Rules for applicants ", Chapter XIX of Human and Solar Initiation, by Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul

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There are certain aphorisms and mandates that the applicant for initiation must study and obey. There is a big difference between the terms "aspirant to the path" and "applicant for initiation." He who aspires to discipleship and strives to reach him is not committed, in any way, to adopt the same attitude and specific discipline as the initiation applicant and can spend as much time as he wants to trample the path of probation. Whoever seeks initiation is in a different position, and, having submitted the application, must discipline his life under defined norms and follow a strict, optional regime for the disciple.

Below are fourteen rules drawn from a series of instructions collected for those who are eager to receive the first initiation.

Rule One

May the disciple investigate within the deep cavern of the heart. If there the fire burns intensely, giving warmth to his brother, but not himself, the time has come to request authorization to appear before the portal.

When love for all beings, regardless of who they are, begins to be a reality in the heart of the disciple and, at the same time, love itself does not exist, indicates that he is approaching the Portal of the Initiation and can take the necessary preliminary oaths, before his Master gives his name as applicant for the initiation. If the suffering and pain of the lower self does not matter to you, if it is inadvertent to be happy or not, if the only purpose of your life is to serve and save the world and if the needs of the neighbor they are for him of greater importance than their own, just then the fire of love radiates from his being and the world can feel comforted at his feet. This love must be a proven and practical manifestation and not only a theory or simply an impracticable ideal and a pleasant feeling, but something arising from the experiences and trials of life, so that the first impulse of life is self-sacrifice and the immolation of the lower nature.

Rule Two

When the application has been submitted in triple form, have the disciple withdraw it and forget that it has been submitted.

Herein lies one of the initial tests. The disciple must adopt the mental attitude of not caring whether or not to receive the initiation. He must not have any selfish mobile. Only the requests that reach the Master through the energy generated by pure and altruistic mobile phones are transmitted by 1 to the angel that keeps the records of the Hierarchy; Only the disciples who crave initiation will receive a response to their demands because it confers greater power to help and bless. Those who lack interest in the initiation will not receive esoteric support, and those who, for selfishness or curiosity, are eager to participate in the mysteries, will not cross the portal and they will remain outside calling. Those who are willing to serve and feel overwhelmed by the needs of the world and have awakened the sense of personal responsibility, have complied with the law, call and receive response, request and are recognized; they demand greater power to help, and this demand is heard by those who silently wait.

Rule Three

Triple must be the call, taking a long time to enunciate. May the disciple issue his call through the desert, over the seas and through the fires that separate him from the hidden and veiled Portal.

Under this symbology the disciple receives the following mandate: that the desert of the life of the physical plane flourishes like the rose, so that sounds and perfumes can arise from the garden of the lower life and a very intense vibration crosses the intermediate space between the garden and the portal; that still the turbulent waters of the emotional life, so that in its clear and calm surface that portal is reflected and the lower life reflects the spiritual life of the internal divinity; that through the igneous bonfire purify mobiles, words and thoughts, main springs of the activity originated in the mental plane. When these three aspects of the ego in manifestation, the inner God, are controlled, coordinated and used, although unconsciously, then the voice of the disciple will be heard demanding the opening of the portal. When the lower life of the physical plane has been fertilized, the emotionally stabilized and the mentally transmuted, nothing will prevent the portal from opening for the disciple to enter. Only the vibration synchronized with what is on the other side of the door determines its opening, and when the key to the disciple's life is in tune with that of the Hierarchy, the doors will open one after the other and nothing can prevent it.

Rule Four

That the disciple be in charge of taking care of the fire, nourishing the minor lives and thus keeping the wheel spinning.

This is a mandate to remind the disciple of his responsibility towards his many inferior lives, which in their entirety constitute his triple body of manifestation. Thus evolution is possible, and each life in the different kingdoms of nature, will consciously or unconsciously fulfill its function of properly energizing what is for her what the Sun for the planet. Thus the development of the logo plan will continue with greater precision. The kingdom of God is internal and the duty of that hidden internal ruler is dual; first towards those lives that form the physical, astral and mental bodies and, second, towards the macrocosm of which the microcosm is only an infinitesimal part.

Rule Five

May the aspirant ensure that the solar Angel dims the light of the lunar angels, remaining as the only luminaire in the microcosmic sky.

To fulfill this mandate, every aspirant must do two things: first, study their origin, understand their own psychology, esoterically understood, and become scientifically aware of the real nature of the ego or higher self, acting in the causal body. Then he must ascertain in the physical plane, of his innate divinity through the three lower bodies, progressively demonstrating his essential value. Second, study the constitution of man, understand the method of functioning of the lower nature, realize the interdependence and interrelation of all living beings and put under control the lower lives that make up the three bodies of manifestation. Thus, the solar Lord, Internal Reality, Son of the Father and Thinker on his own plane, becomes an intermediary of what is earthly and what his home has within the Sun. Two verses of the Christian Bible hide some of this idea, and Western students will find it useful to meditate on them: "The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdom of our Lord and His Christ", "O Lord, Our God, other lords besides You have had dominion over us; but only for You we will mention Your name! ” The last verse is particularly interesting, because it demonstrates the omission of the inferior sound and the creative force of that which is of superior origin.

Rule Six

The purifying fires burn faintly when the third is sacrificed to the room. Therefore, that the disciple refrain from taking life and that nourishes the lowest with the product of the second.

This rule can be applied to the well-known norm that the disciple must be strictly vegetarian. The lower nature becomes dull and densifies and the internal flame cannot shine when meat is included in the diet. This rule is rigid and inviolable for applicants. The aspirants may or may not consume meat, as they prefer, but at a certain stage of the path it is essential to abstain from any type of meat and it is necessary to carefully monitor the diet. The disciple should limit himself to vegetables, cereals, fruits and legumes, for only then will he be able to build the type of physical body that can resist the entry of the real man who has remained before the Initiator in his subtle vehicles. If he did not do this and could receive the Initiation without having prepared himself in this way, the physical body would be destroyed by the energy flowing through recently stimulated centers and serious dangers to the brain, spine and heart would arise.

Cannot be issued rigid or ascetic rules, except the initial rule of absolute prohibition? For all who request initiation? of meats, fish, spirits and tobacco use. For those who can bear it, it is better to eliminate eggs and cheese from the diet, although this is by no means mandatory; but for those who are developing psychic faculties of any kind, it is advisable to refrain from consuming eggs and moderating on cheese. Milk and butter fall into a different category, and most Initiates and applicants consider it necessary to include them in the diet. Few can subsist and retain all their physical energies with the vegetarian diet, but there is the ideal, and as is well known, this is rarely achieved in the current transition period.

In this regard, two things should be emphasized: first, the need for common sense in the applicant, a factor that is frequently lacking, and students should remember that unbalanced fans are not desirable members of the Hierarchy. The balance, the right sense of proportion, the proper consideration of environmental conditions and a sensible common sense, is what characterizes the true esotericist. When there is a true sense of good humor, many dangers can be avoided. Second, the recognition of the time factor and the ability to slowly make changes in diet and lifelong habits.

In nature everything progresses slowly, and applicants must learn the hidden truth of the phrase: "Hurry up slowly." The process of gradual elimination is generally the path of wisdom, and this eliminatory period - under ideal conditions, which rarely exist? It must cover the stage we call the aspirant, so that when man becomes an applicant for initiation, he has completed the necessary preparatory diet purification.

Rule Seven

That the disciple directs his attention to the enunciation of those sounds that reverberate in the classroom where the Master wanders. That does not emit the minor notes that start the vibration inside the maya classrooms.

The disciple who wishes to pass the Portals of the Initiation will not succeed until he knows the power of language and silence. This has a broader and deeper significance than it seems, because when interpreted correctly, it implies the key to the manifestation, the hint of the greater heavens and the revelation of the purpose underlying the pralaya. When the man understands the meaning of the spoken word and uses the silence of the high places, to produce certain effects in some plane, he can be admitted in the realms where each sound and each pronounced word generate powerful results in some type of matter, being energized by two predominant factors: a) a powerful, scientifically applied will, b) a correct motive, purified in the fires.

The adept is a creator in mental matter, a promoter of impulses in the mental plane, producing results in astral or physical manifestation. These results are powerful and effective, hence the need for their originator to have a pure mentality, accuracy in speaking and ability in action. When the applicant understands this, important changes will be made immediately in their daily life, which could be listed according to their practical utility:

  1. It will carefully investigate mobiles and strictly monitor the original impulses. Hence, during the first year, where the applicant is dedicated to preparing for the initiation, he must write down, three times a day, the investigations he pursues, concerning his motives and the main spring of his action.
  1. He will watch what he says and strive to eliminate every hurtful, unnecessary and useless word. He will study the effects of the spoken word and investigate the impulse that originates it, which in all cases initiates the action on the physical plane.
  1. He will cultivate silence and keep it strictly as far as he is concerned, his task and his hidden knowledge, the matters with which he is associated and the esoteric work in his group. Only in the circles of the group or in relation to their superiors, more freedom in language will be allowed. There is a moment to speak and that moment comes when the group can be served with intelligent words and a careful warning about good or bad conditions; when it is necessary to say something to a brother about inner life, or the difference of some group; when a member by mistake hinders the group; when that member can help the group if they are assigned a different job.
  1. I will study the effect of the Holy Word and carefully arrange the conditions for its use. It will issue the Word and its effects will revolve over a certain esoteric center (in no case a physical center) and, therefore, will influence and regulate the lifetime.

The applicant for the initiation must focus on the study of sounds and words, sacred or not, and above all the esoteric groups to be formed must do so intensely.

Rule Eight.

When the disciple approaches the Portal, the seven elders must wake up and evoke, on the double circle, the response of the seven minors.

This rule is very difficult and poses a danger to the man who tries to follow the final path prematurely. Textually, it can be interpreted thus: that the initiate in cerne must develop in some way the vibration of the seven centers of the head, and thus put into seven increased vibrational activity the seven centers of the body in the ethereal plane, affecting, by means of the reciprocal vibration, the seven physical centers, which will inevitably be stimulated when the ethereal centers reach their m Next vibration. It is not necessary to extend on this point, for it is enough to point out that as the seven centers of the head respond to the ego, the following seven centers,

  1. the head, considered as a unit,
  2. the heart
  3. throat,
  4. the solar plexus,
  5. the base of the spine,
  6. the spleen,
  7. the genital organs,

they are also affected, within the lines of purification and control. This will produce results in strictly physical organs, through which man works on the physical plane. For example, man can consciously transfer creative fire and energy from the genital organs to the throat, or by conscious control of the heart, which produces the suspension of the physical body action. This is not achieved by the practices of Hatha Yoga or the focus of attention on physical organs, but when control has been developed, by the inner God, who acts Through the coronary center, thus dominating everything that must be known concerning energy and its points.

Therefore, the applicant will apply all his energies to the development of the spiritual life, and this will be the result of right thinking, meditation and service. Through the in-depth study of everything that must be known concerning energy and its focal points, I will coordinate your life so that the life of the spirit can flow through it. This study can only be undertaken without danger in a group way and under the guidance of an instructor. Students will commit to not allowing them to experience their lives or to play with the fires of the body. Only the theoretical understanding and a life of service will be dedicated.

The centers will then develop normally, while the applicant seeks to love his fellow men in truth and in fact, to serve wholeheartedly, to think intelligently and to monitor himself. You will also observe and write down everything in your inner life that seems to be related to the evolution of the centers. The instructor will review these notes, make the comment, look for the deductions, and the reports thus obtained will be archived to serve as references to the group. In this way a lot of useful knowledge can be accumulated.

The applicant who abuses knowledge, who dedicates himself to “breathing practices for mediumistic development” or concentrating in the centers, will inevitably fail in his effort to reach the portal, and pay the price with his body, with mental disturbances, conditions Neurasthenics and various physical ailments.

Rule Nine.

May the disciple merge into the circle of other selves. Let it merge into a single color and your unit appears. Only when the group is present and known, can energy emanate wisely.

All disciples and aspirants for initiation must find that particular group of servants to whom they belong on the internal plane, recognize them on the physical plane and join them for the good of humanity. This recognition will be based on:

to. Target unit.

b. Uniqueness of vibration.

C. Similarity in group affiliation.

d. Karmic ties very old.

and. Ability to work harmoniously.

At first glance this rule seems to be one of the simplest, although it is not in practice. Errors are easily made, and working harmoniously in the alignment of a group is not as simple as it seems. Although there is selfish vibration and relationship, however, personalities may not harmonize. Therefore, the applicant's job is to strain the clinging of his ego to his personality, to enable the esoteric relationship of the group on the physical level, which will be achieved by the discipline of his own personality, and not correcting his brothers .

Rule Ten

The Host of the Voice, the devas, in their graduated ranks, work incessantly. May the disciple devote himself to consider his methods; That he learn the rules by which the Host works within the veils of maya.

This rule refers to the work of esoteric research, which must be done at one time or another, those who seek initiation. Although it is not prudent for the one who is not initiated, to interfere in the parallel evolution of the devas, however, it is necessary and safe to investigate the procedure followed by the builders, and the methods they use when reproducing, through the etheric body, the archetype of what we call physical manifestation; their groups must be known theoretically and also consider the sounds that put them into activity. Therefore, all applicants are required to conduct an organized study of:

  1. The purpose of the sound.
  1. The esoteric meaning of words, grammar and syntax.

3. The laws of vibration and electricity, and many other subsidiary studies concerning the manifestation of divinity and consciousness, through the devic substance and the activity of the higher devas. The laws of the macrocosm will also be investigated and the analogy between the activities of the microcosm and the active manifestation of the macrocosm will be recognized.

Rule Eleven.

Let the disciple transfer the fire from the lower triangle to the upper one and preserve what is created by the fire at the midpoint.

This literally means that the initiate controls what is generally understood by sexual impulse and the transfer of fire that now normally vitalizes the genital organs, to the laryngeal center, reaching creation on the mental plane, through the mind. That which is to be created, must be nurtured and maintained by the love energy of nature, emanated from the heart center.

The lower triangle mentioned is:

1. The solar plexus.

2. The base of the spine.

3. The genital organs.

While the superior, as noted, is:

1. The head.

2. The throat.

3. The heart.

This can be interpreted by the superficial reader as the mandate to be celibate, and the promise, by the applicant, that he will refrain from any physical manifestation of the sexual impulse. But it's not like that. Many initiates have achieved their goal when, correctly and intelligently, they participated in the marriage relationship. The initiate cultivates a peculiar mental attitude, where he recognizes that all forms of manifestation are divine, and that the physical plane is a form of divine expression like any of the higher planes. He realizes that the most intimate manifestation of the divinity must be under the conscious control of the internal divinity, and that every act must be governed by the effort to fulfill all the duties and obligations, supervise all action and action and use the physical vehicle, so that the group can be benefited by it and helped in their spiritual progress, in the law perfectly fulfilled.

It cannot be denied that in certain stages it is advisable for man to achieve perfect control, in a certain sense, by means of a temporary abstention, but this is a means to an end, which will be followed in stages, when the man has obtained control. the attributes of divinity through the physical body, and each center is used normally and intelligently to develop the purposes of the race.

Initiates and Teachers get married in many cases, and they usually fulfill their marital and domestic duties as husbands and wives, but they are controlled and regulated by purpose and intention, and none gets carried away by passion or desire. In the perfect man, on the physical plane, all centers are completely controlled, their energy being used legitimately. The spiritual will of the divine inner God is the main factor; Thus there will be manifest unity of effort in each plane, through all the centers, for the greater good of a greater number.

I have dealt with these issues because many students become confused and adopt a mental attitude that completely atrophies normal physical nature, or they surrender to debauchery under the pretext of "stimulating the centers" and increasing astral unfolding. The true initiate must be known for his prudent and sanctified normality, for his constant conformity with what is for the good of the group, according to the laws of the respective country, for the control and abstention of all kinds of excesses and for the example of spiritual life and moral righteousness that he gives to his associates, along with the discipline of his life.

Rule Twelve.

That the disciple learn to use his hand to serve; that he seeks the mark of the messenger on his feet; that learn to see with the eye that observes, located between the two eyes.

This rule seems easy to interpret with the naked eye, as if the applicant were ordered to use the hands to serve, the feet in the hierarchical errands and develop clairvoyance. But the true meaning is much more esoteric. Hiddenly understood, the “use of the hands” is the use of the chakras or centers of the palms to:

  1. Heal bodily ailments.
  2. Bless and cure emotional ailments.
  3. Raise hands in prayer, or use their centers during meditation, when matter and currents are manipulated.

These three points require careful consideration, and Western students can learn a lot if they study the life of Christ and consider His methods by employing His hands. Nothing else can be added, because the topic is too vast for us to expand on this short comment.

The "messenger sign" on the feet refers to that well-known symbol of the wings on Mercury's feet. Much will be revealed to the student on this subject in the esoteric schools, which synthesizes everything that is known about the Messenger of the Gods, and the information that astrology students have acquired on the planet Mercury and that students have acquired will also be carefully studied. of esotericism have gathered about the internal round.

On the surface, the expression “the eye that observes, located between the two, seems to mean the third eye used by clairvoyants, but its meaning is much deeper and is hidden in the following facts:

  1. That the inner vision is what all self-conscious beings, from a Logos to a man, are developing.
  1. That the ego or higher self is, with respect to the monad, what the third eye is with respect to man, therefore, is described as if he were looking between the monad or spiritual self on the one hand, and the personal self on the other.

Therefore, in its broadest sense, this rule encourages the aspirant to develop self-awareness and learn to act, in the causal body, at the higher levels of the mental plane, controlling from there the lower vehicles and clearly seeing everything that can be seen in the past and future in the three worlds.

Rule Thirteen.

The disciple must learn and understand four things before the most hidden mystery is revealed: first, the laws that govern what he radiates; second, the five meanings of magnetization; third, the transmutation or the lost secret of alchemy and, finally, the first letter of the imparted Word or the hidden egoic name.

We cannot extend on this rule. It refers to mysteries and issues too big to be discussed here. We include it in these rules to serve as a subject for group meditation, study and reflection.

The final rule is very short and consists of five words.

Rule Fourteen.

Listen, touch, see, apply, know.

These words concern what Christians call the consecration of the three main senses and their use in the evolution of the inner spiritual life. Then, what has been learned and proven is applied, followed by the fruition of the knowledge acquired.

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