What is biopuncture?

  • 2018

Within alternative therapies, we find both millenary disciplines with centuries of demonstrations of their positive effects, as well as other more modern techniques adapted from recent research, studies or evolutions of the clinics. Today we are dealing with biopuncture, which is a curious mixture of both the millenarian and the most current.

Find out how much you should know about biopuncture

When talking about biopuncture, we are referring to a new technique of natural medicine. In this peculiar discipline, natural biotherapeutic agents are used, that is, biological products, which can be homeopathic or derived from medicinal plants. In this way, the result is a technique that combines biotherapeutic treatments with acupuncture, hence its unique name.

What is done to be effective is to inject these biological products, especially in muscle areas, but also in others such as tendons and joints. In addition, subcutaneous punctures can be performed, where it is sought to stimulate natural healing. All this in a direct and efficient way.

Injections and their peculiarities

Thus, the therapeutic strategy is related to factors that are key: what to inject and where to inject.

In this sense, these factors are treated individually, adapting to it in each session. In this way, what is done is to personalize each treatment . Therefore, professionals are able to carry out a large number of combinations, all using different mixed products, or on different points.

Among the products that are most used in biopuncture are the following: arnica, calendula, echinacea, nux vomica and chamomile .

Natural uses

  • For example, arnica is a product that has been used to relieve bruising and muscle pain.
  • Another example in the case of Nux vomica, which is a product that is usually injected to treat digestive problems.
  • In the case of Ignatia, it is used for issues related to stress.
  • Echinacea is used to increase the body's natural defense system. It can also be ingested through blisters.

In this type of products, the plants are diluted . Something similar also occurs in other disciplines such as homeopathy and homotoxicology. Several of these substances are diluted and then mixed together in a blister. Then, each of them has its own characteristic and its corresponding specific use.


With regard to the application of biopuncture, say that the injections are easy and fast when acting in therapy .

Remember that they are not like injections that are applied in conventional medicine . In fact, they are quite less painful. This is possible because the type of needle used is very fine. The amount of liquid that is injected is also small. All this makes it look more like a small prick, as can be the case in acupuncture.

These punctures are usually applied under the skin, in addition to certain very specific muscle areas. In addition, these injections are not supplied arbitrarily, but are placed at previously chosen points. This is because the area in which the product is injected is as important as the liquid itself. Some of these points are considered triggers, others are reflex points or acupuncture points.

You already know a little more one of the alternative techniques of natural medicine that are offering excellent results. It serves to treat not only muscle problems, also headaches, stress reduction, etc. Are you interested in trying? Surely you find it widely beneficial.

Seen in Personal Medicine, by Pedro, editor of the Great White Brotherhood

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