What does Pluto mean at home 1?

  • 2016
Table of contents hide 1 Characteristics of the natives with Pluto at home 1. 2 What is house 1? 3 Life control is built on the form and nuclear arrangement in relation to the movement of the Universe. Louis Pasteur. 4 What does Pluto mean at home 1? 4.1 Influence of Pluto on each zodiac sign. 5 “Astrology represents the sum of all knowledge of the ancient.” Carl Jung.

To have Pluto at home 1, is to have the planet in an upward or transit position, generating a vital energy on the environment, directly impacting the native, causing an effect of fear on his life, a feeling of burden on the past, as well as the desire to take new paths and capture new situations. It will enter into a process of evolution to get rid of situations and people of the past that it has not yet finished confronting. Having Pluto at home 1 creates conflicts in the relationships that surround it.

Characteristics of natives with Pluto at home 1.

Being Pluto at home 1 makes the person have a strong character and be a being who puts passion in everything he does . These individuals stand out for power, they are competing in the things they do, they are possessors of an energy that never runs out. They can present a manipulative and selfish personality, they must avoid being carried away by this passion and force that moves them.

If they belong to strong zodiac signs such as Leo, Aries or Taurus it will be necessary that they learn to live with others without considering them inferior and not feel that they are not deserving of compassion.

What does Pluto mean at home 1?

What is house 1?

It is the sign that is found at the moment of the birth of an individual or the moment in which an important event occurs, this house generates a part of the energy that will determine the personality and the characteristics that will govern the person. House 1 starts on the ascendant. This affects everything at a physical level, including what it will look like. The planets that are located in house 1, tend to impede the influence of the ascendant in a radical way, in this case Pluto.

The moment the person comes into the world will be marked by the zodiac sign that is east of the place of birth, occupying the cusp of the natal chart in the first house. Each sign of the zodiac generates a series of energies that will determine the person at birth, due to this according to astrology people with the same sign have common characteristics in their personalities, but there are areas in which they differ because the planets of their card Astral also exert their power .

"The control of life is built on the form and nuclear arrangement in relation to the movement of the Universe." Louis Pasteur.

What does Pluto mean at home 1?

Influence of Pluto on each zodiac sign.

Pluto on Aries.

People who need to evolve, break with their past, activating a whole change over all areas of their lives.

Pluto on Taurus.

These people resist having to change. They don't like the new, they are insecure, they prefer the stable and have a duration.

Pluto on Gemini.

It has its influence in the intellectual area, increasing it. They exercise good management to convey ideas. They are always improving.

Pluto in Cancer.

These individuals want to change what has reference to the family, they want it to be more united, achieving a balance.

Pluto on Leo.

They want to excel, they have high self-esteem as well as great self-confidence. They denote great strength .

Pluto on Virgo.

They want change at work, they are individuals with great common sense and tenacity, they are retailers .

Pluto on Libra.

They have a great capacity to renew themselves, transform their environment, promoting changes in the social .

Pluto on Sagittarius.

These people are of great spirituality, so they seek the transformation of their plane of existence.

Pluto on Capricorn.

They are disciplined, they want their transformation generally in their work plane.

Pluto about Aquarius.

They seek social transformation, fight for the freedoms of others, are idealistic and with firm beliefs.

Pluto on Pisces.

These are individualistic, but with great sensitivity in all the tasks they undertake.

Astrology represents the sum of all knowledge of the ancient. Carl Jung.

If you do not know if you were influenced on Pluto at home 1, we advise you to determine your astral chart and know all the energies that influence your life, so that you can take full advantage of that information n.

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