What are external, internal and secret offerings?

  • 2017
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This is a very important subject in the East, because in it lies the basis of spiritual practice.

The offering means giving or offering and this is precisely what makes it most important especially in these times when we are more accustomed or focused only on receiving and demanding.

acular positive merit… ..

The Offering is a practice that allows us to accumulate a large amount of positive merit, this makes it of vital importance for all those who do not know what activities to carry out on the path of spiritual growth especially if they are pointing to the ultimate end of enlightenment and liberation from suffering

To reach enlightenment or liberation according to the tradition of the East, it is necessary to update the two accumulations, that is, merit and wisdom.

As far as the offerings are concerned, these are of various types or levels : external, internal and secret.

The external offering is the most common and consists in detaching ourselves from something material that is of value to us (not from something that does not help us) to give it to someone who needs it or to the one that may be useful.

spiritual teaching ...

In external offerings we find when donating food, clothing and lodging. On another more important level is the gift of the Dharma or spiritual teaching.

Giving the spiritual teaching is of great importance because it does not work like the rest of the things that we commonly give that are consumed and ready, in this case it is an instruction that can help another or others to be better, to eradicate the suffering of their lives, so what is more valuable or important than anything that helps us to stop suffering and obtain genuine happiness? ..

when you need it most ...

In the same way, dharma can flourish or work at any time when it is most needed and that is where its great value lies.

It is important to note that giving external offerings benefits especially those around us, and even more to those who make them, because deep down we are working with qualities that foster our internal development such as generosity, mindfulness, joyful effort and wisdom especially when we don't expect to get any additional compensation in exchange for what we give.

well-being to all those around us ...

In the case of internal offerings it is not about offering something material, it is really offering everything edifying in our lives in the form of merit to all the beings that surround us so that they reach the ultimate goal of enlightenment.

The highest of the offerings because they are the ones that profoundly impact our spiritual growth is the secret and the subsequent that have to do with understanding reality as empty of erroneous perceptions, with the dependent emergence and interdependence that have to do with understanding everything that happens to us as it is and not through our self-centered and materialistic mental projections.

In the same way, the most important thing regardless of the type of offering we decide to do or what should be the central point is the act of giving for the simple reason of doing so, because it is the most convenient for our personal growth and that of others.

include in our daily practice ...

The recommendation as always is to not stop programming in our daily practice any offering of body or physics, of word giving teaching and of mind offering everything we do, say and think for the well-being of all those around us ... ... that our activity is something that becomes a continuous offering of love and generosity in all its dimensions just because it is ...

AUTHOR: Pilar Vázquez, collaborator of the great family of the White Brotherhood

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