Recover The Vision of Birth, by Sant Germain

The energies that converge in these days that run show you the path of healing: the healing of your souls and your physical bodies.

It is not time to stop to explore what happened in previous incarnations. It is time to look forward and forward.

What is the present that happens today in your lives? That is the reality to be healed, the place to which you should direct your attention.

It is not time for complicated healing systems. It is time to solve and move forward . The advance is in your hearts, as the teachers who have preceded me in their messages through this channel have shown you. The advance is in your hearts because, once karma is healed, once the lesson of this life has been understood, the next step is to advance along the path of the mission itself : that altruistic motive for which you embodied at this moment in the history of your planet.

You know, because it has been well announced, that the Earth is moving towards a global change, and the humanity of its hand. You know that, in a very short time, nothing will be the same. This great process, in which you are being helped from numerous levels, needs your collaboration.

It is time for your souls to show you the path they set at birth in you. It is time that you remember what is the mission that brought you to Earth.

Work in that direction. Join your efforts to resume that path, which leads you to accomplish what you wanted to accomplish just before incarnating.

Your vision of birth is the answer. That life you imagined just before birth to heal yourself and the Earth. That imagined life, that project devised by your souls in communion with other souls of your family of light, is the one that must be recovered.

Use your regressive therapies to resume the memory of that dream project . Recover the memory. Install it in your lives as a constant. May your vision of birth become the goal to be achieved. May your magic be installed in your lives.

Call me every time the healing of your emotions is necessary. Bring to you the flame that transmutes the emotional pain. It is I who helps you transform your pain into wisdom. It is I who gives you the opportunity to overcome your fears through the light. Call me. Call on the transmuting violet flame whenever you consider it necessary. But do not stop. Do not remain anchored in pain or conflict. Pass it on. Transmute it and move on. Keep moving forward.

Recover your confidence in yourself and in the purpose that brought you to this incarnation. Necessary. It is urgent, as time goes by on your planet.

Boost the help you are receiving from higher levels with your continuous work in pursuit of yourself, in pursuit of your mission.

We love you deeply. We help you without pause. We are at your disposal. Until forever

Channeled by Alicia Sánchez Montalbán,

on November 24, 2009.

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