PROJECT: PLANET EARTH For love of our Planet

It is a project that, through reflections, is aimed at all social, religious, business or government entities, etc. in short to any Rational individual who lives on planet earth and who has the desire to help in some way to save our planet, it is now that we have time to become "aware" and tomorrow is too late.

Have you ever wondered, how would you like the world where we live?

This question was asked in a survey and the responses reflect the desire to live in a perfect world, a world without borders, more secure and that there would be respect and equal rights. There are those who would like to live in a more natural world, that is, live in harmony with nature, since the technological and scientific boom is destabilizing the environment. In other words, they are collaborating to increase the “Global Warming”. Think: How would you contribute to stop “Global Warming”.

Our planet earth, where we live, is a beautiful blue and white ball (seen from the moon and space) is the third planet in the solar system and as far as it is known is the only one in this system where there is water and life on its surface . "It is a privilege granted by God."

Did you know that ¾ parts of the earth are covered by water and that water is necessary for life.

Did you know that the atmosphere surrounding the planet earth protects us by preventing the entry of dangerous radiation from the sun. The air in the atmosphere is essential in life as it allows us to breathe. and the ecosystem on our planet is varied there are 8 large ecosystems; temperate forests, rain forests, deserts, tundras, oceans, chaparral, grasslands etc. All different because of the amount of rain and sunlight they receive.

Did you know that our planet is composed of four elements?

They are: water, fire, earth, air, necessary for our survival. How refreshing it is to quench our thirst with the crystalline water of a fountain or to bathe our body with the water of the sea or a river, relax your mind and body with the sound of water flowing from a stream or going and come from the waves in the sea. Feel on your skin the warmth of the sun and that when you put your bare feet on the ground you perceive that radiant energy that penetrates you in the pores and reaches you as recently as your body. When the air you breathe enters your chest and when you join those heartbeats they tell you that you are a living being and you ask yourself What is life then reflect for a moment and you would answer well if You said that every living thing that eats, breathes has life. But it is not easy to describe the Origin of life, even though science has succeeded in giving living beings vital characteristics:

They require energy, grow and develop, respond and adapt to their environment, reproduce and die.

All this is well defined, but think only if you miss any of these elements that I named you before, life on the planet would collapse because we could not develop as living beings. For this not to happen, we must be aware of how we will help our planet not to collapse. We are living through critical moments, and the time has come for countless human beings to leave their egoistic centrists and stop believing themselves to be owners of the world and not manipulate nature at will by destabilizing their harmony. And robbing him of his vitality with his arrogant scientific ingenuities forgetting that the world belongs to everyone, not to a group. We are the most perfect work that God created. That is why we are his children, he gave us this beautiful planet so that in him we lived and from apa he gave us these four elements so that we would feed our being. After reflecting on this, I ask you in what way you would contribute to the conservation of our planet.

God said: Let's make man in our image and likeness. That sends the fish of the sea and the birds of the sky, the beasts, the wild beasts and the reptiles that crawl on the ground

God blessed them by telling them to be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and sleep it .

God said: I give you, for you to feed, all kinds of seed herbs and all kinds of fruit trees.

To the wild animals, to the birds of the heavens and as a living being it moves on the earth, I give them to eat green grass. And so it was. God saw that everything he had done was very well . (GENESIS 26-27-28-29-30-31)


For love of our Planet

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