What are the Mayan seals? Know the signs of Mayan astrology

  • 2017

The Mayan seals come from the pre-Hispanic civilization of the Maya . It was a magnificent civilization, with very advanced technology and knowledge, comparable to the Egyptians.

Its spectacular stepped pyramids, its knowledge of astronomy and the beauty of its sculptures and art pieces, show its intelligence. In addition, his mastery of writing, and the thousands of entire books written on bark paper that bequeathed us, deepen his mystery. A mystery so great that it has led many to say that this civilization came from other planets.

And the greatest of the mysteries related to the Maya was their disappearance . Before the Spanish conquerors arrived in the lands of the “new world, ” the Mayan cities had already been abandoned, and many of their great knowledge seemed to have been forgotten by their descendants.

The Mayan calendar

The Maya had two calendars, one civilian, the Haab that was divided into thirteen months of 28 days or 28 moons. This Mayan year begins on July 26 and ends on July 24 of the following year. July 25 is the Kin day or non-weather day. This day was considered a day to prepare the soul, magic, creativity and art.

They also had a sacred calendar or Tzolkin that the priests used for ceremonies, rituals and divinations. It lasted 260 days divided into 13 months of 20 days. This sacred calendar combines twenty different symbols, each day of the month corresponds to a particular sign. These symbols, in turn, are combined with the 13 numbers.

What are the Mayan seals?

The 20 symbols that correspond to the days of the Mayan month are the so-called Mayan “stamps” and are the following:

It was said that the life of each Maya was predestined by the day of the Tzolkin , or day of its birth. This calendar governed the life of each of the inhabitants of the town, of the crops, their family and religious customs.

To know the Tzolkin an account is made . It is not enough to know the symbol or seal of the day of birth, but it is combined with one of the 13 numbers that are represented by lines and points. The numbers are located in a correlative form from 1 to 13, continuing successively until completing 260 days of the year. Day 21 also repeats the sequence of symbols in the same way.

In conclusion, both cycles and symbols combine to know the Tzolkin .

Each day has a unique combination of energies that affects our being. Connecting with that energy is a way of getting back in touch with our essence, feeling part of creation and being in harmony with existence itself.


The 13 numbers that are expressed in dots and bars, are called Moon Tones. Both the numbers and glyphs or symbols have a correlation with the human body : twenty fingers (hands and feet) have the human being and thirteen joints . The 260 days has to do with human pregnancy, that is, pregnancy, and the corn cultivation cycle.

The stamps or symbols are divided into four races with four different colors:

  • Red race

Initiator, duality between ignorance and knowledge

  • White race

Refining, duality between pride and humility

  • Blue race

Transformer, duality between impatience and patience

  • Yellow race

Mature, duality between immaturity and maturity, freedom or slavery.

The thirteen lunar tones give creative power and are:

Tone 1: Magnificent

Tone 2: Lunar

Tone 3: Electric

Tone 4: Self-existing

Tone 5: Toned

Tone 6: Rhythmic

Tone 7: Resonant

Tone 8: Galactic

Tone 9: Solar

Tone 10: Planetarium

Tone 11: Spectral

Tone 12: Crystal

Tone 13: Cosmic

What mayan seal are you?

Each Kin and its energy make up an Oracle . Knowing the oracle of your birth will help you to know yourself better as you open yourself to an amazing path of self - discovery opportunities to develop your true potential.

The wisdom of the ancient Maya never ceases to amaze us.

Do you dare to know more about the Mayan stamps?

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DRAFTING: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

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