Recipe for a new land

  • 2014

What do we want for our children? What inheritance do we want to leave? I desire a New Earth in which all beings love each other and do not harm each other. That is my paradise.

To do this, while I discover who we are and achieve wisdom, I try to convey to my students some of these lessons.

- If we are the creators of our reality, let's watch our thoughts: always putting love and positive.

- What we emit is returned to us, whether it is anger or affection, for example. This is how the Universe works. This does not mean that if we feel a negative emotion on a social level we should not express it. We talked about her and how to channel her.

- We appreciate what we have every day. In this way we create our abundance and happiness .

- We think what we want for our life and Earth, and we put that intention and feel in the heart and gonads . Girls in her womb and boys in her prostate and sex glands.

- All this well rooted and connected with heaven and our conscience, which is in the heart.

- For me it is difficult, but not impossible, because they depend all the time on the external and on the judgments: to make them enter into themselves and recognize their needs.

What do you think of these ingredients every day in the classroom? Would the world change? Yes, maybe!

Ana del Mar García, I am.


Recipe for a new land

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