What should a Healer do? By Sara Biermann

  • 2010

October 2010

What should a healer do when the whole healing paradigm is disappearing? How are we to be in service when there is no need for our service? Who are we, if we are not healers or in service?

Am I saying blasphemies?

Most of my clients and friends are healers, whether they are technically working in the healing arts or not. All in one way or another are dedicated to serving the planet and working for our ascension.

So the question is ... what do we do now that we have achieved that goal?

I know it does not seem that we have ascended. There are many things happening on the planet that are not perfect, harmonious or heavenly. Many of us are experiencing disturbing emotional experiences at this time. Old and deep wounds are surfacing. This is because the entire Emotional Roller Coaster Program is detaching itself from the consciousness of the avant-garde masses, "ascensionists" or "lightworkers." In order to clear the old program, we must face our deepest fear, the fundamental pain. It will manifest itself differently for each person, but the important thing is: do you trust yourself and trust the Universe?

Although the exterior image is not perfect, the choice has been made to create the New Reality here on Earth, instead of having massive destruction (again). Yes, the choice has been made. The Earth Train has passed from Via A (Armageddon) to Via B (Ascension). There is no going back, there is no way we can spoil it and end up on Via A. Take a moment to feel this. That wonderful thing you have worked for all your life has been achieved! And it has not been just this life. We have tried to do this many times before, on other planets in this Solar System (Mars and Maldek), as well as in other Solar Systems. Congratulations! Take a breath and feel your success.

We are in the Transition Times, when the Old Reality is separating from the New Reality. So, while on one level we know that there is the potential to have a peaceful, harmonious and magical world, we are still experiencing, at least abroad, conflict and limitation. The image I see is of two Lands separating, but still overlapping. This is a challenge because we want to live in the New Reality so much and when that does not happen at all, we go to judgment and doubt. Doubt is the opposite of Self Confidence. Stay tuned for this because doubt is an insidious liar. It sneaks when they are not paying attention. The outside world will support what doubt whispers in your ear. Do not try to resist it or ignore it. Rather, listen from a place of conscious perception, knowing that it is a lie. This will give them information about their fundamental wound.

Think of the experiences of the past when you were full of doubts and fear about the future. And look, they survived after all. You are here reading this, right? When I thought about my experience in the hospital a few months ago, there was great potential for doubt and fear. Fortunately, Saint-Germain came to me and reminded me that everything was fine, that in the long run I would understand why this happened, and that I did nothing wrong. And what do you think ... he was right! I survived, after all, and received many blessings from that experience.

Speaking of right and wrong, we have to overcome that of worrying about making mistakes or making a bad choice. This is a large part of the Old Reality, because we were working hard to get to Via B. Now our success is guaranteed. No matter what they do, they have secured a place in the New Reality. So relax. If they make a choice or do something that ends up being not so good, they can choose again.

Yes, in past lives they made some choices that created a lot of destruction and pain. But at their current level of consciousness they will not make such choices. Seriously, they won't do it. You can trust yourself.

One of the most difficult parts of this process has been to release the parts of the Old Reality we loved. This includes religions and metaphysical beliefs, healing modalities, service agreements and people. This brings us back to the question: "What should a healer do when the whole healing paradigm is disappearing?"

The answer is that there is a new way to facilitate transformation in other people that does not require healing. Even if they no longer have service agreements, they still want to participate in the Earth Game. And helping people to experience more of their Authentic Self, reaching those “aha” moments, is a lot of fun! I love my job and I never assume anyone's business. I have received many emails asking me how I do that. They may have heard or read that one should do their job “without attachments, ” but somehow they still get hooked and end up tired, carrying the client's emotions, and needing to rest and clear themselves. There are many established unconscious belief systems, no matter how much the conscious mind says: "without attachment, " it happens anyway.

They say that the conscious mind / left side of the brain can process two thousand bits of information per second. That sounds impressive until they learn that the unconscious mind / right side of the brain can process four billion bits per second. That is a much greater processing power. And you cannot transform the unconscious mind using the language of the conscious mind - spoken / written language. The left side of the brain can explain everything and understand the reason why things happen, but this has little or no effect on the right side of the brain. We must use the right brain language to transform it. The right brain communicates with images, feelings (emotions and physical sensations) and knowledge. It is not logical. It cannot be understood. It is like what you get from dreams. To quote Seal:

Why do we dream in metaphors?

Trying to hold on to something we couldn't understand.

The new sanaci n is not logical. They can't explain it. It does not follow a linear structure; First you do this, then you do this. It is spontaneous, unpredictable and magical.

There are three things that are the foundation of ImagiCreation's work.

1. I see them whole and perfect. I connect with your Higher Self, that part of you that is outside the Earth Game. So I know who they really are. What they choose to observe reinforces that reality. When I observe this part of you, you create more of that awareness in your reality.

Yes, there are things about the Earth Game that may be limiting you, but those things are not you.

2. I create a safe space, without judgments. Actually, I don't believe it, I am. This is something that is inherent within my Being. Many healers also carry this energy. That's why people feel comfortable telling them their problems. Within this safe space, the transformation occurs naturally. People feel better after talking to me, even if we just talk about the weather! It is a great relief to be in a place where they know they will not be judged.

3. I have no agenda or attachment to the result. I don't want to heal them or make them better. Since I already see them as whole and perfect, what is to be healed? People ask me what to expect during a session. I have to answer that I have no idea. Anything can happen.

I invite all healers who walk around to give up being healers. Release being in service. They're going to have a lot more fun!

Of course, the question is, who are they going to be if they are not healers? And that is a great question to ask themselves. And only you can answer it. What is fun for you? What brings you satisfaction? What feeds your soul and body? If you could do anything you wish, knowing that you cannot fail, what would it be? How would they spend their time if they knew you can trust yourself?

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