What Happens on Planet Earth ?, The Challenges in Relationships and the Synchronicity of our Showcases, by Karen Bishop

We are still integrating and adjusting to a new space in a reality of the higher realms, and a manifestation that is hitting us directly in the face is the collision of masculine and feminine energies. Because things that affect us personally seem to be of capital importance in our lives, male / female colliding relationships now seem to be at the forefront, more than ever before.

What is happening now, in relation to our personal relationships with others, is the union of the feminine with the masculine. Now we are more than ever in the feminine. This is the energy that should guide the path. This is the energy that closely and beautifully matches the energy of the new and higher realms. Male energy can be embodied by women, and female energy by men, so this is not about the duality of the sexes.

And how are these energies colliding for us? For many women, they can no longer tolerate, support or be somewhat submissive with men who are embodying the old masculine. This can also happen with men, but as our old and outdated socialization methods of male and female roles are embodied by the specific sex, women still tend to embody the feminine energy. But again, men who carry any feminine energy will be tortured and will not tolerate any inferiorly vibrational masculine energy, no matter where or who is manifesting it.

The feminine will no longer expect the support of the masculine. What has to happen has to happen. So, many relationships are in a crucial place where partners are breaking their relationships. Certainly something has changed, although we may not be aware of what it is. If you are in a relationship with someone, you may feel that your relationship is suddenly ending ... suddenly ended ... seemingly evaporated. “We don't see each other in the eyes, we can't be together, we don't agree and there are many frictions! It feels like we've hit a big obstacle! ”What is really happening is that the roles need to be redefined. The feminine needs to be honored and must be given the main position, regardless of who and where they are residing.

Support, compassion, love, understanding, nutrition, care, free communication, unity at any cost, respect and allow some of these traits, and also some other traits will be more in alignment with the reality of the higher realms. The more we embody the energy of the higher realms, the easier our path will be. There will be less friction for us, because we are now residing in these highly vibrational energies. Men and women will do well to embody as many of these traits as possible.

Thus, the feminine cannot stop and wait. This is the moment ... you have to reign, so to speak. The urgency is more powerful than before. It must advance. Do you remember the previous weeks, when many of us experienced personal injury, disease situations or something similar that forced us to “stop” and really learn how to embody the feminine? Has the difference between your left and right side been noticeable in relation to feeling pain or exhaustion? Have you felt stiff neck or back pain lately? Have you had sinusitis or severe and unusual pressure and pain in your head? These are some indicators of adjustments made in the integration and / or purification of the old energies inside us. (During the energies of the equinox, there was so much energy and heat, passing through my crown chakra and the third eye, that I had to apply cold compresses on my head and on the upper part of my body And I had to warm my feet! Which allowed me not to have to vomit due to these new intense energies).

Now that much of what was integrated is complete, the advance movement is causing collisions between the new and old energies, but this time, things will sort and classify themselves thoroughly, until we reach the next step of the stairs!

With the feminine New and more pronounced leading the way, we can now feel very attracted to anything of a feminine nature ... movies, books, geographical locations and similar things, because this feminine energy is one of the new places that still feel good. Much of the rest is falling apart quickly and right now it can be very difficult to feel good anywhere.

In addition, we were connected to create and build the new. That is our role. So, as it is not yet time to build much of the new on a large scale, we can certainly feel repressed and also helpless. And to add to this the personification within us of a new and superior vibration that estimates that anything that vibrates inferiorly is simply horrible, intolerable, frustrating and deeply sad, and the ascension process may seem like a certainly unpleasant experience!

Now that we have reached another plateau on the ladder of ascension, inferiorly vibrational energies can almost make us sick, and we can feel angry, angry, frustrated or just completely fed up with them. We can ask ourselves how much longer they will exist and feel that we have been waiting for an eternity for the new world to reach this planet.

With all this happening at the same time, how are we supposed to embody the new feminine, while feeling the common experience of the ascension of feeling the exact opposite? Here is a way, and it is a general rule: we can go to the places where we feel good. We can follow the clues that take us to areas, people, situations and similar things where we feel good. This is our barometer. It is in what makes us feel good. In this regard, we are in alignment with ourselves and the Source, and being always in alignment always feels good. The common experience of the ascent of feeling repulsion towards the lower vibrations exists because we are attracted to go somewhere else so as not to be more in that presence, because we don't agree anymore. How I mentioned it many times before, we can stay away from what is falling. We can stay in our personal sanctuaries that we create ourselves. We can create there, even if the world is not yet ready for our new creations. The longer we stay in the old and denser the more horrible we will feel and those old energies can drag us enormously. We don't need to get off with the ship.

So, we leave inferiorly vibrational energies that feel bad. We can no longer be in your space. But we visit them from time to time, by giving our service, then we are able to radiate love and compassion, and that is the only state we can be in while we are in the lower vibration dimensions. Otherwise, we will deteriorate. Then we must return to our sanctuaries of higher vibration.

In addition, if you have a new and exciting creation ready and that is really in alignment with your passion and who you are, and apparently you are not going anywhere, there are some reasons why. First of all, it is not yet time. The planet is not ready because it is currently in the state of disintegration. Second, your creation must be in alignment with the new and superior ways. We will be locked to release new creations if they are still in alignment with old forms and structures for certain reasons. If we release them now, they should leave with what is falling. If you are being blocked for this reason, you are simply being protected, and you need to adapt your creation to match the new energies. In addition, it is difficult to be in the flow of anything, if you are not in alignment with the new energies. As I mentioned earlier, being in alignment with the new energies helps us greatly to make an easy flow in our lives, which translates into being without any effort. So, some creations may be blocked because their sand is not ready yet. Things are still being restructured (or disintegrating to make room for new things). And others may be holding old energies. So, within everything, no matter what your creation is, it is not yet time for any of us!

What kind of creations will be in alignment with the new? Things that make us feel good or pamper us (the arts of self-care, for example) Anything that relates to service to those in transition (those areas will only be accessible for brief periods to practitioners ... healers will not they will exist, because healing through another person is forced and unnatural, and comes from something external. If you are wondering why Jesus was a healer, for example, that is a completely different story and developed in another era.) Anything that contains the energy of simplicity and purity. Anything that relates to self-sufficiency ... or the organic, natural construction, gardens for the community, the environment, honoring the earth, etc. Those are some examples.

January will be a great month. When January arrives, we will be positioned where we need to be. Everything should be in order in January. It is when we will land firmly.

Service and humanitarian work will be prevalent from now on. This is because a lot is disintegrating, and many will be out of place and need help. But again, it is vitally important that we serve for brief periods, and then retreat to our high vibration sanctuaries. In this regard, we will basically be navigating between dimensions. Go further down to serve, as non-physical beings have always done, and then retreat to a superiorly vibrational reality. Superiorly vibrational realities are our sanctuaries ... whether in a small community or even ourselves in our homes. Wherever we are, we will have easy access to the areas where we will be serving.

And right now many people are relocating for this later purpose. Re-locating in new areas that perfectly match our vibrations, and thus, feeling good when we arrive is a good barometer and indicator that we have reached where we need to be. We will be placed where we need to be with an easy flow that will be directed by our souls. There is no room for error here. If you are one of the people who need to relocate, you will be feeling panic and fear, along with feelings of despair and depression. In any case, the relocation can simply be a change inside your current residence or in your lifestyle. In any case, we will be guided if we simply allow it and let go. If you do not have direct access to communication with non-physical beings of high vibration, you will receive messages in the way that you receive communications more easily. We are all different and receive messages in ways that fit us particularly according to who we are. In this way, we are perfectly protected.

We are also expanding, because expansion is part of evolution. This can manifest itself as the feeling that we are much more connected to all parts of the world, to have very thin borders, to feel connected and one with others, etc. If you are one of those who want to relocate to another country, for example, this has more to do with expansion than with getting out of fear of falling.

Some of us are finding land and we will retire there. These places in the future will be wonderful sanctuaries for the banished. When those who have lost much of everything begin to let go and give up, they can find their sanctuary in a new reality. These new places will be the beginning of the new communities. Those who arrive will be able to contribute their own gifts and talents, thus contributing to the whole community. So, the predecessors will be the ones who begin to secure the land or spaces, and others will follow.

Because everything is always in the divine and perfect order, we are beginning the experience of losing everything. It's as it should be, although it's always challenging when it happens. Our new communities of love and support, no matter where they are located, will be vitally important for the creation of the new world. Trying to fit into the old structures that are falling will be useless. Having the will to let go is the key. And knowing who we are and what we can contribute, with our ego aside, is also vitally important.

So, how will you serve? In what area? And what is your gift and talent for the creation of the new planet earth? What will be your contribution to your sanctuary to make it divine? With what will you allow others to contribute? And then what is your humanitarian work? Is your contribution to the creation of your sanctuary and community the same as your humanitarian work or are they two completely different things? The planet is ready for your gifts, in the near future. Are you ready too?

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, the light of the stars in your soul, and miracles in your life in this wonderful time.

Until next time,

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