control.

In the meantime I ask you to simply feel the energy of surrender, since it is gathered here today and it flows from your hearts. You all implore emphatically for the feeling of liberation and confidence that is inherent in surrendering, letting go. But often, you still don't know how to integrate this energy into the day of your lives.

What is the origin of control in life? By control I want to say: want to exercise power over life, force it to flow according to your wishes, which you perceive as correct and just. Why do you try to exercise control over your lives, and live continuously with tension and anxiety because of this? The origin of control is fear. Fear is deeply engaged in the structure of their lives: their upbringing, their education and their society. Control mechanisms are present everywhere and are taught as good habits. Apparently, you are an intelligent, rational person, if you want to have control over your life and organize it accordingly.

Surrender and unpredictability instill in you a sense of fear. You associate surrendering with giving up, with not knowing what to do, with being overwhelmed by agitation or emotional crisis. This, however, is a very limited conception of surrender. It is a conception born of fear, of ego-based consciousness. There are much more positive notions of surrender, one that points to a lifestyle, a way of being, in which you live in confidence, without the need to control, force or manipulate it.

The ego implores control because it is frightened. The ego is identified with images that do not come from the soul but are fed by the external world. The ego is constantly running around to preserve its own image, be a successful businessman, a careful housewife, or a competent therapist. He wants to keep this image to have control over what people think of him. However, there are always times when the ego fails and loses. This may be the case when you feel exhausted, sick or your relationships are disrupted. The ego considers these crises, which at some point forces them to release and surrender, like mortal blows.

Thus the ego associates surrender with crisis. The ego lives in a continuous alternation between control and crisis. Often, in times of real crisis in your life, you are invited to look at the hidden treasure within it. There is always a positive element hidden within the crisis, which signals them to come closer to their own heart. In this way, life is always moving you closer to yourself, your knowledge and your inner wisdom, even if you live according to the dictates of the ego. Because there will always be situations in your life that sooner or later will challenge you to give up. Life is always offering them opportunities to choose surrender as a way of life.

You know this. You all know these moments of surrender after a crisis, precious moments of clarity and awareness, in which you realize that you are driven by the flow of an invisible divine breath. You understand that this divine flow of life wants the best for you, and that you can trust it even if it does not necessarily bring you what you expected. What you all yearn for is to live more permanently according to this higher consciousness; incorporate this way of being into your daily life, without having to be pushed into this by deep crises and despair. You all want surrender as a lifestyle.

You are all tired warriors. They have traveled a long journey. Sometimes you feel very old and tired inside, but it is better to say that you are very tired of the old ... They are in search of a way of being that does not require efforts - inspiring and yet light and fluid. The key is that you do not empty yourself in your relationships, in your work or other objectives, until they are broken and the crisis forces you to surrender. Take a step further, or rather take a step back, and focus on a way of life that is always characterized by letting go, trusting and giving up. Surrender means not fighting, not resisting but accompanying the flow of life, trusting that life will offer you precisely what you need. Trust that your needs are taken into account and will be met. Accept what is in your life right now and be present in that. I want to talk about this way of life, since you crave this in a deep and sincere way. It is a spiritual desire that comes from your soul, the divine flow within you.

Obstacles on the road to surrender: three false gods

On the one hand, you want to suppress your masks and live openly according to the original model of your soul. You crave sincerity, honesty, love and connection. On the other hand, lowering those masks is a very difficult matter for you. They have been raised with beliefs and structures that have become rooted in their psyches and that prevent them from connecting with their own soul. In particular, I would like to turn to three idols or “false gods” towards whom you frequently turn to get guidance but which in fact put you out of your center, out of the balance necessary to live in surrender to whom you really They are.

1. The first idol: God as an authority outside of you

The first false god is God himself, that is, God conceived as the master and master of creation. That type of God is a human construction, an image of God that has profoundly influenced his culture.

Many of you think you have to let go of this traditional image of God. You say you no longer believe in a critical and punishing God, who stands high above you and who keeps track of your successes and failures as a school teacher. You say you believe in a God of Love, who forgives you all the time and who appreciates and encourages you. However, in the rigid and unloving way with which you often treat yourself, this old God is still very much alive! Do they not often say that they have failed, that they do not do the right thing, that they should have progressed further, whether in the area of ​​relationships, work, or the spiritual? You are tortured with ideas such as: I do not meet the expectations of God, I am disappointing my spiritual guides or Higher Self, I have failed in my mission, I am not contributing anything significant to the world.

Many of you believe, secretly as who says, that there is a higher order to which you are supposed to respond or obey. Be it a "mission of the soul" or a "way of life" that has been laid out for you, a spiritual hierarchy that has a "commission" for you, or a spiritual guide that tells you what to do or where to go ... ... in all those cases you believe in the existence of a higher authority, a spiritual level above you, which you would better listen to. But as soon as you believe in an authority outside of you, who is able to offer guidelines about what you should do in your life, we are back with the traditional God. According to this image there is a level of truth in which things are fixed and determined, and all you can do is live or not according to that. This is a false image.

Certainly, when you are born, there are intentions in your soul for the life to come. One could call these your highest purpose for this life, but it has not been ordered by anything outside of you. It is you, you, who have chosen it and born of your own desires and desires. The things that are "predetermined" in your life - in the sense that they are very likely to happen, nothing is completely assured - have been created and chosen by you. You can connect with your life purpose or higher inspiration by listening to your feelings, the voice of your heart, your deepest longings. I would like to advise you not to listen too much to strict spiritual doctrines about how you should live. Listen especially to the so-called lower part of you: the powerful emotions that manifest in your daily life. Through these emotions the soul is trying to reach you and tell you something.

If you would like to know what your soul wants to tell you right now, look at the emotions that are often repeated in your life and that absorb you most. Look at them in a kind but honest way. Do not accuse anyone else for your emotions, do not pay attention to causes outside of you; Look at them as the result of your choices. For example, if you are often angry and upset, where does that come from? Is there something missing? What does anger tell them? What is the message hidden inside? Is it a feeling of not being recognized and valued by others? Are you afraid to show them who you are, afraid to defend your truth? Do you often hide your true feelings and is it difficult for you to clearly set your limits? Often, through anger, a sincere message is shouting at you: a desire to be who you are, to show the world your original soul energy. If you recognize your soul yearning through anger, you are seeing your angelic being shining through your inner child.

The angel within you is the "superior being" who wants to connect with physical reality, incarnate and shine his light on the reality of the Earth. It is the part that knows. Your inner child is the passion of life itself: it is desire, emotion and creativity. It is the part that experiences. Your inner child is your "inferior being." The inner child is a source of joy and creativity if he lives in harmony with the inner angel. But if it departs from the caresses of the angel and drifts, it is a source of emotions running wildly. Anger will become hate and revenge. Fear will be perverted in defense, neurosis and frustration. Sadness will degenerate into depression and bitterness. The original emotions are indicators ... messages from the part of you that experiences. It is the child who, through these emotions, extends his hands to the angel within you. Emotions express pure experience, without knowledge. They are expressions of misunderstanding. It is in the connection with the angel that emotions can be taken as indicators and understood. As such, emotions become instruments for transformation and exploration: the "lower being" enriches and complements the higher being as it provides the part that knows of meaningful content. The angel in you comes alive and experiences deep joy if he is allowed to enlighten the child. And if the higher being shines through him in this way, his emotional body calms down and gets balance. The fruit of the convergence of the angel and the child is an intuitive inner knowledge that can imbue their lives with light and ease.

The upper and lower principles in you, the angel and the child, are an organic, meaningful whole. The concepts "superior" and "inferior" are therefore not really correct. It is a joyful play between "wisdom" and "experience" together. It is this interaction that leads to true, embodied wisdom (as opposed to theoretical).

To find guidelines regarding your life at the moment, you can address your inner child as much as you can. Giving him the attention he needs, you bathe him with his higher consciousness, the touch of the angel. To illustrate this, let's go back to the previous example in which I talked about anger and irritation. Once you have connected with this emotion and have conceived it as a child, you can invite the child to come to you. You can ask him what disturbs him and what he needs from you to heal. Let the child respond and let him express himself very clearly. Imagine talking to them in a lively way, with a concrete expression on their face and clear body language. Maybe I am giving them specific answers, such as “I want you to quit your job!” Or “I want to take dance lessons, ” or they can be more general like “I need to play and relax more” or “I don't I can be nice all the time, you know! ”Take the answers seriously and live accordingly as much as you can. Perhaps you cannot instantly do the things that your inner child desires. But they can start small and step by step begin to realize their desires.

If you embrace the angry, frightened or sad child within you with love and acceptance, you are touched by the angel that is within you and the result is that your soul speaks to you. Begin with the emotions, find the true yearning behind those emotions, and find a way to understand them step by step.

In the image of the angel and the inner child that I am delineating, there is no place for an authoritative figure of God. The superior and the iniorior complement each other in an open, dynamic development relationship. The angel does not dictate anything to the child, nor does the child have authority over the angel. It is in your interaction that you discover what is right for you right now.

You will find your life purposes through this intimate connection between the angel and the child. In this connection you discover what really drives you. No authority outside of you can replace this connection, or make the connection for you. A teacher can only point out that inner sacred area, where you can allow the inner child to be caressed and inspired by the angel in you. In this area you discover who they are and what their passion is. The general guidelines on how to live a spiritual life are almost always inadequate, or at least not universal in nature. The truth is amorphous. Each creature has its own form, its own way of living the Truth. That is the miracle of your original soul essence. Genuine spiritual teachers did not teach specific things to do and not do, such as no eat meat or meditate two hours a day. A true teacher knows that everything is about finding your own truth, in deep communication with yourself. Teachers can indicate what has been useful to them or their own way, but they will not make this a rule or dogma.

If you take a look at the way God has been portrayed in most of your religious traditions, this is exactly what happens here. Most are traditions of fear and abuse of power. The need for carved rules and dogmas and the tendency towards hierarchical organizations always show that fear and power are at stake. However, the same also happens in the spirituality of the new era. Take for example the many predictions and speculative theories that are currently circulating. If you accept this without consulting your own base of feelings related to that, you can become insecure and start wondering I am doing things right?, what happens if I lose the ship (or spacecraft ) in 2012? or s the state of my chakras pure enough to enter the 5th dimension? Such questions It is certainly not useful for your inner growth. I ask you: turn to yourself. Do not focus on the movement of planets or stars, climatic changes, or the judgment of an ascended master to determine the level of your own understanding. You are the center of your universe, the standard and the touchstone of your world. There is no God outside of you who knows more or who determines things for you. Not only that the God that you previously projected outside of you resides in you, but that this God is not omniscient either. The divine principle in you and all creation is a playful force, growing and evolving in an open and unpredictable manner.

In this image, the inferior has an undoubted reason to exist: it is the fuel for growth and satisfaction. Light and darkness have their own role to play and it is in the acceptance of both that you light up. Spreading in the light in a disproportionate way, ignoring or fighting the darkness, which aspires to certain spiritual groups, creates imbalance and a subtle resistance to (and disregard for) life on Earth.

Doing things wrong, making mistakes, everything is correct and can even bring you greater growth than trying to avoid mistakes. In the bad things, the seed of light is latent. Only by experiencing the bad from within, can you experience the good as beautiful, pure and true. You cannot learn "from outside." You, the God within you, have plunged into the depths (within material reality) to become wise through experience, not to apply wisdom to experience. In that sense, not many things are non-spiritual. All experience is sacred and meaningful. Do not be guided by external norms, which dictate what is healthy, correct and spiritual for you to do. The touchstone is in your own heart: if you feel it right, then it is fine. Release anything else.

2. The second idol: the standards and ideals of society

Another false god that separates you from your original soul energy is "society": the standards and values ​​that control your social world and are transmitted to you through your upbringing, education and work environment. Many of society's ideals have their roots in fear, in the need to control and structure life so that it becomes a cleverly arranged playing field. Many behavior patterns are not very inspired by what people truly feel and experience, but in what they seem from the outside.

Trying to comply with such external standards of conduct can put a lot of pressure on you. Think of the fear of "not fitting in", not having achieved enough, not being beautiful enough, not having relationships, and so on. When compared to unreal images of success and happiness, your creative energy gets stuck and you no longer feel at home in this world.

Because of all these do's and don'ts, which have become like a second skin, you hardly dare to explore your original creativity. They are afraid to get off the path. But it is exactly this original source of energy, the energy that originally wants to flow from you, that is so welcome on Earth! It is this part of you that is destined to cause the transformation of consciousness on Earth at this time.

Connecting with your creative impulses and expressing them in your own original way often requires that you deviate from the purposes and ideals of society. It may be the case that your natural rhythm of exploring and then expressing who you are on the material level does not fit the society's scheme of how and when to achieve certain things in life. You may have to go through a long process of getting to know each other deeply, not achieving or producing anything on the external level. While this may seem inefficient or unsuccessful to people, you may be working very hard on the inner level, discovering many valuable things about yourself. Take your time to discover who they are, where your natural energy leads them, and integrate it into your emotional and physical being. Do not pay attention to external success. Focus on what feels good and right for you, what makes you feel relaxed and inspired. If you find that way of life, and experience peace and calm inside, you will more easily come into contact with your original soul energy.

There is a lot of fear in people about what society dictates and expects from you. The strange thing is that this "society" as such does not even exist. What we have is a lot of people together, each with their own sincere desires and deep-rooted fears. Everyone wants to be free in the deepest sense of the word: simply be who they are without fear of being judged by "others." Therefore think again, as long as you are paying close attention to what others think of you. In fact, you are also becoming the worst enemy of others, since by accepting their guidelines and fearing their criticism, you keep false ideals alive and suffocate both even more intensely. You happen to be someone else's "society."

Especially you, who are the pioneers of the New Age, can be an example for people who are trapped in fear. You are that example when you truly stand by yourself, listen carefully to your feelings, live in conformity and release external opinions. These opinions are born of fear, not love, and are often based on old rules and codes from which no one remembers their true origin. These old standards, which no longer maintain connection with the human heart, expect to be transformed from within, by people who dare to make new perspectives known. Society is waiting for you; He expects ideals and inspired standards that help people connect with their hearts and with their true desires. You contribute to the collective transformation of consciousness by being an example of love rather than a follower of fear.

Dare to incite your playful, childish part. Get in touch frequently with your inner child: he knows very well what he wants. Often you can hardly feel what your heart truly craves and you feel as if you had lost your passion. This happens because you no longer allow your inner child to play, fantasize and dream. When you measure yourself from external codes (which is appropriate for my age, gender, social environment) you limit yourself and do not allow the child, the dreamer and visionary, to put you outside these limits and connect them with your “code inside".

You were all born with an inspiration, a desire to manifest something on Earth, both for you and for others ("society"). You have not come here to live in the ivory tower. You are part of the collective consciousness on Earth and have come here to be a leader and an inspirer of change. That is what will make them feel happy and fulfilled. By connecting with your inner child, and once again feeling the magic of that original passion, the illusory boundaries and boundaries will be lifted and you will find your way in life in a much easier and lighter way. The more they free themselves from the false gods that keep them small and fearful, the more they will live from a sense of freedom and surrender to the heart, and the more the universe will support them and provide them with the necessary means to bear fruit to their passion.

3. The third idol: pity others and accompany their suffering

There is another false god that I would like to mention and which is perhaps the one that worries you most in daily life. It is to pity your partners, share the burden with your loved ones suffering along with them. Now, you may ask: How can that be an idol? Am I not supposed to be connected to others, especially my loved ones, and that I have to help them if I can? What I am talking about is a tendency that you have to connect so deeply with the people around you, that you are dragged into your pain, your problems and negative emotions and lose contact with your own center and inner peace. This kind of pity and co-suffering is not your duty, it is not helpful for the other person and is not correct from a spiritual point of view.

Much of what you call "high sensitivity" is opening up so much towards the energy of the other person who takes your own. Your empathy (that is, the ability to feel people's humor and emotions) in that case is insufficiently balanced by the insight that the negative energies in that person belong to them and not to you. You are not understanding clearly enough that this negativity plays a viable role in the life of the other person and that you can enlighten them through your compassion and understanding, but it does not serve anyone's purpose if you suffer along with them.

Of course you would love to see your loved ones lead happy and satisfying lives (be it your wife, your son, your father or a friend). You want them to feel better and have your problems resolved. Always remember that the problems they have are their own creations. Relationship problems, money issues, health problems, psychological disorders… They all reflect deep-rooted internal conflicts within your soul. Somewhere deep down people want to experience these problems, to get rid of something. It might seem that they are victims, especially when they run in circles over and over and over again. But often that means that they still want to fully experience some aspects of that problem and that they are not yet open to their help. If you try to help them anyway, you will easily become annoying and controlling and use up your own energy sources. Then surrender to surrender as a way of life.

Giving too much or inappropriately, you waste your energy and emotionally chain yourself with the one you are helping. This makes them dependent on the other person for their sense of well-being. Their emotional energies are confused and this is one of the biggest causes of the loss of strength, vitality and self-knowledge. Pocas cosas pueden descomponer su energía tan fácilmente como la sensación persistente de deber, culpa y responsabilidad por alguien más.

En tal “relación de ayuda” a menudo surgen asuntos de poder, incluso si ninguno tuvo esa intención. Al dar demasiado o inapropiadamente, el ayudante en realidad trata de disimular un vacío interior que pasa desapercibido mientras uno está preocupado por alguien más. Ayudar a alguien más puede hacerlos sentir más fuerte y más seguro de sí mismos. Aquél que recibe toda la atención por parte de ustedes, experimenta esto como lindo y confortable, y ellos pronto notan que pueden influenciarlos con sus estados de ánimo y emociones. Ellos saben que si las cosas se ponen peor para ellos, ellos consiguen más atención de ustedes (porque ustedes desean muchísimo que ellos estén bien). El “sufriente” entonces percibe que tiene poder sobre ustedes y eso da como resultado el permanecer en el rol de víctima. En tal relación, está teniendo lugar un fuerte intercambio de energía, y los agotará a ambos, porque no está alineado con lo que sus almas realmente quieren. No hay una verdad espiritual en el modo en el que ustedes se están reduciendo uno al otro a roles muy limitantes. El ayudante finalmente se frustrar porque el sufriente no progresar demasiado: no tiene inter s en cambiar, porque l ha invertido en el rol de v ctima. Y el sufriente se atasca incluso m s en su rol de v ctima; ellos se hunden en eso m s profundamente, lo cual puede paralizarlos completamente. Ambos se enojar ny se culpar n uno con otro.

Ustedes f cilmente se compadecen y se apenan por la gente que est a su alrededor. Especialmente las almas trabajadoras de la luz, quienes tienen un profundo impulso a esparcir luz y conciencia sobre la Tierra, son muy sensibles al sufrimiento de los dem s. Es dif cil para ustedes ver el sufrimiento a escala global, por ejemplo en regiones del mundo devastadas por la pobreza o por la guerra, o la destrucci ny contaminaci n del medio ambiente. Pero cuando pasa a ser sufrimiento que est cerca de ustedes, en su ambiente personal, ustedes son afectados muy profundamente. Y es especialmente ah que son desafiados a recuperar su poder.

Es importante comprender que ustedes no ayudan a alguien volvi ndose m s peque os. Con frecuencia ustedes piensan que si absorben y tragan parte de las emociones de la otra persona, se conectan profundamente con ellos y por lo tanto lo ayudan. Es como si estuvieran compartiendo la carga. Pero asimilando los problemas de la otra persona, su poder se fragmenta y se destroza por la negatividad en ellos. Ustedes pensar n que no tienen derecho a estar felices, tranquilos y satisfechos con ustedes mismos, mientras ellos est n sufriendo. Este es un grave error. En realidad, lo opuesto es lo verdadero.

Ayudar verdaderamente a alguien significa que ustedes ponen su energ a al servicio de la soluci n del problema, no en el problema mismo. Para hacer esto ustedes necesitan volverse m s grandes en lugar de m s peque os. M s independencia y conciencia de uno mismo ustedes irradien, m s representar n la energ a de la soluci n ym s podr n interesarse por alguien m s sin agotarse. Si ustedes van a sufrir con ellos, ustedes realmente s lo estar n afirmando el problema. Si permanecen centrados y calmos, sin resonar con las emociones pesadas del otro, ustedes dan a conocer otro ngulo, otra forma de mirar el problema. Precisamente al no resonar con la energ a del problema, ustedes vierten nueva luz sobre l.

La verdadera gu a espiritual nunca involucra resolver el problema de alguien m s. M s bien significa ser un faro de luz y de conciencia para ellos, quien les refleja sus problemas de un modo que les permite a ellos echar otra mirada sobre eso. Les permite a ellos ver significado y valor en el problema; les devuelve a ellos una sensaci n de libertad y de responsabilidad. Algo dentro de ustedes toca su coraz ny los inspira: es la energ a del amor. Es la energ a de la aceptaci n. De este modo, ustedes les ofrecen a ellos la energ a de la soluci n, no haciendo algo por ellos, sino irradiando esa paz hacia los dem s. No se trata de llevar las cargas de los dem so de hallar soluciones a sus problemas. Se trata de llevar la energía de la solución en su propio ser y de compartirla abiertamente con los demás. Esa es la esencia de su misión en la Tierra, la esencia de lo que significa traer luz.

Ser fiel a ustedes mismos, cuidarse a ustedes mismos y escuchar lo que su intuición les dice es un prerrequisito para anclar la frecuencia del amor en la Tierra. Esto es lo que su alma quiere para ustedes. Cada vez que dejen que los demás arrebaten su energía, o den demasiado de ustedes por miedo o una necesidad de controlar, una parte de su luz se destroza y ustedes necesitarán recuperarse y sanarse emocionalmente para recuperar su equilibrio y vitalidad natural. Noten cómo esto sucede en su vida diaria. Si ustedes se están preocupando por otra persona, por cómo ellos los perciben a ustedes o por cómo ustedes deberían ayudarlos, y sus pensamientos van en círculos, y las mismas emociones se repiten, ustedes están atascados en el surco del miedo y del control. A menudo, ustedes tienden a entregar su energía porque piensan que están haciendo las cosas mejor, ayudando a las personas o resolviendo un problema. Pero presten atención: ¿realmente su contribución sirve a la solución del problema o lo afirma y por lo tanto perpetúa el problema? Pregúntense a ustedes mismos si no están realmente sirviendo a un ídolo, en lugar de servir a su propia luz interior.

Tratar de controlar las cosas con frecuencia parece apropiado y razonable, pero a menudo es sólo el miedo lo que los obliga. Con frecuencia se sienten cansados y agotados por todos sus esfuerzos en diferentes áreas de su vida, pero a menudo ustedes perseveran y sienten que están obligados a poner incluso más energía en eso. Ustedes piensan que le deben eso a alguien, a alguna organización, a la sociedad o incluso a Dios. Pero cada vez que ustedes se sienten emocionalmente agotados, insistiendo demasiado, es tiempo realmente de liberar y encontrar algún lugar tranquilo para ustedes mismos. Es tiempo de soltar el mundo y volcarse hacia adentro. Cortar las sogas por un tiempo y reconectarse con su niño interior es muy importante para permanecer centrado y equilibrado. Al conectarse con el niño, también despiertan al ser angelical, el cuidador del niño. Ustedes se conectan con su “ser inferior” y su “ser superior” y al sentirlos dentro, y escucharlos cuidadosamente, ustedes comienzan a sentir cómo ellos pueden jugar juntos alegremente en su presencia. Se torna claro qué cosas necesitan hacer o perseguir para llegar a estar centrado y tranquilo otra vez.

Encontrar y seguir su pasión

Cada uno nace con una pasión. Imaginen que esa pasión es una hermosa rosa roja. Imaginen que, justo antes de nacer, ustedes están sentados en los confines del cielo, sosteniendo esta exquisita rosa roja en su mano. Aunque puedan estar dudando dar el salto dentro del reino de la Tierra, preguntándose incluso tristemente si realmente son capaces de cumplir con eso, ustedes sienten un profundo fuego interior, una pasión, la cual se presenta a ustedes como la rosa roja. Ahora imaginen que dan el salto, encarnan, y ahora llevan la rosa adentro, en su abdomen y en su corazón. Dejen que la energía de la rosa venga a ustedes ahora. Permitan que su pasión original, su inspiración se presente a ustedes en este momento.

Échenle una mirada a la rosa, ¿a qué se parece ahora? Tomen la primer imagen que aparece en su mente. ¿La rosa luce un poco triste y raída, o resplandece vibrantemente? ¿Ustedes ven un pimpollo o una rosa floreciente? ¿Necesita algo de ustedes en este momento? Tal vez más agua o luz del sol, o algo más de amor y atención, ¿o quiere ser trasladada a otro lugar, a un entorno donde se pueda nutrir más? Imaginen que le dan exactamente lo que necesita, y sientan cómo esto los afecta a ustedes en el nivel interior.

El rojo es el color de la Tierra y el del chakra raíz o base. El rojo es el color de la pasión. A menudo ustedes tienen miedo de su propia pasión. Ustedes temen dejar que este flujo original se exprese abiertamente en sus vidas, porque va en contra de lo que la sociedad o la tradición consideran apropiado, correcto y razonable. Sin embargo, en cada uno de ustedes hay una pasión original y una inspiración que es la verdadera fuente de su existencia aquí y ahora. Ustedes no pueden realmente sentirse realizados e inspirados hasta que no dejen que esa energía se esparza en su vida y la guíe. La esencia de la rendición como forma de vida es que ustedes se rinden a ustedes mismos, a su pasión del alma, a la inspiración que acuna su vida actual.

Hay varias formas de reconocer si ustedes están conectados con su pasión del alma.

1. Sentir inspiración – donde sea que fluye, ahí es donde ustedes necesitan estar

La rendición como forma de vida significa que ustedes se dejan guiar por lo que verdaderamente los inspira. La rendición no es una energía pasiva. Al rendirse a lo que realmente los motiva y los inspira, ustedes abren la puerta a un flujo de energía interior vivaz y activo. Para descubrir ese flujo por ustedes mismos, necesitan descubrir con qué clase de ocupación o actividad su energía fluye naturalmente. ¿Qué cosas los hacen sentir felices y tranquilos? ¿En qué clase de ocupación o actividad ustedes sienten que las cosas se mueven fácilmente y con gracia? ¿Cuál es la esencia de estas cosas o actividades? Sientan la esencia de eso – y sepan que puede haber una variedad de caminos por los que esta esencia toma cuerpo y forma.

2. Ser fiel a su propia naturaleza – lo que ustedes hacen naturalmente, es para lo que son buenos

Para reconocer su pasión ustedes necesitan darse cuenta de que siempre hay algo que es muy natural para ustedes. Es algo, una actividad, ocupación o forma de expresión, hacia la cual se sienten atraídos, se sienten interesados ya la cual disfrutan dedicarse. Es algo cercano y natural para ustedes, casi evidente desde su perspectiva. Para dar fruto a su talento natural ustedes pueden tener que aprender algunas habilidades o seguir alguna educación formal, pero será relativamente fácil y alegre para ustedes hacerlo. Su pasión es algo hacia lo cual sus habilidades y talentos están afinados; involucra actividades para las cuales son buenos desde el comienzo.

3. Poner límites claros y atreverse a decir “no” – tómense a ustedes mismos seriamente

Ustedes están en el flujo de la rendición si se toman a ustedes mismos con la suficiente seriedad como para decir no a las cosas o personas que inhiben o interrumpen ese flujo. Sólo pueden seguir su pasión si se atreven a decir no a lo que no se adapta o se siente apropiado para ustedes. Rendirse a ustedes mismos, a su inspiración original, significa ser precoz y obstinado a veces, mantenerse apartado y confiar en los mensajes de su corazón incluso si la gente dice que ustedes son tontos o ridículos. Se trata de la fidelidad a ustedes mismos. ¡Atrévanse a ser grandes, atrévanse a marcar la diferencia! Realmente no hay alternativa, ustedes lo saben. La alternativa es que su flujo natural de inspiración se atasca y se seca y ustedes comienzan a sentirse frustrados, vacíos, enojados e insatisfechos. Si ustedes no eligen por ustedes mismos, eligen en contra de ustedes mismos. La energía de la rosa, su pasión, se retira y esto crea problemas psicológicos tales como soledad, desavenencia y finalmente depresión. Por lo tanto, atrévanse a decir no, atrévanse a ocupar un espacio con límites claros. No teman ser “egoísta” de acuerdo a los estándares de los falsos dioses.

4. Paciencia y ritmo – háganlo paso a paso

Si ustedes están conectados con la energía de su alma, con su inspiración, esto despejará un camino para ustedes en su vida diaria. Las oportunidades (en la forma de personas o situaciones que ustedes encuentran) vendrán hacia ustedes a un paso y ritmo que se adapta a ustedes. Si ustedes quieren estar a tono con ese flujo de manifestación, permanezcan en el presente y tómenlo paso a paso. No traten de correr más allá de todas las cosas que tienen que suceder para que comprendan sus sueños y su pasión. La vida los cuida a ustedes, ustedes no necesitan cuidar a la vida. Simplemente sientan su pasión y confíenla a las manos del Dios dentro de ustedes. Dejen que el ángel que está adentro proteja y vigile los sueños y deseos de su niño interior. ¡Ríndanse y confíen!

Muchas gracias por estar aquí hoy. Es un gran placer estar con ustedes y recuerden que el yo que está diciendo esto también representa en gran medida su propia energía. Es su propia energía la que les hace señas y los invita: atrévanse a vivir, ¡atrévanse a ser quienes son!

(c) Pamela Kribbe 2007

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