PSYCHOTRONICS: classes 9 and 10


Psychotronic energy can be externalized and sent abroad according to predetermined objectives.
The main sources of emission are the eyebrows, the fingertips and the palms of the hands.

The energy that emerges from the eyebrows, also called "third eye", is extremely useful for "painting" a psychotronic picture. It can also be used to send a thought to an interlocutor who is inside or outside the sender's field of vision.

The fingertips are important emitters of energy. When we join the five fingers of both hands and join their yolks by placing the palms up, the energy is concentrated and is directed into our body. It is a way of concentrating energy and directing it inside us to make us positive.

Instead, if we point our index finger towards a place, we are emitting energy through the yolk. This emission is used to draw the outline of people or objects that make up a psychotronic picture.

The energy that is emitted by the palm of the hands can be extremely beneficial, it can be used to wrap a person of energy, colors can also be emitted in proximity or at any distance.

The psychotronic contours made with the index finger are filled with the energy of the palms. In this case, the palm should be moved from right to left a few centimeters, making it vibrate imagining that a strong ray of energy of the desired color emerges from the center of the hand.


The energy emitted by the eyebrow must be white energy. We use it to direct a thought imagining that it is enveloped by white energy that emerges from our eyebrows and penetrates into that of the receiver.

The energy emitted by the fingertip of the index finger can be of any color, the same as that of the palm of the hand.
In case of contouring and painting a psychotronic painting, colors of choice can be used.
The following table will illustrate the benefits that colors can offer you:

Grants colors in relation to moods. In this case each color can be transmitted to the person, in proximity or distance as follows:

Focus on the emission of the chosen color. Use your left hand as an antenna.

Imagine that the color emerges from the palm of your right hand and goes to the receiving person, wrapping it completely. Do not stop vibrating your hand when emitting.

RED: It is a revitalizing, energizing and highly positive color. Refract the negative energies. It helps to control depressions and moods.
ORANGE: its action is similar to that of red, but its energy is somewhat more attenuated. It is recommended to strengthen memory, concentration and intuition.
BLUE: fundamentally relaxing, blue soothes, calms and distends.
YELLOW: acts on the nervous system, is sedative and energizing.
GREEN: it is antimicrobial, pain reliever, muscle toning and gives desire to live.
VIOLET: pulverize negative ideas, it is the color of spiritual elevation and inner enjoyment.
BROWN: blocks negativity, insulates and refracts other colors.
WHITE: is the sum of all colors and is used for harmonization in general.


Copper spirals are indicated to harmonize an environment, favor the growth of a plant, protect a particular place, or neutralize harmful energies of the environment.

2 mm copper can be used. The size of the spiral that must be built on an hourly basis can vary between 10 and 20 cm in base diameter.
Ideally, place one in each corner of the room to harmonize.

After seven days, remove them from the place, knock them lightly against the floor, turn them over and then they will be ready for reuse.
In the case of plants, the spiral should cover them. There will be greater growth or improvement in the vegetable.

In the event that the spiral is insufficient to harmonize the environment "charged" with harmful energies, copper wire can be used bordering its socket.

Its placement begins at the entrance door, on the left side, placing the operator outside the house, in front of it, in an attitude of entry.
The wire must completely skirt the socket and then exit outside the entrance door, entering its rear end into a water container. It should be thrown once a day, cleaning the container with water and salt.


Its construction is simple. Cut a square white card stock being its measures 20 x 20 cm. Locate a point in the center. From there, place copper wire counterclockwise, forming a spiral on the cardboard or cardboard. Drop the spiral butt 30 cm. It must be submerged in a container with water. The spiral must be placed on the north wall of the room. Water can be changed every 3 days.


The best way to evolve and grow is to do it in a global, total, holistic way. We must integrate our positive and harmonized energies to the energy of the All, to the vastness of the cosmos.

To achieve greater integration of our cerebral hemispheres and join the universe, we can perform the following technique:
In a quiet place, preferably outdoors, you can do the following exercise.

Once relaxed with normal techniques, with eyes closed and obtaining an alpha level, concentrate on a sandy, detrimental place. You are now in a desert, it is getting dark. The warm rays of the sun caress your skin. You feel very good in that place.
Now it begins to get dark, the sky is flooded with stars. Lying in the sand you can look at those luminous stars and receive their powerful energy. When you look at them with your mental eyes, meditate on the vastness of the cosmos. Look at that sky of stars and raise your awareness about the mystery of the universe, also raise awareness that you are part of that immensity.

Imagine that when you look at those stars, a body appears reflected in the sky. It is your own body that is there. When you move your arms you will see that movement reflected in the sky. That double of your stars is yourself in the cosmos.

There is your energy there too, since what is above is below and at this moment you are integrating into that universe that belongs to you as well.
Feel the dynamic integration for a few minutes and soon you will feel the owner of the infinite universe.


Your psychotronic energy, if well directed, can help third parties. It's about putting those people in the movie, thinking they are there, imagining them with all the details, colors and situations.

Focus on your mental movie and see those people smile, dance and enjoy life.
Project a permanent party movie, joy and happiness.
Do the same with your partner and family, with your employees, with your boss and with all those you want to help.
Build your movie also when you have business interviews, exams, conferences and any activity that requires success.
Remember that you must become the owner of your life, the builder of your future and the maker of the happiness of others.


It is simply to imagine a curtain. It can resemble a movie theater or slide show. It is not necessary to see it, it is simply to imagine that it is there. In a quiet place, closing your eyes, imagine this curtain.

There you will screen a mental film. This movie will be loaded with psychotronic energy. You will be your own screenwriter, director and actor of your movie. It's just about watching the movie on the curtain with your mental eyes.

Whatever you want to achieve, produce your mental film and project it on the curtain. Every day look at her for a few minutes with your mental eye. This charge of energy will act for you.


Your first movie will be referred to your personal image. Get comfortable and take a few minutes to think about yourself. Go as you are, as others see you, as they saw you in certain circumstances of your life.

Watch your image projected in the movie. Do you agree with that image? If not, decide to change it. Build another image that represents how you would like to see yourself. Imagine you are positive, surrounded by great energy, dynamic, full of health and vitality. Project this new image on the curtain.
He kept a few minutes there and renew it daily. Changes can appear today.


Our internal organs receive psychotronic energy. Our internal environment is permeable to this form of energy that is directed by thought. You can harmonize your organs with exercise.

Concentrate and close your eyes. Imagine your body as it is. Imagine all your internal organs starting from your brain. Review them slowly, reach the heart, think of your lungs, your digestive system. Project organ by organ on the curtain.

Build your movie now. With your inner eyes you will see how each organ receives a powerful energy. Send white light to your internal organs now. Think they work in harmony.

Hold the image for a few minutes and repeat the experience every day.


You can be the architect of your health. Psychosomatic medicine has shown that diseases are caused by the individual's own psyche. It is we ourselves who are causing the ailments at the unconscious level. This is due to the negative programs we carry inside, which cause us to generate negative energies that affect our organs.

Psychotronics has shown that these processes can be reversed. Using this energy we can help each other to have better health. This does not mean that we stop going to the doctor, but it is simply about using our own tools to feel better.
To create your health movie proceed as described above. Imagine on the curtain acting a new character. This actor that you are, has great health, overflows with vitality, is perfect, cheerful, healthy and happy.

Reinforce this movie and watch it daily. This will help you feel good.

If the health problem is located in an organ. Imagine with faith day by day that the organ heals. Talk to the organ, recover it, project it on the curtain and trust your inner strength.

The possibility of reaching material wealth is not remote if you learn to use psychotronic power. Think of the large number of people who have come to enjoy great wealth from nothing.

Whenever money is well earned and used to improve the quality of life, it should be welcome. Many people still believe that to develop spiritually, to be a better person, or things like that, one must live in humility and poverty.
Generally, the arguments that defend poverty are used by the exploiters who live on the hunger of their slaves, or by the poor who, for not having wealth, in an attitude of resentment, praise their condition of being poor.

You have enough energy to create your wealth movie.

Arm it in all its details. Think about everything you want to achieve. Project it on the curtain and focus a few minutes per day on that movie. Establish an action plan to make the film a reality. Your psychotronic energy will be in charge of helping you improve your economic situation.
Do the same by filming your hit movie. Imagine winning, successful, charismatic and magnetic. Make a mental film where you see yourself acclaimed and admired by others. Enjoy this hit movie. You can be the maker of your personal success.


Your psychotronic energy, if well directed, can help third parties. It's about putting those people in the movie, thinking they are there, imagining them with all the details, colors and situations.

Focus on your mental movie and see those people smile, dance and enjoy life. Project a permanent party movie, joy and happiness.
Do the same with your partner and family, with your employees, with your boss and with all those you want to help.
Build your movie also when you have business interviews, exams, conferences and any activity that requires success.
Remember that you must become the owner of your life, the builder of your future and the maker of the happiness of others.


Once you have practiced the relaxation and harmonization exercises, you will be ready to work with the screen, External Psychotronics. While you imagined a curtain in your mind, now you must prepare a picture on the outside with your mental energy. To do this you must prepare the following exercise:
Place yourself in a chair or armchair with your face facing north.

Get comfortable and relax as much as possible.

Imagine the cosmic triangle.

Open your arms in a cross and receive the energy emitted by the triangle through the palm of your hands feeling that it feeds the whole body.
Feel the telluric energy enter the sole of the feet.

Stretch your arms forward. This measure is marking the place where you will build the external psychotronic framework.
Imagine that in that place there is a square-shaped luminous frame with rounded tips fifty centimeters side.
Using the psychotronic energy of the errors of the fingers of your right hand, you can design the frame, and in it all those things that you want to achieve quickly.

You can draw the outline of people or things with your index finger. By moving the palm of your hand you can fill with colors everything you have drawn.

Put the fingers of your left hand together and bring them up in an antenna lining. Moving the palm of your right hand, direct a beam of energy that emerges from the palm of the hand towards the drawings made previously to fill them with color.

It will be enough to imagine the colors to achieve the objective. Although you may not see the finished picture with your physical eyes, it will begin to emit towards the target.

Wherever you are you can build these psychotonic pictures. They can help you
or to a person absent to specify a specific situation.

Suppose you are going through a tense moment. Focus on the psychotronic framework in front of you. Say spark plug with your index finger. Imagine that from your southern index finger a blue ray appears. Draw your outline with that blue ray. Draw yourself, cheerful and carefree with the blue ray.
Join the fingertips of the five fingers of your left hand and point them towards the sky bringing your hand to the height of your left fence.
It makes your right hand vibrate imagining that a red ray emerges from your palm that paints the drawing inside. Once the drawing is done, leave it there to start acting.

These psychotronic drawings can be made and left anywhere you need it. If you want to help an absent person, paint a picture in front of you and wait for the results.

If you wish, you can also send these pictures to a specific place. In this case, imagine that the painting goes to the place in question. In this case, look at the picture and push it with the psychotronic energy that emerges from your eyebrows. Imagine that the painting moves at high speeds moving through space and reaching the preset target.


We have learned what are the energy sources to transmit colors and energies in general.
These same foci can emit positive energy value forms.

For this it is necessary to imagine that from the emitting focus the form arises reaching the predetermined objective.
In this way it is possible to issue a positive form to a person and stop them in a certain place so that they begin to act.
For example, if you want to help a human being, animal or plant that is lacking energy, you can emit a psychotonic pyramid that, driven by the energy of the eyebrow, is placed on their head.

For this purpose, the shape can be combined with a certain color, and thus supplant a physical pyramid, anywhere and at any distance.
In the same way you can proceed with spheres, stars and other forms of positive energies.

Pyramid: it is a positive form that produces states of harmony, energizes and gives health.

CONE: harmonizes an environment. You can mentally project it in an angle of the house, on a table or suspended from the ceiling. Use blue color.
SPHERE: A sequence of spheres can harmonize a vertex. In this case, mentally direct the spheres towards the vertex of the color corresponding to each of them.
STAR: protects and grants spiritual well-being. I send five-pointed violet stars and fill an atmosphere of light, peace and love.


You may have thought that your life is meaningless. You don't find the ways to move forward. They are closed, cut. Probably someone told you that you are bound, bound or worked by some sorcerer.

Decide to open your paths, to cut those ties, to find the path that leads you to happiness.
Entering at the alpha level, imagine that you are standing. Your body is tied by very thick ropes, practically you are immobile, maniatado, in front of you you can see two paths that are cut and beyond, only the darkness. Raise awareness of that situation, meditate on it, you are bound, handcuffed and you fail to glimpse the paths that can lead you to triumph.

Now think about the person who can help you. Call her with your mind. Visualize it next to you. That person is present with a white scissor in his hand and with a smile cuts those ties.

You feel free, you breathe with great ease a beautiful air that comes from the blue sky. Where there were shadows the light appears. In front of you there is a beautiful path that leads you to * success and happiness. Go that way and become the owner of your own life. Think of love and decide to be happy.
Free yourself from bonds and mental obstacles. You can be the owner of yourself.


The Egyptians knew in depth the management and use of today's modernly called holotonic energy. They built talismans in different materials; that due to their symbology and their form they produced important effects on the people who used them.
Of the many that have been known, the use of seven of these holotonic forms is recommended. They produce archetypal awakening and are of great protection.

They can be made of cardboard of the pergamino type, copper or aluminum. The measurements can be 6x 3 cm.
Its construction is simple. Cut out the cardboard or the element to be used with the rounded tips. Within it, draw or engrave a rectangle with rounded tips, where the name of the person using the talisman will be inscribed. Some prefer to use a secret or created nickname.
Once the name is protected in the talisman, the symbol of the seven we have chosen can be drawn or engraved. The Egyptian form must be carried in places where it is not seen, protected by a white bag.


It gives joy, happiness, favors good sleep.
Protect children.


Provides protection against attacks from third parties.
It is defense against the environment.


It is the sacred beetle that transforms and gives life and energy.
Help to obtain changes, promotions, movements and any transformation process


It is the eye used by the Egyptians as a defense against psychic attacks or the so-called "evil eye" folklorically.


It grants happiness and joy, loving communion and family harmony.


Grant happiness. It favors pregnancies, crops and all forms of life.


Cut mental ties

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