Karmic Relationships (and Healing Relationships) - Jeshua by Pamela Kribbe

  • 2010

In this context, I would like to say something about the remic relationships I refer to relationships between people who have known each other in other lives and who have experienced intense emotions in relation to one another. The characteristic feature of a karmic relationship is that couples carry unresolved emotions, such as guilt, fear, dependence, jealousy, anger or something similar. Because of this unresolved emotional charge, they are attracted to each other in another incarnation.

The purpose of the repeated encounter is to provide an opportunity to solve the imminent problem. This happens by recreating the same problem in a short period of time. When they just meet, the karmic players feel a compelling urge to be closer to each other, and after some time they begin to Repeat your old emotional role patterns. Now the stage has been set to face the old problems again and perhaps handle them in a more enlightened way. The spiritual purpose of the repeated encounter is that both in the couple make other choices different from those made during that previous life.

I will give an example here. Imagine a woman who, in a previous life, had a husband who was totally possessive and dominant. For a while she accepted this, but at a certain point she decided that it was enough and broke the relationship. Later the husband commits suicide. The woman feels remorse. She thinks she is guilty. Shouldn't she have given him another chance? She carries this feeling of guilt for the rest of her life.

In another life they meet again. There is a singular attraction between them. At first, the man is exceptionally charming and she is the center of his attention. He loves her. They start a relationship. From then on he becomes increasingly jealous and possessive. He suspects adultery on her part. She finds herself in an inner dispute. She is angry and disturbed because he wrongly accused her, but she also feels a strange obligation to be forgiving and give him another chance. He is an injured man, she thinks, he cannot help in this since he has this fear of being abandoned. Maybe I can help you get over it. She justifies her behavior in this way but in reality she allows her personal limits to be violated. The relationship negatively affects your self-esteem.

The most liberating choice for women would now have been to break the relationship and go their own way without feeling guilty. The pain and fear of the husband are not his responsibility. The husband's pain and her guilt have led them to a destructive relationship. Their relationship was already emotionally charged because of a previous life. The meaning of the repeated encounter is that the woman must learn to let things continue without feelings of guilt and that the man must learn to sustain himself on his own feet emotionally. Therefore the only real solution is to break the relationship. The solution to the woman's karma is to finally release her sense of guilt. The 'mistake' she made in her previous life was not that she abandoned her husband but that she felt responsible for her suicide. The departure of his wife in this life would confront the husband again with his own pain and fear and this would offer him a new opportunity to face these emotions instead of escaping them.

You can recognize a karmic encounter by the fact that you immediately feel the other person strangely familiar. Very often there is also a mutual attraction, something pressing 'in the air', which drives them to be together and discover. If the opportunity arises, this strong attraction can become a love relationship or an overwhelming 'passion'. The emotions you experience can be so overwhelming that you think you have found your soulmate. However, things are not as they seem. There will always be problems in this type of relationship, which will sooner or later emerge. Often, couples end up getting involved in a psychological conflict that has power, control and dependence as the main ingredients. This is why they repeat a tragedy that their subconscious recognizes from a previous life. In a past life they could have been lovers, father and son, boss and subordinate, or other relationship. But they have always touched a deep internal pain in the other, by acts of infidelity, abuse of power or, on the other hand, also a strong affection. There has been a deep emotional encounter between them which has left deep scars and emotional trauma. This is why the forces of attraction as well as the repulsion can be so violent when they meet again in a new incarnation.

The spiritual invitation to all souls that are energetically entangled in this way is to let the other go and become an 'entity in itself', free and independent. Karmic relationships as mentioned here are almost never long-lasting, stable, loving relationships. They are destructive relationships rather than healing. Very often, the basic purpose of the meeting is to let go of each other. This is something that could not have been done in one or more past lives, but now there is another opportunity to free each other in love.

If you are in a relationship that is characterized by intense emotions, which evokes a lot of pain and affliction but from which you cannot escape, please realize that nothing forces you to be with the other person. Also, understand that these intense emotions are often more related to deep pain than to mutual love. The energy of love is essentially calm and peaceful, cheerful and inspiring. It is not oppressive, exhausting and tragic. If a relationship acquires this trait, it is time to let go rather than 'work on it' again.

Sometimes, you convince yourself that you have to be together because you "share karma" and you have to "get this out of it together". You imagine the 'nature of karma' as an argument to prolong the relationship, while both continue to suffer immensely. Actually, here they are misrepresenting the concept of karma. You do not solve karma together: karma is an individual thing. The karma involved in relationships such as the one mentioned above often requires that you release completely, that you withdraw from such relationship in order to experience that you are a totality in yourself. Again, resolving karma is something you do on your own. Another person can touch or shoot something within you that creates a lot of drama between you. But it remains his exclusive task and challenge to deal with his own inner wound, not with the problems of the other person. You only have responsibility for yourself.

It is important to understand this because it is one of the main pitfalls in relationships. You are not responsible for your partner and he / she is not responsible for you. The solution to their problems does not lie in the behavior of the other person. Sometimes you are so connected to the inner child of your partner, the emotionally injured part within him / her, that you feel that you are the one who will 'save' him. Or your partner may be trying to do the same with you. But this will not work. You will be reinforcing emotions of helplessness and victimization in the other person, while ultimately it would be more helpful if you draw the line and support yourself. It is your destiny to be able to feel totally and completely, entirely on your own. That is the most important condition for a truly satisfying relationship.

Healing Relationships

There are relationships that are healing and others that are destructive. A characteristic of healing relationships is that couples respect each other as they are, without trying to change the other. They feel a lot of pleasure in their mutual company, but they don't feel uneasy, desperate or alone if the other is not around. In this kind of relationship, you offer understanding, support and encouragement to your loved one without trying to solve your own problems. There is freedom and peace in the relationship. Of course, there may be disagreements from time to time, but the emotions that arise are ephemeral. Both in the couple are prepared to forgive. There is a connection of the heart between them as a result of which they will not take the emotions or mistakes of the other person as personal. Because it doesn't trigger a deeper layer of pain, they don't give much importance to that. Emotionally, both in the couple are independent. They do not take their strength and well-being from the approval or presence of their partner. He or she does not feel a void in your life but adds something new and vital.

In a healing relationship, couples can also know each other from one or more past lives. But in these cases, there is almost never a karmic emotional charge as described above. The two souls may have met in a past life in a way that was essentially encouraging and sustaining. As friends, couples or as father and son, they have recognized each other as soul mates. This creates an indissoluble union throughout several lives.

I will give you another example. A young man grows up in a poor family somewhere in the Middle Ages. He is kind and sensitive by nature and does not match his environment very well. His family is made up of hardworking people, rather hard people who downplay their dreamy nature, 'impractical'. When he is an adult he enters a monastery. He is not really happy here either, because life is tightly regulated and there is little human warmth or companionship among the people who live there. However there is a man who is a little different. He is a priest who has a high rank but has no air of authority and who is truly interested in him. From time to time he asks how things are going and assigns him several pleasant works as gardening. Every time they look at each other there is a sense of recognition among them, something of the same mentality. There is a silent connection from the heart. Although they don't meet very often or talk a lot, the priest is a source of hope and encouragement for the young man.

In a later life this man is a woman. Once again, she has a kind and dreamy nature. She has a hard time supporting herself. When she is an adult she becomes bogged down in a marriage with a man who is authoritarian and dominant. At first, she was captivated by her remarkable, powerful charisma, but later realizes how her authority limits and oppresses her. However, it is very difficult for her to be able to free herself from him. In her work she sometimes talks about it with a colleague, a man somewhat older than her. He encourages her to support herself and remain true to her own needs. Every time she talks to him, she intuitively knows that he is right. Then, after a great internal conflict, she divorces her husband. Contact with your colleague changes now. She feels affection for him. He turns out to be single. She feels so comfortable with him that it seems as if they have known each other for centuries. They begin a relationship that is loving, relaxed and encouraging for both of you. The sympathy that was flowing between them in a previous life now takes shape as a satisfactory relationship between a man and his wife.

This is a healing relationship. The woman has made an essential decision by leaving her husband and choosing for herself. With this she has affirmed her emotional independence. This has created the basis for a well-balanced love relationship with a convenient soul.


Pamela Kribbe

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