What is happening with your work Message from Mother Mary and Joseph (Channeled by María José Lorenzo)

  • 2011

My beloved, I want to reach each of you with the unconditional Love of your Mother Mary and my energy that comes from the Sun, that comes from the Father.

We come in response to your prayers and prayers for your understanding and understanding of what is happening with your work.

We know all the changes you are going through in your work lives, we know your insecurities, all your fears, your concerns, the disorientation you have, we know everything because we know each and every one of you.

Our compression is infinite because we have also passed it, we come from the evolution of the earth and we know the difficulties of your density.

We have shared many earthly experiences with many of you, so there is a special feeling inside you when you connect with our energies, something different resonates in your being, we recognize ourselves.

With all our Love we want to give you calm, all is well, it is part of this great change, of this great evolutionary plan.

Know that you are going through a process of healing, cleaning and transformation. It is a great storm in your lives that will take away everything you don't need.

There are many battles you have fought, much suffering and pain. You have been persecuted and burned, many experiences and karma have accumulated throughout many lives and it has been implanted in your cellular memory and in your records.

Calm down my Beloved, the Mother and I are with each one of you, ask for our help and allow, we with our Divine Love and with the force of the Sun will burn everything, everything so that you can start a new life based on Love, Freedom and unity. You must remain calm, you must trust.

There is a lot of work to do and you must be prepared. Everything is perfectly planned, programmed, there are no errors. From here we will be guiding you, giving the necessary instructions, you are the channels. We will all work together.

Many are feeling the need to change jobs, you want to change and you don't know how. Others see how they change or run out of it and you don't understand why. Most of you are stressed, tired, exhausted, with resignation you carry this burden day by day that does not allow you to enjoy and affects you and everything around you.

We want to transmit calm. You are all important and all your works too ... We will help you to gradually find your true vocation, your life mission so that what you do always be with Love.

With these changes you will begin to find new jobs, something totally different from what you were used to. You will awaken talents and abilities that you didn't know you had. You will start to like different things, you will begin to remember and you will be surprised at the great treasures that you carry inside.

Everything was hidden, blocked by your fears and limitations. Now you will start to flow to fly.

Others must continue with your work but with a higher awareness and new tools that you will also discover and develop.

You are all healers and channelers because you are Divine beings of Light and Love.

For the workers of the health branch it is necessary that you heal the spirit of your brothers. You will be able to help them with your love, with your knowledge, with your energy and with your presence. You will heal the soul. You will speak with your patients to guide them, and if they are not prepared you will speak directly from the heart to their being, and thus they will find relief and calm.

It is your intention that is most important you are the channels, we and your being, your Divine presence will do the job.

You must accept with much love and respect when a being decides to leave. You must be calm, without fear, ask for our help, I will be by your side preparing your brother and the Mother will lovingly pick him up and accompanied by his guide, his spiritual family and other beings of Light, will guide him home so that Continue your evolutionary process. Remember it is your intention, you are never alone.

To all of you women who have decided to take care of your homes, blessed is your work, recognize the importance of your work. You are healers, you are channelers, you are a great pillar.

You will clean your homes with the energy of the sun, with light, with love. You will make your home a sacred sanctuary by balancing everything. You will illuminate your lives and everything around you. You will heal your families, friends, neighbors, you will clean with your presence the places you visit, where you make your purchases, you will heal your meals. You are creators of prosperity and abundance.

Do you see how important you are? You no longer need to escape, you will no longer feel the stress, nor the emptiness in your lives. Now you will recognize who you are from a higher consciousness and you will recover your power, you will love your work.

As important is the mission of the Master as the one who has organized it with devotion, the one who with love has decorated the place, the one who with love has placed the flowers on the altar, the one who with love has planted those flowers ...

Dear Divine Beings, you are all healers, you are all channelers in different ways and forms, you are all important. You will do it through music, painting, teaching, healing, administration, food ...

When you surrender to your Being so that it manifests itself, when you are prepared and accept without resistance, all the veils of duality will fall, then you will understand, you will begin to see the truth and feel it in your hearts, not before.

There can be no fear, no doubts, no resistance, you will have to be sure, there is no turning back, there are no mistakes.

You must be sure of yourself, firmly believe in you and in us. Accept that we work together, that we are a team and that when your mission is revealed there can be no doubt or fear of failure or rejection.

Those of you who are receiving information from higher levels must transmit these messages that are so necessary for the changes in your brothers and the planet, but you cannot doubt, you must listen to your heart, your mind will try to sabotage you, it will make you believe that you have lost your mind, You will try to escape.

Now you understand, now you understand?

My beloved, you are all in a strong process of healing and transformation, everything is fine, everything was and is necessary for your awakening.

All information and wisdom is within you.

We have a lot of work to do. You are the creators of a new world.

Stay in the vibration of Love and Unity.

Our immense love and our strength accompanied you in your walk.

 Channeled by Mar a Jos blog: http://enunanuevaera.blogspot.com 

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