What is the Iriodología

  • 2018

In our eagerness to bring readers new ways of treating their ailments, we approach in this post a technique known as iriodology . Let's see what it consists of, what its benefits are and how it acts on the patient's well-being.

What is the iriodology?

The iris is the membranous vascular layer of the eye in whose center the pupil is. So iridology (or iriology) is the methodology that states that diseases can be identified and diagnosed by a detailed iris analysis .

Everything about the iriodology

It is considered a pseudoscientific diagnosis, but it has been very relevant among those looking for naturist alternatives to detect and treat diseases.

According to the practitioners of this methodology, an analysis and "reading", so to speak, of the iris of the eye, reveals all the data about the patient's health condition .

According to them, the patient's physical and mental-emotional health status can be determined through this technique, as well as his past medical history and future pages.

How an iris reading is done

To make this reading, the iriodologist translates the iris aspect : its spots, lines, filaments and discolorations. As ancient Chinese culture considered that the organs of the body are attached to small specific points on the skin, iriodology states that the eye is divided into sections that represent the rest of the body and its organs.

Although practitioners of this alternative therapy claim that their methods are used since ancient times, the truth is that their techniques are not comparable to those used by Egyptian or Greek doctors as Hippocrates of Cos.

The birth of therapy

Actually, this practice was initiated by the Hungarian doctor Ignatz von Peczely . At the age of 11, Ignatz found an owl whose leg was fractured some time later.

He said that shortly before he had noticed that in one of the animal's eyes a small brown line had appeared, which turned white when his fracture healed. After this experience, he began to experiment with other animals and thus founded the basis of his theory .

There are no clear and reproducible scientific studies that verify the research and conclusions reached by Ignatz to state its principles. In fact, scientists who have tried to reproduce these diagnoses do not accredit this method.

However, it cannot be denied that some pathologies do significantly modify the iris, such as the Brushfield spots presented by patients with Down syndrome. But it does not mean that all physical and less mental conditions and conditions can be perfectly diagnosed through iris analysis.

This therapy has been useful in some cases . Even so, most iriodology practitioners are homeopaths or naturopathic doctors who mentalize the patient that what he sees in the iris is his illness. This way it is easier to locate the ailments and find the best formulas for total healing.

Iriodology is a practice recommended by many specialists, since it has sustainable experimental bases that prove its functionality in diagnosis, since many patients have clearly improved their ailments.

This alternative therapy is limited to the postulates of a single 19th-century doctor, who demonstrated the effectiveness of the technique . So, if you have any kind of physical problem, thanks to iriodology you can find a new way to cure and alleviate your ailments with a method that has no side effects and is completely natural.

Seen in APEPT, by Pedro, editor of the Great White Brotherhood

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