REC3 World energy service to help in the hunger crisis in Africa

  • 2011

Part of the African continent is plunged into a deep food crisis. From the Virtual City of the Great White Brotherhood we summon you to send energy to help our in Africa through the 3-level Christian Energy Grid

Energy service / Global meditation for disaster relief


DAY:From September 27, 2011, NEW MOON, for 1 month, until the next NEW MOON, every day that everyone feels.
HOUR:22h, local time in each country.


In order to help our in “the horn of Africa”, which have suffered a deep food crisis for many months, we will send our energies through the 3-tier Christian Energy Grid - REC3, and We will collaborate in providing Light, Balance, Compassion and Unconditional Love, so that the beings who must suffer the hardships of hunger can spend these moments with the greatest inner peace, and do not suffer more than necessary.

In these moments of multiple world emergencies, unity is very important and that all volunteers of the light, we organize ourselves as best as possible to join forces and help increasingly increase the vibration The energy of the world, thus facilitating the transition to the new energy that is falling more and more intensely.


1) Recite The Great Invocation of the Tibetan Master

2) Invocation of the Ascended Masters to guide us during the energy service:

Lord MaitreyaTibetan Master Dhwhal KhulBeloved Kwan Yin

3) Harmonization of breathing and relaxation : we breathe deeply a minimum of three times, mentally repeating SO when we inhale and HAM when we exhale.

4) Individual balance meditation for harmonization singing the OHM and the GAYATRI, it is recommended to use the following audio:


 GHB - Balance Meditation by hermandadblanca 


GHB - balance meditation 10 aum 24 gayatri + solfegio 30m by hermandadblanca

5) Balance irradiation : visualize the colors and invoke the energies specified in the table below, for approximately 10 minutes.

-Light -Balance -Compassion -Unconditional Love- WHITE - INDIGO BLUE - GOLD RUBÍ - PINKMantram OHM ICOSAEDRO

*** NOTE: The days that this service coincides with other services or meditation previously convened in REC3, both things can be done simultaneously focusing our energy so that the Masters receive it and they distribute it as wisely. It is not necessary to do two meditations the same day.


UN: Food crisis in Africa worsened

The agency warned about the state of famine in Somalia.

Photo: EFE

Displaced and newly arrived Somalis wait for their turn to receive food in Mogadishu, Somalia.

The humanitarian crisis that is going through the Horn of Africa worsens every day and there is a risk that the state of famine decreed in two regions of Somalia will be extended to another five or six more, as the UN Secretary General for Affairs warned on Monday Humanitarians, Valerie Amos. “The crisis is intensifying in the Horn of Africa. In Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and Djibouti there are 12.4 million people in dire need of help while the situation worsens, ”Amos told reporters at the UN headquarters in New York, where he said the situation was particularly worrying. in Somalia. In that country, in two of whose regions the international body decreed the state of famine two weeks ago, Amos said that the humanitarian crisis can reach even more catastrophic proportions "unless there is a massive increase in the international response." "The famine can soon extend to five or six more regions, " said the head of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs of the UN (OCHA), who recalled that "tens of thousands of Somalis have already died and hundreds of thousands are they face a famine with consequences for the entire region. ”

Amos detailed to the press stories of Somali mothers who are forced to abandon their children to death while they walk for weeks fleeing drought and hunger, and of orphaned children who fill the refugee camps in the region, due to “ the worst drought of the last 60 years. ” "Those stories and those images are a wake-up call that remind us that we should do everything possible to alleviate their suffering and how much we can so that (the famine) does not happen again, " said the agency's secretary general, who recently visited the region. Amos recalled that the situation in Somalia is aggravated, "because it is a country that lives in conflict" and because "there are armed groups that do not want the UN to have a presence there, " referring to the extremist militia Al Shabab, linked to Al Qaeda and that blocks the delivery of humanitarian aid in the areas of Somalia that it controls. "We do everything we can through negotiations to change that situation, " said the Assistant Secretary-General, who said that "what Somalia needs is peace, because without peace our capacity for action is greatly reduced."

Amos noted that this situation in the Horn of Africa has not taken the UN by surprise because the agency has already made all sound the alarms before this situation last year, when he asked for 1.6 billion dollars to face the situation. He acknowledged that until last week a billion dollars had been raised, but he warned that the funds obtained so far are not sufficient given the seriousness of a situation whose Solution needs more donations than before. It is not enough. Today we urgently need 1.4 billion dollars and we need them now. We expect donor countries to respond, even those that have already done so, and we have to convince companies, foundations and private donors, '' he said. In addition, it encouraged the international community to work together, more consistently and on a larger scale, to prevent recurring drought situations from leading to state of famine in the future. The UN declared on July 20 the state of famine in two regions of southern Somalia, Bakool and Lower Shabelle, something unprecedented in this country during the last 20 years. Nearly half of the Somali population, some 3.7 million people, suffers from a humanitarian crisis, of which 2.8 million reside in the south, according to the United Nations.

We invite you to help Africa through the Grid of Christian Energy in 3 levels to send Light, Balance, Compassion and Unconditional Love, in order to help our in their difficult situation as far as possible.

Call upon the Elementals of Air, Earth, Water and Fire and Present your respect to the beings that live in the four Cardinal Points and in the eight directions that govern the Universe, Let us be co-creators with them.

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