Reconfiguring the path by Ana María Frallicciardi

  • 2015
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After a Sacred Pause with our reports we restart another cycle of flights and visions. It was necessary to go through internal and external removals to tune into the new energies that the cosmos offered us. Like it or not, we are all immersed in a great change unprecedented in the history of the planet. Now we go through a long time of transition and renewal.

The Uranus-Pluto square has turned its life upside down in the last year, has dismantled the personal and social bases where the majority relied. All life forms are being reconfigured. We are still going through an area that is very confusing and difficult to understand.

From the linear third-dimensional mind, everything seems chaos and senseless destruction. This is exhausting in the common consciousness of the old energy. It is preferable to take a turn in the vision to find exit paths in the exhausted daily system. There are many new roads with viable solutions. Basically you need to get out of the rational mind to enter the field of the intuitive and creative mind. The intuitive mind is connected to the network of planetary life, we can all feed on it and thus activate the potentials that are in each of us to make the great change that our life deserves.

One of the most important hinges to make change is to understand what it means to close the world of duality and open the door to unity. It seems simple, but most of humanity does not understand it and they continue fighting with each other, everyone thinks they are right.

The deep reflection on this subject is what led me to remain silent for several months. Why keep writing nice words if people don't change? My observer vision focused on different ranges of realities, listened to the news, went through Facebook to see what level of understanding were human souls. There was something for everyone, but what alarmed me the most was the confrontation between brothers, the unleashed violence, the irrationality of wanting to be right, destroying the other. Hearts are still too closed to resonate in the true sense of unity and integration as a new paradigm. Human minds remain anchored in programs of selfishness and hate.

I went back to my inner silence, I didn't want to put more words of the same. We had to experience the confusion, the transition, the change, the dark night of the soul. Only in this way could he understand the process of the souls detained before the chaos abyss. My interest was not to be able to explain what was happening, there are many messages and channels of guides and teachers who are doing very well. The important thing is to be able to move the blockage where the souls are getting stuck, find the passage bridges from the old to the new.

I was shown different possibilities. I saw the paths that branched off, those of the old energy clinging to structures without renewal energies. The beings who dare to jump build the new consciousness. They create energy networks, they sustain change from within and have the power of the new creative energy. They jump confident because there is a healthier reality that awaits them. The power of renewal is within each of us, you just have to be encouraged to change and know how to understand the messages that life offers us to change.

Go through the changes

It is easy to ask that others, governments, institutions change. Few decide to change them to change the world. They speak of peace, of reconciliation, however they continue to criticize their entire environment. Until we are at peace with ourselves we cannot create peace in the world. There are very hurt souls who first have to heal their wounds before proclaiming slogans copied from social networks.

A true change requires inner elaboration, and finally accepting that we are going through new and enriching experiences. What to do? The old formulas are discarded, the mind does not find the answers. Intuition and inner vision open the way to find the new. The new paradigm is to start living without a previous plan, as young people do. Trust intuition, be with the amplified perception to capture the right moment and the right place. The new paradigm is to discover the path as it moves forward.

Changes in relationships

Relationships are changing dramatically. New paradigms of independence, authenticity and mutual respect! Since astrology, Uranus in Aries is an impulsive and overwhelming force that seeks forms of expression like we have never known before. Uranus in Aries especially mobilizes its opposite Libra and everything related to the couple's issues. There is no stability of the couple to endure if each one wants to rely on the other to save his life. Uranus from Aires tells us: "you must do it for yourself, own your life" Libra feels its bases removed, shaken by strong earthquakes. The comfortable armchair lost its legs, you have to get up. They do not understand anything that happens around them and this is the worst thing that can happen to them. Deep rethinking of the concept of a couple, of a loving commitment, of life in common.

The renewal force that emerges in the new paradigm of cohabitation speaks of individual freedom and then reunites in fellowship and mutual acceptance. Relationships based on need, dependence, supposed karma, economic security, can also be dissolved without guilt! A healing way to conclude a cycle is to express: "Thank you for the experience, another path awaits each of us to continue with our personal growth and evolution"

And for those who want to be accompanied, the new paradigm is the true resonance of the heart. Souls need to feel in energy resonance with each other. Thus there will be transparency and authenticity in the link.

The challenges of change

The challenge of uncertainty (quantum reality). Uncertainty leads us to trust to discover the purpose of the soul. It is learning to choose from intuition. Here is the encounter with co-creation. You have to choose everything again. Each choice opens the possibilities of inhabiting the new reality that we all want. If you stay in the old system you will only know the old formulas that lead to suffering and limitation. The old structure always catches and retains, one stays in the bad known because the uncertainty of the new can generate a lot of anxiety or fear. The key is to go inward to convert uncertainty into certainty.

The challenge of knowing how to capture heaven on earth. Not going against the old system, with criticizing those who do things wrong in our opinion, is not the solution. Save energy in trying to change the old system and use our valuable energy in building new support networks for new ways of life. We are sowers of the future. The sky supports the flowering of the new, there is help and guidance for those who open the resonance of their heart to anger the beat of the universe.

The challenge of integrating duality into unity. This is one of the greatest challenges that every human soul and humanity in general are experiencing. Here is the key to the quantum leap of consciousness. This is not a concept that can be understood with the mind, experiencing Unity with all beings of creation is a process of learning and understanding with the brain of the heart.

The challenge of knowing how to open the heart. Here is one of the greatest challenges humanity has to go through to enter the new reality. It has nothing to do with human love. It is related to the brain of the heart. The Network of the New Planetary Consciousness opens from the geometry of the heart.

We will explain these challenges in future reports.

Ana Maria Frallicciardi

Reconfiguring the path by Ana Mar a Frallicciardi

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