What is female energy? 4 ways to boost it

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 What is the feminine energy? 1.1 Male energy 1.2 Female energy 2 The Yin Yang 3 How to balance female energy 4 How to connect with female energy 5 Female energy is not just calm, It is also daring, it is the force of transformation.

For real change, we need feminine energy in the management of the world. We need a critical number of women in positions of power, and we need to cultivate feminine energy in men. Isabel Allende

The feminine and masculine energies inhabit each one of us . Both men and women have both energies in our being. They complement each other, both are necessary, they must be in balance so that the person feels complete, so that the human being can express himself to the fullest.

What is female energy?

It is important to understand that the feminine energy does not only have to do with gender, the woman, or the feminine sex, or the female, but that it cohabits in each one of us, just like the masculine energy.

That is why it is easier to define them by contrast:

Male energy

Female energy

















Left hemisphere

Right hemisphere











These characteristics of masculine and feminine energies do not mean that men possess some and women others or vice versa. Neither some are good nor others are bad.

Yes we must recognize, despite everything, that Western society, especially in recent years, has given more prestige to the Yang or male characteristics . This has happened to the point that women have been trying for years to hide, deny, avoid their powerful feminine energy.

This has happened. And both men and women have been deprived of one part of them as necessary as the other.

Both energies are important. There is no one without the other. There can not be one without the other.

“The masculine is sovereignty, the crown over your soul. Femininity is humility and unconditional love, the heart inside the chest of your soul and together they make the essence of the whole soul. ” St. Germain

Yin yang

This symbol helps solidify the concept of feminine energy . When we look at Yin Yang we see perfect proportions of Yin and Yang. The Yin represents the negative, dark, feminine energy of the universe . The polarized Yang is positive, bright, and masculine.

Now let's look more closely.

Within the Yin half there is another small circle . Imagine it is another little Yin Yang. The Yin, to be in perfect balance, you must first balance your own Yin Yang. The feminine energy must learn to balance its internal feminine and masculine energies.

How to balance female energy

Men may be less controlling and more permissive . The most confident women without sacrificing their warmth and softness. Men should not be afraid to cry and show their feelings . Women should express their thoughts more and better. Men must take their intuition into account, while women must develop logic . Men must stop fighting and do so much and learn to ser . Women must find their independence and attitude .

The balance is the secret.

When we are unbalanced in our energies we feel that we are missing something : a little adventure, or spontaneity or creativity or we do not know what it is. Well, we lack the energy balance! Female energy!

We overestimate the masculine energy, masculinity, man-made things. It is time to spend time in nature and expressing oneself creatively

How to connect with the feminine energy

  1. Reflect

We are so busy that we don't stop to think about ourselves and our inner need. If we always act in an outgoing way, we lose contact with our being.

Take some time to be with yourself . Read a book, do yoga, listen to your favorite music or just enjoy the moment.

  1. Get in touch with nature

The places have masculine or feminine characteristics. The feminine energy is life force: the jungle, the forest, the parks and the ocean possess abundant feminine energy .

  1. Creates

The feminine energy is the creative side, like the woman's body, designed to give birth to life. Creativity can be expressed in a thousand ways: painting, writing, dancing, dreaming or performing routine work with a different touch of creativity and love .

  1. Express your emotions

While the masculine is defined by logic, the feminine is expressed with emotions . Let yourself be carried away by your feelings, do not repress them.

Let out the spontaneity.

The feminine energy is not only calm, it is also daring, it is the force of transformation.

When something in your life no longer works, it is time to transform it using your feminine energy. Don't go rancid without doing anything. Mobilize energy with your feminine aspect, bring to life a new you.

DRAFTING: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

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