Female Energy Purification 2.010, channeled by MJG

  • 2010

Women must be actively involved in the change that is taking place on the planet. He must take advantage of this change for his regeneration, the regeneration of the feminine energy.

Today there are different organizations throughout the world, such as UNICEF, AMAM, NGO EQUALITY NOW among others, which are helping to awaken women, are helping to liberate women. the woman, that the woman becomes aware. They are helping women get out of the chaos in which different cultures and religions have introduced them.

In the 21st century, ablation continues to be practiced in different parts of the world, in which they make impure and sinful feminine energy feel by not being able to feel pleasure in the union in that feminine part.

As in some tribes of the African continent, in which, when widowed, the woman sheds all good that she had in life with the husband, giving those goods to the husband's family and leaving her abandoned to her fate with the children.

In different parts of the world they are kidnapped, cheated, manipulated and prostituted. Another form of vexation of feminine energy is what happens with gender violence, as well as the obligatory use of burqa, causing women to be totally or partially covered.

We make the following reflection What is wrong with the woman's body? Why is the woman inferior? Why is the alibi so much? Why is it limited? Why do you have to hide? What fear is there towards women, if life is extended through it?

In the same way, the great being who welcomes and nourishes us, as is our Mother Earth, is being mistreated and prostituted. What a parallel!

No more pain, no longer feel desmerecimiento, no longer hide as the feminine energy we are! Beautiful, intuitive, creative, generous, compassionate, intelligent ... those powers of creation that Life and Love has granted us, as the goddess we are and that we have to recognize in her.

In order for the regeneration of the Female Energy to take place, it is necessary to become aware of the change that is taking place throughout the planet.

For this change to happen on the entire planet, one must enter into love for oneself. And for that it has to be deprogrammed all the pain, or all the sequels, or all the negative recordings.

Not at all we talk about vanity, which many women have used with their forms, using their feminine arts. We can also catch the words, tricksters and seducers. It is not totally correct.

That later has had retaliation; that in the Law of Karma, the same has been punishment, bending, not recognition of their abilities or energies. Not everything has the same straight line.

Women have to start with themselves; granting that power, that elixir of love for oneself, respect for oneself and recognize in themselves innocence, as well as the power of the Feminine Energy.

And there you have to enter the energy of forgiveness, of redeeming. Redeem yourself.

The woman as an awareness, to feel her rights, and to feel liberated, it is advisable to start working on herself, performing cleaning, harmonization exercises, both mental, emotional and physical, to deprogram all the pain in her .

The door to enter love and freedom is to do it through forgiveness.

It is important to perform exercises of forgiveness to oneself, so that love can melt, and the state of grace of these energies can appear in its maximum purity.

The following exercises are very advisable for the purification of Female Energy

Women who want to be active parts in their healing, who ask for help at night to their guides, and to the guides of the Divine Mother, “the angelic hosts” to be taken to the Lake of Truth, through the Blue Ray, White, Green and Violet and be purified, understood and respected.

The following decrees help us to record positive and thus be able to raise the vibration and allow the Aquarian energy to enter.

It is advisable to do them during the day, repeating each one three times in a row.

I AM forgiveness acting throughout my mental, emotional and physical system; Balancing my feminine energy.

I AM love.

I AM the gratitude of being a woman

I AM the beauty of love

I AM clarity and sensitivity

I AM the innocence of feeling pleasure in my physical body

I AM innocence in everything I think and feel

I AM love and the banner in everything I think and feel

I AM the resurrection and the life

I AM power in perfect balance

I AM the power in my life

I AM love and joy in being feminine energy

The exercises and decrees are recommended to perform them two months in a row and rest one, returning to resume it afterwards in the same way.


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