Gift of the Soul: Transition Light for the Way back Home

  • 2015

The Transition Light we offer to help the souls who have already passed through the experience of life and death to move towards and reach the Light.

If you feel the need you can ask for a family member who you think has not reached the completeness of his body of light, that has not made the complete transit, that has become attached to situations, addictions, people, things, etc. It is also recommended in cases of death by accident, suicide, prolonged periods of illness and subject to medications over a long time, or in the case that they have left with family conflicts that at that time were irresolvable. Any situation of attachment or lack of peace is appropriate to request the Transition Light for the Soul that is on its way to Eternal Life.

Through a meditation, Ascended Master Kuan Yin, who is part of the Karmic Court, will help that soul to move towards the light.

Master Kuan Yin, Lady of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness, tells us that anyone who invokes her with love will have her accompaniment, guidance and protection .

She is a bodhisattva in planetary service and says she will not rest until she releases all human beings from suffering.

Master Kuan-Yin, also known as "The Queen of the West", "Hsi Wang M ", "Blanca Tara" or "Dolma", "Goddess of the Mercy of the World", "Golden Mother" and "The Merciful Guardian." Her name in Japanese is Kannon, in Tibetan Chenrezig and in Avalokitesvara. It is one of the most important enlightened beings. Its cult extends to China, Tibet and all the countries of the Northeast and Southeast Asia. Its origin dates back to several centuries ago. The first translation where Kuan Yin appears corresponds to the year 406 of our era.

"After the Soul has gone through the change called" death "at the end of its life on Earth, our Beloved Kwan Yin returns to perform each of the specific Services, helping to remove many of the marks left by frustrations, apparent feelings of guilt; regrets, and the causes of other negative conditions recorded in the Etheric Body, removing as many as the Law of Being allows. This makes it easier for the individual to appear before the Karmic Court; which must examine everything in the world of the Aspirant and at the same time enable this loving and merciful Court to assign that Soul to the highest possible Sphere, where it will receive instruction and help between one and the other incarnations. ”

To request this service write me an email through the contact page of the websites indicated below.

In subject, put the reference: TRANSITION LIGHT.

In the body of the message: The name of the loved one you wish to offer this gift of the Transition Light. Tell me your full name, surname, date of birth and place from which you write to me.

Weekly every Friday, at 10pm (Spanish time), the Petition of the Transition Light will be made for the souls we honor in this way, and whose request has been received in that week.

The applicant can accompany us from his home in a state of meditation or prayer. Please do not put candles in honor of the soul.

Service offered by Ana María Angueira Quintás.

  • Master of Akashic Records
  • Master Teacher of Magnified Healing.
  • Founder and director of the Akasha School of Education. School of Gifts and Talents.

With humility and service.

Thank you for your trust.

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