Preparing for the first contact - Light mates with nature

  • 2016


Light Companions with Nature

Regards. I am Commander Sharman speaking with you from our Star Ships. I say, "Star Ships" because there are many of us who are maintaining a constant connection with Gaia within the superior and pentadimensional four-dimensional versions of His reality.

Humans have adopted the belief, or prejudice, that only three-dimensional humans are alive, and everything else goes under the "nature" category , since the "human" category was more important than the nature category.

The fact is that nature could, and did, survive and fight much better before humans became "civilized." In fact, non-civilized humans were much more attuned and in cohesion with nature, than what has been called "modern man . "

Modern man has created incalculable damage and destruction of all forms of nature, such as trees, animals, fish, birds, insects, as well as cycles of unity with all life. The cycle of unity with all life begins at the birth of any of the elements of nature and continues to include the entire planet.

It is now for Humanity to remember that what they innate knew when they were children but forgot when they grew up, which is EVERYTHING IS ALIVE. Even the "things" that humans use in their daily lives are surrounded by the living auras of every being that has ever touched them. Do you know that you leave traces of your energy field in every thing or person you ever touched? While one is ignorant of this fact one can behave as if he had that power. However, you all have the power and each human affects your reality with a single thought, touch, emotion or interaction. That is why Humans were once called "The Guardians of the Earth . "

Unfortunately, alarmingly, Humanity did not "take care" of the earth. Instead, he destroyed it. In fact, Humanity also destroyed the air, which diminished the power of the Sun to transmute its reality.

Instead of transmuting the Earth to a higher frequency, the great Beings of the Sun needed to heal the damage that Humanity infringed on Gaia. Humanity also contaminated the water, which is vital for the growth of all life towards its strongest potential and treated the earth element as if it were "dirt."

Humanity created so much smog that many of the sun's highest rays of light have been blocked. Moreover, humans have contaminated the water with waste materials from the many "things" they created.

But NOW this era is ending. NOW Mother Gaia is being recognized as the Home in which each of Her children was born to protect and maintain her. But first Gaia's children need to grow towards responsible adults.

Within this Now a new Era is dawning. This is the Age where Humanity will learn to look INSIDE instead of looking UP. They will no longer have an invisible God who is somewhere up in heaven, in fact, up in that same sky Humanity contaminated by choosing the gain to ecology.

The path to God is not determined by the physical destinies above, around or below. God is within each and every Human, even those who have fallen, or have been forced into darkness, such as the children of the Illuminati.

Each and all Humans are a portal through which the Cielo can manifest on Earth. But what is Heaven? Heaven is the freedom of the combined qualities of Wisdom, Power and Love working as ONE.

Infinite Wisdom, Multidimensional Power, and Unconditional Love are the qualities to which Humanity is returning as they are embracing again their pentadimensional expressions of Infinite Wisdom, Multidimensional Power and Unconditional Love.

Where do I find these qualities? Many ask. The answer is that they find them inside their own terrestrial container, within their own Higher Heart, which will assist them in connecting their terrestrial container with their Body of Light fully awake, which is within their Self of the physical body.

How do I make this connection? They ask. The answer is that they were born with that connection. However, the misfortunes and challenges of three-dimensional life made them forget. They also forgot about security issues. Those who remembered and tried to share the truth were often insulted, hurt or even killed.

Fortunately, that experience is coming to a conclusion. When 3D was the habitable primary dimension, polarities of such a low frequency created separation and limitation from their own Higher Self and from the planet on which their terrestrial container was born. You chose to take a container of the same frequency and elementals to help with the planetary ascension of Gaia. Many humans talk about your personal ascension, but all of you are already promoted. The multidimensional you already live in the higher dimensions.

All these versions of your Multidimensional BE wear a form that resonates with the frequency of each of these dimensions.

Humanity came to Earth again and again to heal the wounds they left in the Land of Gaia, in His air and water, as well as in His soil. Because they had not "cleaned their own room" they could not " play in the fifth dimension " until they completed the cycle of their three-dimensional life.

To complete the cycle of their three-dimensional life, they are called to transmute all the residues of all their tri / tetradimensional incarnations on Earth . Unfortunately, they could not clean their incarnate residue until they woke up enough in their physical form to call their innate qualities.

Once aware of their own multidimensional qualities, they are able to do on Earth what they promised before taking a terrestrial container. Unfortunately, far too many of you were lost in the fascination of individuality. Therefore, they forgot that individuality was not a toy to play with. Individuality was, and is, a point of focus. It is the " pencil tip " through which they write their individual statements. Individuality is the focus of what they see, hear, smell, touch and therefore perceive as their reality.

However, each individual has their own reality and their own personal life experience in the third dimension. Once they are living within the 3D expression of the BEING, they are linked to the three-dimensional Law of the Land of Cause and Effect that governs that frequency of Gaia's reality.

If you want to leave that frequency of the multidimensional planet Gaia, as well as a walker, you need to pack your garbage. In order to leave your 3D experience they need to pick up their “trash” put it in their backpack and leave Gaia exactly as they found it. In fact, please, leave Gaia better than you found her.

Within this NOW of the ascension process, you need to leave Gaia in BETTER form of what She was when they entered her present incarnation. Much like the walker, they should make sure to collect all the garbage they have ever left in each and every one of their walks / incarnations in the third dimension.

In fact, they are being called to start all the waste that has been left by anyone who has taken a "walk" in 3D. See, the three-dimensional roads are now under construction and will be closed due to work on the route. Only the members of the cleaning team are now arriving in Gaia.

The reason for this is that, those who still function under the 3D HABITS of " first me " will not be allowed to enter this " ascension game" - This ascension game has reached a point of "critical change" and Those whose focus is on darkness and / or power over others will no longer be allowed to play there.

Those who have not learned that "energy outside is energy back" or "how to live inside and share the energy field of Unconditional Love" are being redirected to another tri / four-dimensional planet.

Gaia is now "under construction" to become a pentadimensional planet. She is happily accepting Souls who wish to participate in their reconstruction, but will NOT allow those who wish to have "power over others", such as their birth plan. In fact, even those who have left their residue of darkness in Gaia, and wish to transmute that energy, will be redirected to Gaia's four-dimensional frequency, which will remain open until the construction of the Gaia 5D is complete.

Within the four-dimensional frequency of Gaia's aura, external energy returns instantly. Therefore, if one's three-dimensional experiences have not been completed by taking full responsibility for his “energy put out, ” and then transmuting his own darkness / fear into Light / Unconditional Love, they will be redirected to another three-dimensional planet.

Therefore, since there is less and less negative energy left in the planetary body of Gaia by irresponsible humans, Gaia will be able to more easily transmute and be reborn into the eighth 5D of her Being. In fact, within her NOW, many Beings Superiors of the Galaxy are surrounding the Earth.

Some of the inhabitants of these ships are sharing their conscience with the awake humans, who are often three-dimensional expressions of their own Multidimensional BEINGS. Due to the Earth's long "growth process, " most of these Higher Beings are sharing with adults who have expanded their consciousness to the upper fourth and fifth dimensions.

However, there are more and more children and adolescents who are able to consciously accept and share the information that is being sent to them via the higher dimensional expressions of their BEINGS. All these humans can accept the higher frequency if they need to leave their land container. It is for this reason that so many humans are eating better, meditating, exercising and doing everything that is necessary to raise their resonance so that the higher frequency of their BEING can intermingle with their human form without damaging it.

Just as only the highest frequency of the rocks, which are the crystals, can accept and use the higher dimensions of the Light, only its pentadimensional body can fully accept and use the highest frequencies of the Light.

Fortunately, his "Body of Light" is nested within his Kundalini, which is surrounded by his spine. If you are aware of your innate Body of Light, and aware of the giant crystals within the core of Gaia, you probably know that once you capture the Upper Light, you will share it with Gaia.

When allowing this Upper Light in your container, be sure to surround it with Unconditional Love to protect your fragile three-dimensional body. Also make sure:

Send this Upper Light down through the passage of your own BEING of the latent interdimensional Body of Light .

And down to the core of Gaia and Crystals in the Center of His planetary form.

But what will this do to our fragile three-dimensional body? We hear them ask. Remember that the primary operating system of the three-dimensional body of Gaia is energy coming back. Therefore, by offering your own physical body to serve as a passage for the upper Light to enter the Gaia nucleus, this Light also enters its nucleus.

Just as the Gaia nucleus is already pentadimensional innate form and is waiting for the NOW to transmute into the planet of pentadimensional light, its Kundalini nucleus is pentadimensional innate form and awaits the NOW to transmute in your 5D Light Body .

What you give back to you is an important component of the Gaia 3D operating system of Cause and Effect . Thus, by giving the Upper Light that you have collected within your own terrestrial container, she will return to you from each person, place, situation and thing to which you have been sent.

Oh the glory of the Great Harvest when all the Upper Light that you have captured and shared with all of Life returns to you. It is within that NOW that they will become what they have collected and shared.

Within that NOW, they will become LIGHT !!!!




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