Who is Master Lady Nada?

  • 2015

Ascended Master Lady Nada, known as the Goddess of Love, assists the Earth and the evolution of humanity through the unconditional love of the Sixth Ray of service and ministry of the Love of Christ, sharing the qualities of love, compassion and selfless service towards others, and the fields of Healing and Truth.

Lady Nada lived in Atlantis, where she served as a priestess in the Temple of Love, made with the pattern of a rose, in which each petal was a room - that's why her symbol is the pink rose - and from where great healing and love They were directed to the world through the use of cosmic light rays.

She was also a high-priestess priestess in the temples of Isis and received her masters training through various incarnations from that highly evolved mystery school .

Like Mary Magdalene, a symbol of a spiritual love, which is not based on conditions and is free, he incarnated with his beloved soulmate Jesus to support and support him while He was performing his Sacred Mission.

In India it is also known by the name of Lakshmi or Divine Light, so we must entrust all our affairs to see the love and prosperity manifested in our lives in an extraordinary way.

Sixth Ray Gold-Ruby

It is the ray of divine service and mercy: its mission is to open the hearts of men to a superior love and let this love manifest itself in this world, through thoughts, words and deeds.

Lady Nada, whose name means the voice of silence reflects personality's retreat to nothingness - which refers to her great humility - leading the way for the true Christ Self to emerge.

The Gold-Ruby Ray, in the material planes, would become orange, the result of the combination of the Golden Flame and the Pink Flame within your Inner Christ; it is the one that sustains for your current of life all the Mysticism, Providence, Grace and Supply of God, as well as Peace and tranquility.

Supply of this or that has not been specified , that is, it has not been limited, but simply said supply, implying that we will be supplied with whatever we need, whatever it may be.

Lady Nada works at the level of elevation and mental healing, and teaches us that intelligence coupled with the desire to share becomes Wisdom which leads us to the path of Enlightenment.

Lady Nada will also provide assistance and guidance to healers, teachers, psychologists, lawyers, servants in each branch of humanitarian and health services. Also next to business men and women, workers, skilled and untrained workers, farmers, ranchers, defenders of Freedom and revolutionaries of Love in all fields.

She teaches the Divine mastery of emotions and how to quiet the excessive desire. This is the mastery of the solar plexus chakra, which is the instrument of the sixth ray, and the place where peace radiates.

It helps you to develop peace in yourself and to remain in that peace also in times of transformation and drastic changes.

The first thing that is needed to advance and execute any spiritual work is to be at peace. Beloved Elohim Tanquiline or Tranquility, is the Elohim of Peace. The first thing we need to live well is to be at peace, first with ourselves and then with others. If you are at peace with yourself, you will not have to make any effort to be at peace with your neighbor. With peace everything is achieved, without peace nothing is achieved. It is curious that the director of the Rayo Oro-Rubí today is called Nada. When we need Peace, when we are in one of those days when we feel inner restlessness and when nothing is given to us, let's call her, Nothing, and invoke the Beloved Tranquilino, to achieve peace.

Archangel Uriel, archangel of supply, is the Light of God of the sixth gold-ruby ray, of idealism and devotion. Its virtue is divine justice, serenity, patience, truth, providence, devotion, sustenance, the gift of prophecy, the major mysteries: mysticism and initiations. Its quartz, the citrine, allows us to connect with spiritual guides and teachers. Strongly combat body and mind problems. It provides an energy to regulate all external influences for better overall health.

Lady Nada has her temple in the etheric plane, in Saudi Arabia, where she works with her beloved Lord Sananda. Its Key Tonal is in the Adagio (2nd Movement) of the Violin Concerto No. 1, Op. 26 by Max Bruch.

He also oversees a retreat over the Andes, on Lake Titicaca, and together with Ascended Masters Maria (mother of Jesus), Kwan Yin, Pallas Athena, Lady Venus and Lady Portia distribute female energy to our planet to balance the distortions that they still exist between the masculine and feminine energies. In this wonderful temple of light, the disciple of light learns to live with humility, to maintain self-control and dignity in any situation and to live in peace and harmony with the divine under any external circumstance.

Lady Nada's messages

Peace is achieved when they recognize that life is not about winning, losing, capturing or craving. It is about loving the person you are, just as you are naturally - accepting your whole self with every imperfection and strength. When you are able to accept your whole being, you are able to accept others just as they are, without the temptation to want to change them to what you want them to be. It is very important to start focusing on knowing and loving yourself ; To begin to know the Self is to love it and will free you from all burdens, sorrows and limitations.

Active and lived unconditional Love, manifested towards all beings that exist brings peace.

Let active love bring peace to the world through you. Lady Nada envelops you with her light so that, even in a situation of chaos, you continue to remain in love and peace, so that your self-control is strengthened and you can observe things from other points of view .

Love the spirit of each being, every being has divinity and a spark of love that must be ignited. Your words must be soft and tender to be able to give light to those who need it. Do not impose your truth on others, rather give your love.


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Author: Margarita Londo o

GHB Editor

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