Spiritual problems For humanist engineers

  • 2015

Most of the problems facing humanity are related to our ineptitude to understand and manage the increasingly complex systems of our world. Social phenomena, which have multiple causes, ended up being explained by teachers and studied by apprentices from the perspective of history.

In the current practice it becomes clear that national and international social problems depend for their understanding and solution of complex analyzes, where economic, anthropological, sociological, political, technological, biological, etc. aspects are contemplated; demanding a transdisciplinary look. Transdisciplinarity, unlike multi or inter, implies true creativity, since it articulates theories, methods and procedures from disciplines, but depending on the specificity of the problems to be solved, it is the case of studies on sexual violence, on poverty and on the effects of globalization.

At present, the arms race, the ecological crisis, the international drug and people traffic, the stagnation of the Third World and the persistent problems of the budget and the trade balance of the countries give a testimony of a world where the problems are every increasingly complex and interconnected. The causes of many urgent public problems, from urban decay to global ecological threat, lie in the same well-intentioned policies that attempt to solve them. These problems are actually "systems" that tempt servers to act on symptoms, not underlying causes, which produces short-term benefits and long-term harm and encourages the need for new interventions on symptoms.

The Problems of Humanity.

You could have an annotator on hand, with a division for each lesson, including clippings, notes, references and also any ideas that might arise during or after the meditation. If this program is followed, during the two months suggested for each study of the Problems, enough material will be accumulated that will serve as the basis for the writings and reports. In this way the student will create for himself his own book of notes and course of studies, highlighting the different current events as they happen, observing them in a national or international background and through a serious and honest attempt to interpret them in their own way., according to its capacity, as any Engineer specialized in that field would do.

This effort could accomplish several objectives:

  1. Allow a satisfactory exit for energy, on the mental level.
  2. Help transmute energies from the emotional to the mental body.
  3. Increase the scope and breadth of thought.
  4. Provide, to a small extent, the opportunity to “keep thinking about the Plan, so that it manifests itself”, thus sharing the hierarchical work.
  5. Increase the value of the individual for the community, in the proportion in which their knowledge deepens in wisdom, in which their desire gives rise to impersonal love and their thinking is transformed into action.
  6. Directly link the life of transcendental study and meditation with the life of current world affairs.
  7. Equip the engineering student for worldwide service, in the chosen field and in intelligent organizations.




Capital, work and occupation

Economists and financiers


Psychology of the Nations


Magnetic boost

Human relations



Minority groups



Meaningful Learning


Group progress

The organized religion.


Expand the answer

The international unit


Lower four

After completing the seven studies, it is suggested that each student make a specialized analysis of the field in which they are working. Although he does not agree with his group activity or problem area, he will find in this analysis, new internal visions, a deeper understanding of the role he plays in society, in the middle environment and with regard to their work, associates and family group.

When considering the study of Problems, it would be convenient to remember that most of the books, easily accessible to us, present only the Western point of view. We must not forget that these problems are global in scope and present in the East as well as in the West. Books or articles that reflect the eastern approach will provide a balance for our thinking, which is very necessary. Balance is also indispensable when considering issues, especially of a contentious nature. Nationalist, regional and local conditions that suddenly burst into the press may seem huge in our conscience. Such approaches can be considered in their exact proportion, observing similar examples in other parts of the world, familiarizing ourselves with the different solutions, proposed by the different people involved.

It would be helpful if you have in your personal library, at least one basic book of each field of activity. Since specialized journals contain a lot of information, they can contact local or national libraries to obtain these journals.

We must always remember that, although real knowledge of a specific field is important, the accumulation of data by oneself is not enough. The data will expand our knowledge, but will not contribute to our wisdom, constituting only the beginning - the necessary beginning. Judgment, discernment, evaluation and compassion are qualities that should arise - and in turn, wisdom, inner vision, love and altruistic dedication are born from them. These are high goals. The purpose of this article is to help achieve them.

The problem.

A problem is a system of problems that loses its essential properties when each of them is taken separately. We do not experience individual problems but complex systems of them that are in close interaction, each of them represents a problem: a difficult situation full of problems.

Most of the situations that have been considered problematic, are nothing more than exercises or questions, the transfer of wisdom that the Teacher makes to his apprentice consists in moving from the exercises to the problems through the problematic questions. These questions facilitate disciplinary integration since they cannot be resolved from a single field of knowledge, but instead require them to be placed in different perspectives and in interactions with various disciplines, in order to propose open alternatives for solution.

Problem 1: How to solve the tension between capital and labor?

Issue 2: How to develop in the nations the required feeling of world citizenship?

Issue 3: How to awaken the will to good in favor of correct human relationships?

Issue 4: How does the principle that the general interest prevails over the individual against ethnic minorities work?

Issue 5: How does constructivism favor the transition from adaptive learning to meaningful learning?

Issue 6: Why was religion not effective in meeting the spiritual needs of humanity?

Issue 7: What are the need, possibility and limits of fair and equitable international cooperation?

The mental problem.

How has the theory of intelligences contributed to the full development of personality?

If we define a problem as the gap between a present and an ideal state, we find that the central problem of a human being is the separation between his personality and his intelligence.

This is solved by eliminating that basic crack (building a bridge) and is definitely achieved by the will to good, which not only eliminates the main separation in the individual, but produces the great and imminent fusion between intelligent humanity and the great spiritual center called the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. The Hierarchy and humanity achieve their unification when there is the evocation of a joint approach: on the one hand the yearning and desire of the Hierarchy to solve the human problem, the readjustment of human suffering and also the correct emergence of the spiritual government of correct values ; on the other, man's determination to create correct environmental conditions and situations where human beings can develop properly and perceive and recognize true values.

The mental problem arises from such an approach and is the result of the stimulation of the mind, the stimulus could be defined as the effect that energy produces on the force. The energy expresses the living activity of the spiritual realms and of that spiritual entity that is the soul. The force expresses the activity of the nature of the form in the domains of the various kingdoms of nature. Once the reception of the inferior by the superior is obtained, there is an acceleration of the atoms that make up the vehicles of the personality; then the brain cells that have been dormant until now, are energized to enter into activity, as well as the areas of the body around the seven centers, particularly in the endocrine glands, together with the capture of possibilities and opportunities. The result can be a disastrous failure or significant learning. One of the difficulties is that the light of the personality is much more active inside the head than the light of intelligence, which has a greater capacity to burn than the light of the soul, it produces a stimulating and hidden cold effect. It puts the brain cells into active activity, evoking response from the cells that are currently passive and asleep. As these cells are activated by the influx of intelligence light, genius appears, often accompanied by a lack of balance or control, in some aspects.

Mental problems can be classified into three categories:



From the concrete mind:


The maladjustment

The obsession.

The creativity:


Team work.

The good mood.

From the practical mind:


The distortion by maya, mirage or illusion.


The meditation:

The intention, the purpose directed.

Inspiration, Intellect, Intuition.

The creative imagination.

From the abstract mind:

The psychism.



The solution of problems:

The aspiration, the guide of a Master.

Research, collaboration with the Plan.

Significance, contact with Intelligence.

Those of the concrete mind correspond to the one that stands out intellectually and covers the entire range from a narrow crystallized sectarianism to that psychological disorder called a fixed idea. They constitute in large part problems of the construction of mental forms and, through it, man becomes a victim of what he himself has built; It is the creature of a Frankenstein that he himself has created. As can be seen, this tendency acts in every cultural and thought school, being mainly applicable to the leader and to the one who thinks independently and is, therefore, able to think clearly and freely mobilize the mental substance. Therefore, in the days ahead, it is necessary to deal with this particular problem, as mentalities will prevail with increased frequency.

Both the tri-archaic theory of intelligence and the theory of multiple intelligences have contributed to the unification of the three aspects of the mind, the promotion of creativity and the fusion of wisdom with knowledge through understanding.

Humanist Engineering

Technology understood as the identification of problems and the design of solutions for them, can be seen as a bridge of exchange between science and engineering. That ability to change the world or accommodate it is what characterizes technology. The main function of an engineer is to make designs or develop technological solutions to social, industrial or economic needs. To do this, the engineer must identify and understand the most important obstacles in order to make a good design.

A humanist engineer is one who has wondered what the mind is, what intelligence is, how people learn, how they structure their actions. The mind is the radiative activity of all atoms, its characteristics are: discrimination, orderly activity, transmutating power and adaptability. The latter is the first attribute of Intelligence. In the human being, the abstract mind is the agent through which the implied Will formulates its plans and purposes that crystallize in a form through the concrete mind. First the abstract concept, then the symbol to manifest itself in the form and finally the form itself. Such is the process for the Gods and men and in it the secret of the mind and its place in evolution is involved.

As the race progresses towards a mental polarization, as powerful as the current astral polarization, from which it is emerging, it will be increasingly necessary to educate the race about

  1. the triple nature of mental substance: concrete, practical and abstract.
  2. the triple purpose of the mind as:
  • Means to express ideas, through construction. of the necessary mental forms that incorporate them.
  • Controlling factor in the life of personality, through the correct use of the creative power of thought.
  • Reflector of the superior worlds of perceptual and intuitive consciousness.

Creative thinking is not the same as creative feeling, and this difference is rarely captured. Everything that can be created is based on the expression of ideas. It is done, first, by the perception of thought, then by the concretion of thought and finally by the vitalization of thought. Only later does the created mental form descend to the world of the senses and assume the necessary sensory quality that imparts color and beauty to the already constructed mental form.

An engineer facilitates the passage of an idea from the plane of intuition to the brain.

  1. The idea is seen by the mind "held firm in the light of intelligence."
  2. It remains as an abstraction, from the angle of the concrete mind.

III. The idea, nebulous and dim, emerges in the consciousness of man. The mind strives to establish constant and firm conscious contact with intelligence and records the idea more and more clearly.

  1. The revealed idea then becomes an ideal for the attentive mind, and will be timely and materialized.
  2. Then the faculty possessing the practical mind of creating mental forms becomes active; the "mental substance" is activated by the energy of the idea and vitalized by the recognition of intelligence, then the idea takes its first step towards true realization.
  3. When the idea materializes, distortion occurs.

VII. The idea is colored by the type of intelligence that is different from the personality, which generates the illusion.

The illusion is usually presented in seven ways.

  1. For misperception of the idea.

The cause is due to an untrained or enlightened mind.

The solution is to learn the discipline of Raja Yoga.

  1. For misinterpretation.

The cause is due to the overestimation of one's mental powers: pride.

The solution consists in the development of a cautious spirit.

  1. For incorrect appropriation of ideas.

The cause is due to the overestimation of the personality and the incorrect impression of the reactions of the personality on the idea presented and on those who try to make contact with the same idea.

The solution is based on a firm attempt to decentralize personality life and focus on active intelligence.

  1. For wrong orientation of ideas.

The cause is due to a small and non-inclusive mentality.

The solution is to train the mind so that it is inclusive, well equipped and developed from the point of view of intelligence.

  1. For wrong integration of an idea.

The cause is the selfish uptake by the lower self, and, although the disciple does not realize it, the idea of ​​his own selflessness produces the mirage.

The solution is a spirit of humility.

  1. For erroneous concretion of ideas.

The cause is due to the lack of mental training in the creative activity.

The solution is to apply the scientific method of creativity.

  1. For mistaken application of ideas.

The cause is due to the poor relationship between the concrete mind and the abstract mind.

The solution is to apply the technological method of design, using canons or archetypes.

An archetype is nothing more than a mental model that has become visible. Archetypes are accessible tools that allow you to build credible and consistent hypotheses about the forces that operate in systems. Archetypes also constitute a natural vehicle to clarify and verify mental models about those systems.

Archetype 1: Counterproductive solutions.

Archetype 2: Growth limits.

Archetype 3: Displacement of the load.

Archetype 4: "Tragedy of the common ground". It starts with people who get an individual benefit by sharing a common resource, so it can also be called "bottlenecks."

Archetype 5: Accidental adversaries. Opposition is created between groups that should and wish to collaborate.

All success, good or bad, depends on maintaining a point of tension. This point of tension involves the dynamic approach of all mental, emotional and physical energies, at a central point of planned activity.

Ingenious work

Planning consists in designing a desired future and extracting from it the ends that the rest of the planning process will be devoted to achieving. The ends are the desired results and there are three types:

Ideals are ends that are deemed unattainable.

The objectives are goals that are not expected to be achieved until after the period contemplated in the planning.

The goals are goals that are expected to be achieved within the period covered by the plan.

For the Millennium Goals (MDGs), goals were set to be reached by the end of 2015. The Tibetan Master had projected the usefulness of his books until 2025.

The planning of the Hierarchy is grouped into certain and defined phases of activity - all related, tending to the externalization of the Plan in any given century, cycle or world period, and are:

  1. The Purpose phase, registered by the Senior Members of the Hierarchy and transmitted to the UN. But it is not oriented only to the successful work of the United Nations but to a widespread subjective UNITY that will be expressed in that goodwill and understanding that will automatically bring the much desired subjective UNITY.
  2. The Strategic Planning phase, which is the formulation of the Purpose in terms of possibility, imminence, adequacy and availability of engineers, in addition to the guidelines to complement the Plan.
  3. Then comes the Program, where the particular group involved in the complementation of the Plan, takes it and reduces it to formative stages of human impression and direction, necessary conditions for the emergence of the Plan and the two phases of this conditioning. Each has two aspects, the destruction of all obstacles and the presentation of the Plan.
  4. The emergence of Strategic Design, based on the recognition of the purpose, careful planning and a detailed and fully thought-out program, both in the minds of the members of the group who are involved in the complementation of the Plan, as well as among the intellectuals of the Earth.
  1. Then comes the final phase of the Precipitation, when all the subjective work has been carried out on the basis of the possibility and when the design and a part of the program are recognized by the world thinkers in each nation, be it antagonistic or favorable. Having reached its final stage, the planning in the form of Projects continues on its own impulse.

Below are the millennium goals proposed by the United Nations, with their respective goals to be achieved in 2015.



Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

Reduce by half the percentage of people whose income is less than one dollar per day and the percentage of people who are hungry.

Achieve universal basic education

Ensure that children around the world can complete a complete cycle of primary education.

Promote gender equality and empower women

Eliminate gender inequalities in primary, secondary and university education.

Reduce child mortality

Reduce by two thirds the mortality rate of children under 5

Improve sexual and reproductive health.

Reduce by three quarters the maternal mortality rate.

Combat HIV / AIDS, malaria and dengue

Stop and begin to reduce the spread of HIV / AIDS and the incidence of malaria and other diseases.

Ensure environmental sustainability

Reduce by half the percentage of people who lack sustainable access to drinking water.

Promote a world association for development

Cooperate with developing countries in the progress of national issues such as the labor insertion of young people.

True ingenious work (magical work of the soul) involves:

  1. Contact with the Plan.
  2. Right desire to cooperate with the Plan.
  3. The work of constructing mental forms and limiting the mental plane, the attention of the creator of these mental forms. This is so powerful in nature that created mental forms have a life cycle of their own, and never cease to manifest in their work.
  4. The orientation of the mental form from the mental plane, and the limitation of attention to that specific activity, knowing that the correct thinking and the correct orientation lead to a correct operation, prevents the path to the left being followed .

It is evident, therefore, that this new study, shared by students from all over the world, is a definite worldwide service.

We all have the right to have our point of view, provided that it is founded on intelligent and thoughtful thinking, not that it is an inheritance of the past or the result of accepting, vaguely and generally, things as they are. However, none of us have the right to believe or feel that our ideas are the only ones that should be generally accepted. In this course of studies, we will each form our own thoughts, and we will intelligently and intuitively study each of the problems. Then we will formulate our own ideas. These ideas may well be classified into three categories:

  1. Ideas about the causes responsible for the problem under consideration.
  2. Ideas about the steps to be taken to solve the problem.
  3. Ideas regarding the individual responsibility of each one in relation to the problem.

We suggest these groups of ideas in order to help coordinate our thoughts and address the questions addressed.

Therefore, the presence of goodwill is fundamental in all our thoughts and in the coordination of our ideas, because these are the problems of humanity, and they can only be solved through good will, and must be resolved by humanity itself. According to our emphasis, our words, attitudes and ways of living, we can complicate problems or do our best to solve them. No one ignores the problems that each and every humanity must face; nobody is, in fact, useless or helpless when trying to solve them. The results of clear thinking will inevitably be manifested and there will always be the opportunity to reach other minds through our own clear thinking and correct speaking. A partisan attitude with its consequent deformed loyalty, a spirit of prejudice, with its obsocating effects, and any fixed idea with its crystallizing effects, are obstacles to thinking clearly and correctly assessing the problem under consideration. . A spirit of goodwill clearly expressed and cultivated, always acts as a filter of the illuminating energy; this will put each of us, in relation to the difficulties of humanity, in a much deeper sense than mere intellectual perception. Where good will and intelligence combine, a useful server will emerge for constructive action.

Will is the energy of the soul expressed as agreement, direction and progress of the Plan. When talking about the plan, there is no reference to the general plan, such as that of evolution or that of humanity, to which we apply the phrase, development of the soul, almost without meaning. Both aspects of the scheme of our planet are taken for granted and are only modes, processes and means for a specific purpose. The Plan, as they perceive it today and for which the Masters work firmly, can be defined as follows: It is the production of a subjective synthesis in humanity and a telepath exchange Attic that will finally annihilate time. It will make all the accomplishments and knowledge of the past available to men, will reveal the true meaning of his mind and brain, will make him the master of that team, therefore he will make it omnipresent and, with time will open the door to omniscience. This next development of the plan will produce in man an understanding - intelligent and cooperative - of the divine purpose, for which, He in Whom we live, move and have our being, has considered it intelligent to take it to exteriorization.

Author: Jorge Ariel, family editor hermandadblanca.org

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