Recapitulate his life, the disciple's task

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Table of contents hide 1 Life and knowledge. 2 Recapitulation and understanding. 2.1 Daily recap: 2.2 Weekly recap: Self-observation 2.3 Biweekly recap: Learning. 2.4 Monthly recap: The decision 2.5 Semiannual recap: The service 2.6 Annual recap: The project 3 Meditation and wisdom.

You yourself are your luck and beyond death,

self is the fog, self is the flame,

self turns on, self goes off.

The disciple is the eternal pilgrim; it is the relationship between the personal and the higher self; The disciple is the inner flame of the Spirit. The disciple is Self at each stage of the Path of Return to the Father's House. It is for this reason that the word " disciple " is applicable to the humble aspirant who looks towards the Light, the Master of Wisdom and the Christ himself. They are all disciples to some extent and yet they all have the same goal and everyone tries to cooperate and help everyone to reach this goal. Everyone is on the Path of Service, the Path of Union with the divine.

Life and knowledge

Cognition is not a representation of an independent and predetermined world, but rather the birth of a world. Humans share an abstract world of language and thought through which we create our own world and other possible worlds. Cognition is an integral part of the way in which a living organism interacts with its environment, but responds with structural changes in its network in a creative way. The cognitive interaction of the system with its environment is an intelligent interaction, intelligence is manifested in the richness and flexibility of the structural coupling of a system.

When the disciple learns to control and regulate his cognitive processes, and becomes accustomed to reflect on his own knowledge, he is exercising the metaknowledge. Metacognition, in the field of reading, consists in becoming aware of the reading process itself so that you can monitor and control the interaction with the text, realize which parts you do not understand and why and, in addition, know how to solve these difficulties Humans share an abstract world of language and thought through which we create our own world and other possible worlds.

Three aspects of knowledge are associated with light in the head. First there is experimental knowledge, it makes man realize certain hypotheses, possibilities and explanations. It gives you an understanding of the means and methods and allows you to take the first steps towards acquisition and realization.

The aspirant uses discriminative knowledge thanks to the light of the intellect, used so that the pairs of opposites are exposed, duality is known and the time comes to choose.

Third, the light of intuition is used to direct the focus of attention to all "dark, subtle and remote" issues, thus widening the horizon, solving problems and increasing efficiency.

There is no predetermined territory from which we can build a map: it is the act of mapping the world who creates it. There is no predetermined pattern that allows us to understand the text: it is the act of unraveling the plot itself that gives it meaning. There is no destiny without free will, because what we are is our destiny, but what we do is our free will. Learning will be determined by the way intelligence is used, because learning is to capture with the spirit and intelligence is to read inside.

Recapitulation and understanding .

Just as the embryo in the womb recapitulates the different stages of animal development, so the human being, during childhood, adolescence and youth, until thirty-five years old Age, recapitulates the various stages of racial awareness. At that age the stage of the intelligent disciple should be affirmed in him. Much will be acquired when this recapitulation process is recognized, which will do much to control and determine what the development processes to which they will be subject to be. The child and the young man, for the intelligent educator.

There is a certain similarity between a good recap and the good cultivation of a garden, which should be recognized. In both weeds are removed but, the main focus is on the cultivation of flowers and vegetables, watering them, protecting the tender shoots, transplanting others for further development, being able to finally harvesting them and using them for constructive purposes.

Daily recap:

The basis of any effective and useful evening recap is at the beginning of the day. It is suggested that this preliminary work be done at the end of the morning meditation, as follows:

When you have finished your morning meditation, take a short pause and consciously face the new day, doing it calmly, joyfully and serenely. Welcome this new day as a divine offering and adduce it through the strength of the acquired light; Then spread the blessing of spiritual control by spilling a guiding ray of inner light through which, at the end of the day, before retiring to rest, you can direct a retrospective look and review how much you have done during it. At the end of the morning meditation simply project the light, going through and mentally joining the beginning and end of the day. In this way you have created an illuminated path from which you can, if you wish, look above and help below .

The projection of the path of light throughout the day is not an anticipation of what will happen, nor an explanation of its details; it simply establishes the internal attitude that has been chosen as a guide to fulfill its obligations, tests, insinuations and opportunities of the day. This applies to internal and external events, both subjective and objective, to the experiences in your own life and in the lives of those with whom you are in contact, at any level. You have chosen the path of the bearer of light, shedding light on the path of others, as well as yours.

This is what needs to be done for the preparation of the Evening Recapitulation; but there are three times during the day in which this current of light can be manifested:

a) Tomorrow : When you project your light-guiding current, you can use a short, appropriate or useful phrase or sentence. As examples of invocations or mantrams the following are suggested because they have the advantage of being known and can increase their power if in your mind, the thought is intense enough:

1. May the energy of the divine I inspire me and may the Light of the Soul guide me.

2. That reality governs all my thoughts and that truth be the guide of my life.

3. May the energy of my soul permeate me and that I express this radiation in a life full of joy.

b) Noon : The chosen invocation can also be used, making a silent call through the momentary elevation of thought towards the soul, thus strengthening the union.

c) Twilight time : It can be done at this time or at five in the afternoon as a definitive special service. “A Treaty on White Magic, ” p. 208, says about it:

“This can be done in a few seconds, no matter where you are or who you are with; and not only will it help in the magical work of the forces of Light, but it will serve to stabilize the individual, increase their group consciousness and teach him the process to carry out internal subjective activities even if he acts outwardly. ”

It would be of value if every day at five in the afternoon, by means of an act of will, each student would join with that group of servants, mystics and brothers who are rapidly integrating. To this end it would be beneficial to memorize the following brief dedication, reciting it mentally at that time, with the attention focused on the head:

“May the Power of Life One flow through the group of all true servers.

“May the Love of the Soul One characterize the lives of all those who try to help the Great Beings.

"May I do my part in Work One by forgetting myself, harmlessness and the right word."

Take that thought then from the group of servers in the world that is rapidly integrating, to the Great Beings that support our global evolution. ”

We have treated in this way the three points of the preparatory effort: morning, noon and twilight, all of them brief. However, you will find that the result is a clear, fast, impersonal and impartial Evening Recapitulation in your appreciation of success or failures. There will be a tendency to lose less and less time and energy in self-depreciation, self-condemnation, self-defense and self-praise, because excessive self-interest disappears when the light bearer begins to meet the needs of others and does so With all humility. His own characteristics, both good and bad, start to interest him only when they can be an aid or an impediment to what should be done,

Now we come to the realization of the Evening Recapitulation .

to. Look for a time when you can be alone, without being disturbed for at least five to fifteen minutes. Relax for a minute and then raise your consciousness to the head. Once stabilized there pronounce the Sacred Word, mentally (inaudible) exhaling it towards the soul and raising your consciousness towards it where you stand firmly, say calmly and firmly:

"I, the One who can observe, stay in the light"

b. Then, using the enlightened mind as a beacon, recapitulate the events of the day. Not everything requires equal attention, but there may be two or three situations that stand out for their meaning from the point of view of the disciple.

Weekly recap: Self-observation

All recapitulation practice is based on a state of alertness, just by paying attention to the seven daily guidelines, we invoke its organizing power in our lives. It is suggested that the following questions be asked during the day, each day culminates at dinner time, when we talk as a family about what we have done, observed and learned. It is a casual and natural talk.

Sunday: Have I acted today as a soul or as a personality? Have I put the main interest in myself, or have I been busy in the needs of those I serve?

Monday: When helping others or talking to anyone, have I talked about myself and my ideas?

Tuesday: what was the main content of my thoughts during the day: the work I did, other people or myself?

Wednesday: what was the conditioning center of my life: the soul whose nature is impersonal love, or the personality, whose nature is to be the center of attention?

Thursday: How many times have I referred to myself today, either by self-pity, as an illustration or to arouse interest?

Friday: What was my main mental concern today?

Saturday: What impression have I produced on others? Was it a selfish or simply personal effect?

Biweekly recap: Learning.

Disciple is one who achieves a discipline of study to achieve learning. One of the greatest instruments for practical development is the WORD. The one who takes care of his words and only speaks for altruistic purposes, in order to spread the energy of love through the tongue, quickly masters the initial steps and prepares for the initiation into learning. The disciple must learn to remain silent in the face of evil. He must know how to keep silent in the face of the sufferings of the world, without wasting time in useless demonstrations and in demonstrations of pain, but try to lighten the burden of the world, working without wasting energy on words.

1. What constitutes a recap?

to. What would, in my opinion, be the recapitulation of the day, with the idea that learning predominates?

b. In a recap I am asked to redo and experiment, or should I assume the position of the Observer who remains “firm in the light?”.

2. Learning is to capture with the spirit. Can I learn to be guided by the light of knowledge and finally reach enlightenment?

3. Can I mentally see how I stay in the light of my soul and know the meaning of constant reflection?

4. If I use this recap on the light of knowledge, how should it be used, what will be the effect on my life and the life of the group I serve?

5. If this recapitulation is a defined scientific method to produce subjective results with objective changes, what will these results and changes be?

6. If it is true that the blind must advance by touch, and those who have sight, seeing and staying free and detached, why then, possessing sight, do I not walk more definitively in the light?

7. Is my mind the organ of vision for the spiritual man, and I offer this organ for the higher self to use?

8. In the daily recap, what part did the intellect play? How do I define the phrase "light of the intellect"?

9. Self-realization is the goal of our learning: Can I forget the fragmentary personal self? Can I recognize the only I in all I?

10. It is said that there is an archetype, a canon, a ray, a goal and a light that shines on the path. Understanding this, what is the pattern of organization that should light my way?

11. Am I the redeemer of the lower nature? How does light help in such redemption?

12. What activities and defects of my inferior nature must be eliminated so that the light illuminates my path?

13. How do I differentiate the three types of light: that of knowledge, light of understanding, light of wisdom; and how do they relate to the light of the body, light of the intellect and light of intuition?

14. How can I use the light to help my fellow men?

15 What are the words I use when trying to help my fellow men?

Monthly recap: The decision

It will be convenient to have a series of questions available, but only one should be used each night or when the recap is done. The following are only suggestions and must relate to one or the other of the three principles of love, wisdom and service.

1. What have I done today? Have I understood clearly?

2. Why have I acted, spoken, written or remained silent in a given circumstance? What caused this fact?

3. Have I acted simply, lovingly and intelligently during the day?

4. Have I followed the path of duty and clear decision? If not, why?

5. Have I made my own thoughts, desires, purposes and dreams prevail over my brother's need for loving understanding?

6. The radiation of love attracts within its cordiality those who need it in order to live. Have I dispensed the waters of life through thought, word or action?

7. The path of service leads to liberation. Has there been any liberating influence in my current life? Who's release? What? For what?

8. Do I feel that the day I have lived has been satisfactory from the point of view of my soul?

9. Have I preserved the spirit of loving understanding?

10. To what extent am I effective in relation to the sphere of my activity?

11. Do I realize where I am? Who should you look at as an example, help and compression?

12. Have I worked impersonally with my collaborators, whatever their condition?

13. What events? internal, external or both at the same time? Have they been significant during this day? Why do I consider them significant?

14. Until where have I been inclusive in my thoughts during the day? What do I commonly include in my conscience? What do I usually exclude?

15. What qualities have I perceived in others that indicated expressions of the soul? How did this manifest itself?

16. What was the reason behind the elections I made today?

17. Is there a place that is an impediment to a growing spiritual experience? Is it an obstacle to greater utility in the service?

18. What evidence have I had today that the Plan emerges in the conscience of men?

19. Have I taken the initiative to present the Plan to the attention of others? If so, what were the reasons? If you have not done so, what were the reasons?

20. Have I used Joy to dispel the illusion of discouragement? How have I tried to radiate Joy?

21. Have I used good discernment as well as good intention?

22. Have I been able to maintain a dispassionate attitude in a situation forged with emotion?

23. What has been the most valuable, yet painful, experience of today? Can I see this with complete detachment?

24. True humility acts as an exact sense of the correct proportion, of the recognition of its rightful place and of each one's duty not to avoid responsibility, the responsibility of being a soul, a Son of God, who seeks perfection through the service. Have I demonstrated true humility during the day?

25. How much wisdom have I demonstrated today? How much wisdom have I perceived in others?

26. The keynote of every disciple's work can be summed up with these words: " Truly, I make all things new ." How has the divine transmuting power of love created this new and desirable day of what has been discarded and forgotten?

27. In what sense have I been influenced by the desire for reward? Reward on what plane? Have I seen myself as the giver, as the receiver, or as both at the same time?

28. The disciple's reward consists of a greater capacity and a broader field of service. Am I reaping a due reward, or do I not attach any importance to it?

29. Have I used kindness, compassion, initiative and sensitivity today in response to the real need? To whom have I evidenced them? Why?

30. The mind is the organ of vision of the spiritual man. Can I keep my mind constantly in the light of the spiritual man, the soul, and see my day truly free of blindness or false attachments?

Biannual recap: The service

It should not be called an evening recap, because it does not matter what time it is practiced, as long as it is done once every twenty-four hours, taking one or two questions of the recapitulation and reflecting deeply on them for six months. Then answer monthly one of the six questions asked here:

read mes- What is for me the practical meaning of the word light of the soul?

2nd. month? How can my life be illustrated?

3rd. month? What is the factor that produces illustration and how does this factor normally act in my life?

4th. month ? What effect will a bright mind have on my daily life?

5th. month ? What effect should my life as a Light Bearer have on my environment?

6th. month ? Am I in contact with other Light Bearers, and in what way?

Annual recap: The project

At the end of each year it is important that the project set with its objectives and goals be recapitulated. Notice the path that leads from the light to the goal.

January. Capricorn. I am lost in the supreme light and to that light I turn my back.

February Aquarius. I am water of life, poured for thirsty men.

March. Pisces. I leave my Father's home and, returning, I save.

April. Aries. I arise, and from the level of the government mind.

May. Taurus. I see, and when the eye is open everything lights up.

June. Gemini. I recognize my other self, and as I diminish, I grow and shine.

July. Cancer. I build an illuminated house and inside it Moor.

August. Leo I am that and that is me.

September. Virgo. I am the Mother and the Son, I am God, I am matter.

October. Pound. I choose the Path that leads through two great lines of force.

November. Scorpio I am an entrepreneur and carry out my projects.

December. Sagittarius. I see the goal. I reach the goal and perceive another.

Meditation and wisdom.

Knowing how to read and know how to listen are the essential skills to continue with the gradual detachment of the figure of the Master, while writing and speaking are the abilities of those who begin to profile themselves as Master and thus be able to transmit the understanding achieved to others.

The soul employs three major fundamental principles through which it appreciates the quality, motive and final value of everything that falls under its revealing light. They are: Love, Wisdom and Service, thus defined by the Tibetan Master.

Love, is the response to contact and this, the human being, means understanding, inclusiveness and identification.

Wisdom means skill in action as a result of developed love and a light of understanding; It is being aware of the requirements and having the ability to unite in a merged relationship the need and what will satisfy it.

Service, is essentially a scientific way of expressing love? Wisdom. ” As these principles are reflected in our actions and characterize our vital expression, we will succeed to this extent by traveling the illuminated path and increase your own radiation.

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