VIDA Project, by Master Hilarion

  • 2010

I am Hilarion and I detect in you distrust, because we have presented many of Us before you.

Not beautiful of mine, you shouldn't feel that way. We, All of us, come to give you a prayer, come to give a hug to some, who have been part of us and we are yours since eons of moments.

In the future, there is a lot of confusion, because the channels must be very clean to record our call, it is as if a pipe was clogged and could not run the water through it, because for many brothers that is the moment they are living and We want to unclog the pipe, channel, to reach full to all who believe so convenient.

From this side of life we ​​see and feel differently, that from where you are currently as humans, but when you return to the Home and return to our gatherings, we will share laughter and joy of what has been achieved, beautiful companions, follow your trail of beautiful and splendorous Light and travel through the Galaxies to the Infinite, may your Christian consciousness fill the entire Universe and be shared with love and fulfillment for the Totality, or my beloved ones, how great is Our Love towards You, our part, then being One, in the Confluence of our Divine Essences, we become Multidimensional and share stays full of knowledge and feeling. From the century of Offenon we come to you, beloved companions, of incongruous battles and that have been transmuted by the beauty of the Amethysts, who are set in our Purple heart and that makes us feel Intergalactic Beings, constantly on guard duty, to refute what is not convenient, for any loved one to be a brother, companion, friend, because from the Source Principle we all come to exercise our chosen stage and one after another we have been forming this cumulus of wisdom that makes us call ourselves Masters and we are, but all We, because the Mastery is demonstrated in the actions, that we each conceive to share them with the other companions of wanderings, that is why in the present moment we raise Our feeling to Yours, to accompany you in this arduous moment, in which the passage of a Vibration from plane to another, is abruptly disrupting the entire environment, in which you are developing Your life experiences, as humans and it is Our desire to share with you the affinity that our Beings have, to cushion the pain, that can be caused to you with the crucial moment, that is being optioned on Planet Earth and that entails tests and exams at a high point to all the inhabitants of the Planet called Blue, because both the part that is embodied in humans, and the other parts that are alive by different tributaries, are-We are in full vital transformation, because the changes are already becoming present and are noted omnipresent way, because the Energy flow has no end and every time the flow is greater and leads to more Beings to readjust their planned lives and culminates you to understand that the first planning has been forgotten, by most of the Beings, that embodied as humans, they are not aware of what they really are and the power they have to exert the current change, if everyone wanted to carry out what was agreed upon, it would be a joy the tr Ansformation, which would suffer the moment that currently converges, everything would be done under the Sublime action of remembered knowledge and the loving feeling that would cradle the Planet, with its inhabitants and also expand its Subtlety to the entire Universe, because a very important part of it. You are, in truth, that it is Our purpose with these channeling to reach the subconscious of the most and gently open the slits with our sweet Essences, which will give way to the most beautiful of experiences, which we will all enjoy, in accordance and respect.

We await your authorizations to exercise what has been said, because without those authorizations, we cannot enter your feeling and everything projected remains in the subconscious background, not giving rise to the Sublime changes that would occur for the good of the Totality.

It is Our wish is that you reach the total consensus with Us and among All, forming One, as the stronghold of the army of Love, We can take the crucial moment of now, to the place programmed and agreed by All of Us, so be it, because the project deserves the effort of All of Us, in communication with the Stellar movements, that in their hatching entails the knowledge kept by eons of moments and that in the now of the present moment they are leaving, that they come to converge with the Totality, of the Beings, that both on one side as on the other of the different existing life forms.

All, We are all delivered to the VIDA plan, on Planet Earth and from the Energy points, they are being sent, beams of Light, wrapped in the most unprecedented Peace and the greatest of feelings, Love, with it we leave you but without leave you, only that we cut the canalization for now, but we will continue in the expressed thing, because the process must not be stopped, that so many eons of moments to cost carry out.

Remain in the Love of the Totality of Beings equal to You.

Channeled with Love and humility by Inés.

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