Climbing the Wave by Selacia

  • 2013
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August 25, 2013

Translation: Alicia Virelli

Have you noticed that people act more strangely this month? Maybe saying or doing things out of the ordinary? Maybe you feel that you have had your own unusual moments and are also wondering how they could have said or done what they did?

It is extremely beneficial in one of these challenging cycles to go back, think and get a broader vision. To be sure, for example, there are things to which you would normally be susceptible and perhaps annoying as you interacted with other people.

Riding the Wave in the Month of August

This August, we have anyway had extremely challenging planetary aspects that could trigger explosive reactions, even in the quietest people. One of them took place last week during the full moon a disappearing square between Uranus and J piter, one of the many that will occur from here to April 2014.

When these challenging energies are present, sudden explosive reactions can be catalyzed between the bonds of relationships. This includes people nearby, neighbors and even strangers.

Due to the speed of these energies, they can also be taken by surprise. If they do not remain connected to your heart when these things happen - reacting instead of first checking with your inner wisdom - they could set in motion a chain of negative events to be repaired later.

Good news

The good news is that in these situations, even with a nervous breakdown, you could experience an achievement entering your heart and seeking your inner wisdom. As you enter your heart, you may find your compassion for yourself and others by leaping leaps and bounds. Their spiritual growth, therefore, benefits them, as do their upcoming interactions with each person they meet - including people who recently precipitated disharmony within.

You can take a deep breath today, the latest and recent energies catalyzing challenging communications; They are relieving the pressure. In fact, with a rare planetary aspect, involving Venus and Mars, they could find themselves feeling closer to others today. Yes, there is a friendlier and lighter energy in the air - that helps them see themselves and others in a softer, more loving way.

Use today's energies to boost your own level of joy and reconnect with yourself and others from your heart. Remember that your heart is the key to having harmony with others. You cannot be in your heart when you are thinking too much, worrying or obsessing about how others behaved unfairly with you. Do your best to get out of these conditioned states and find the sacred space inside your heart. It will take you where you want and need to go.

Restoring your Relationships

If you feel you must restore relationships due to the challenging energies of August, first connect with the Spirit and ask him to move toward more love for themselves, more self-pity. They will need to have those qualities in the right place to remedy the co-created discord this month.

Co-creation is the key here. Remember that you and others co-create situations together. There are no victims and there is no one to blame. Remember love

Have you recently said anything to someone with anger or anger? Then ask yourself if they could have chosen different, less hurtful words? Although words cannot be ignored, you can change the result or impact of them by what you say and do next.

Things and situations full of thorns can become soft and tangible when love is applied.

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Climbing the Wave by Selacia

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