Prepare for the Eclipse Portal of November 3, 2013

  • 2013

5 Steps to Prepare for the Eclipse Energy Gate

by Selacia

Translation: Alicia Virelli

The eclipse of November 3 on the New Moon could be one of the most transformative energy portals of this year for you and all of humanity.

The potentials of major shocks perch together, with the possibility of significant opportunity. We have eclipses every year, of course, but Scorpio solar eclipses like the one on November 3 don't show up every year. The last similar one was in November 1994, almost two decades ago during the previous phases of global spiritual awakening.

With today's accelerated awakening process in full swing, this November eclipse promises to be an intense catalyst for transformational change in a mega-scale. Most likely, they have been feeling at least a few "tumbos" since the lunar eclipse on October 18. On some level, they are probably still processing those chaotic energies - making updates and changes in their personal lives and making a self-reflection about what else needs to change.

Among the eclipses, too, you are in a process of adapting to a wave of new energies that are unfolding all over the planet as humanity becomes more aware of global predicaments. Problems and conflicts are becoming more transparent and urgent. This trend will continue, bringing light to what is not working and setting fire below the problems, now too big, to be hidden under the carpet.

In the next few days before the next eclipse, they should pay attention to energy changes and their own responses to fortuitous events. Take it for granted that, as things intensify in your outside world, your own imbalances and pending issues will come to be addressed.

Realizing these things now - and working with them before our energy portal event on November 2, 2013 with the Council of 12 - will help you make the most of the significant opportunities of the November 3 eclipse.

5 Steps to Prepare for the Eclipse Energy Gate

First, think about what was happening in your life the last time we had a solar eclipse of Scorpio in November 1994. What significant event or end took place and what new phase began?

Secondly, since the next entry door must be focused on significant principles and endings, consider what in your life you need to start or end. Meditate on issues related to physical things, mental concepts, work situations and relationships. Invite your superior wisdom to begin to reveal the specific details of what you need to release or renew in order to give way to a new beginning.

Third, using the ideas received from the previous process, make a list of what you need to leave behind, review, catch up, or perhaps completely redo everything else. For now, don't worry about the order of your list or how you are going to let it go. The important thing is to write these things on paper to anchor them in your conscience.

Fourth, invite the spirit to bring clarity about these things from here to the gateway to the eclipse. This clarity can come through dreams, from fortuitous things in life, or during moments when you reflect on your list of what to leave.

Fifth, every day from now on to the gateway to the eclipse, consider your key issues for completion - focusing on some of the appropriate steps you will need to take. Remember that in order to enter your new life, you cannot bring with you things or situations that are impossible to do - things that prevent you from being all that you can be. Don't let this old luggage overwhelm you. Just pay attention to what you discover and begin your preliminary process of letting go now, before the entrance door.

As you make this process of progress and begin to change things in your life you open the door to enter a new, more expansive cycle. Remember that you deserve this. Know that your divine change-making self is in place, you are ready to enter the new beginnings of this next phase. Trust this.

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Prepare for the Eclipse Portal of November 3, 2013

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