Preparing for the first contact - Energy Communications, by the Pleiadians - through Dr. Suzanne Lie

  • 2016



Greetings, I'm Sharman again here to talk to you. I am actually wearing a terrestrial container inside your NOW, so that I can walk among you to feel the human energy fields better. I saw different "costumes" on different days depending on what area I am visiting.

At the end of each day, I return to my room in the Nave to share what I have experienced. I was chosen for this mission because I spent a long life as a human and learned to "read" many of the thoughts and emotions of humans that I observe.

What I have perceived is that many of you are feeling VERY tired. I have also observed that many feel as if they are leaving soon, but they do not realize that "soon" is a tri / tetradimensional term. In the fifth dimension, there is only NOW, so "soon" does not exist since there is only NOW of "no-time." However, I have observed that many of you are experiencing a transmutation of your entire physical body.

These physical transmutations, as well as their relationship with thoughts and emotions, are going through a total “remodeling”. I have observed that many have very complete lives in which they are very busy within their tri / four-dimensional being. Then, when they relax, although they may not be aware of it, they can release the tension of their expansion / return to their BE towards the fifth dimension. Yes, there is a "tension" regarding your change. Their three-dimensional form is being called to transmute into a frequency that was only experienced before they took a terrestrial container on the three-dimensional Earth. Simultaneously, his conscience rejoices to return to his true BEING who soon, will not need to wear a dense three-dimensional form. Many of you ponder, "I am not sure that my body can pass the transmutation into the Body of Light."

Therefore, I wish to remind you that you do not need to worry about your physical body, since it will automatically be transmuted into your higher expression as you continue your journey. “How am I doing it, and where am I going on my trip?” I perceived in the thoughts of many. Yes, your thoughts and emotions are very clear to my pentadimensional perceptions, and as your consciousness expands totally into the fifth dimension, you will also consciously perceive the thoughts and emotions of others.

What I have observed is that many of you are doing quite well with your trip, since it is a journey of consciousness. Part of the reason why so many of you are so tired is because the frequency of your consciousness is MUCH higher than the frequency of your body. However, your body cannot so easily transmute the 3D connection patterns within the elementals of your body because they are too slow to contain all higher frequency energy fields.

Therefore, you are using your High Frequency Multidimensional Mind, your Third Eye and your Higher Heart to help you in your process of adapting to the higher frequencies of your reality. Within its NOW, the low third dimension is slipping from the consciousness of the ascendants. As you continue your multidimensional journey to the fifth dimension, you will discover that you feel less fatigue. I also observed that many of you have created what you might call a "superposition of the network of your body of light . " In other words, many of you are, consciously or unconsciously, feeling your body of Light floating just beyond, still around, your physical form.

I have noticed that more and more of you are becoming aware of this "overlap." By becoming more aware of what a network of the "external" body of light may look like around your physical form, you expand your "sense of Being" to include your constantly expanding aura. You will experience this overlapping of the Body of Light as a sensation just above your skin. They will only be able to perceive this superposition when they are in a higher state of consciousness. But, once they have perceived it, it becomes quite normal to feel this layer of light whenever they remember to focus their consciousness on unconditional Love.

When you feel the unconditional interdimensional Love within your consciousness, you will begin to feel it as `` shells '', hugs, and something that envelops your earthly container. As these sensations ignite in your three-dimensional perceptions, you will begin to perceive your daily life in an expanded way. Before their perceptions ignited in their daily lives, they experienced reality as only physically. However, their expanded perceptions are VERY sensitive to interdimensional energy fields. These interdimensional energy fields seem to occur suddenly and then, they also disappear suddenly.

It is not that the energy fields entran or salen of your life. What is happening is that its calibration at higher frequencies turns on, then goes off, then turns on when it changes its consciousness from the states of the upper fourth and fifth, then back down to the fourth and third Dimension The frequency of consciousness determines the perceptions that you can consciously register in your brain as being real . There are many interdimensional visions, sounds, and thoughts entering your consciousness within this NOW.

By "interdimensional messages" we mean the message that you are traveling through at least two of the higher dimensional frequency bands around the Earth, as well as two higher dimensional frequency bands before that you perceive it through your physical consciousness. The frequency bands of your consciousness from the upper to the lower are:

Theta waves , pentadimensional consciousness

Delta waves , superior four-dimensional consciousness

Alpha waves , four-dimensional consciousness

Beta waves , three-dimensional consciousness.

There are, in fact, many communications that you, the members awakening and ascending from Humanity, are beginning to experience consciously. The awake call these messages channels, but the sleeping ones only call them hallucinations .

Most of you will first feel these energy communications via your physical bodies. Your physical body is much like the coating around a long range radius. Many of these high frequency messages are directed first to your Higher Heart.

Interdimensional messages are first received via your Higher Heart because the ATMA Trine Flame (core) of your Higher Heart is your own interdimensional center. Your ATMA is your "interdimensional center" because Unconditional Love, Infinite Wisdom and Multidimensional Power within your ATMA are all interdimensional qualities. When you experience an interdimensional message, and are ready to receive it, you are in tune with your Higher Heart (between your physical heart and your throat) to translate that message via your own Unconditional love, infinite wisdom and multidimensional power.

Interdimensional messages arise in the fifth dimension and beyond to be eventually shared with your three-dimensional brain and body. These interdimensional communications move first towards:

· The higher states of consciousness within your Multidimensional Mind

· To be shared with your physical body and be anchored on Earth

· Then to your Higher Heart to be translated…

The frequency of these interdimensional messages cannot be fully accepted by your awareness before they are anchored. If they were aware of them before they were anchored, they could feel like an electric hum . Fortunately, every time you anchor an interdimensional message, he re-enters your physical form, and is then routed to your Higher Heart so that interdimensional communication can be translated into a message that can be more clearly understood.

Some will perceive the message via their clairaudience - interdimensional hearing. Some will perceive the message via their clairvoyance - interdimensional vision. Some via their clariscience - interdimensional sensations.

We remind you that any thought of "I'm sorry, but I don't have enough time to do this" really means: "I'm sorry, but it's not important enough for me to create the time to do this."

Please remember that an interdimensional message comes to your awareness within the NOW of the ONE in the fifth dimension. If they remove it because they are not ready to hear it, they will not be able to recover that NOW. However, if you say, "I am ready to receive this message in my body, " you will naturally discover an NOW in which the message, which has been stored in your Higher Heart, will suddenly arise within your awareness.

So, be sure to document that message within that NOW. If you are not able to do it, remember to recognize that an important interdimensional message awaits you in your Higher Heart. I remind you that you chose your life, choosing exactly what "you have enough time to do."

People often think they have no choice about what happens with their time, which puts them in a state of "victim awareness . " I remember having this experience myself when I would volunteer to take a terrestrial container to better understand the Human being.

Therefore, I am not judging them for that behavior. But, I also remember how sad and I was only when I lost contact with my own inner power. In fact, I am writing this message now to help you remember that YOU are a Multidimensional Being who chose to take a terrestrial container within this NOW to help in the planetary ascension.

Since my return from “dressing a terrestrial container”, I realized how many energy fields on Earth have changed. Because I returned to the NOW of my pentadimensional reality, I have no sense of how it felt for my human friends during the "time" of my absence. However, because I did not go through the slow adaptation that you all went through, I can more easily experience the degrees of change between my return to the Ship and NOW of my return to Earth.

"Bravo dear Human" ; I tell you. “I am so happy to experience the general increase in resonance here on planet Earth. I can also feel Gaia's urgency to tell you that She also greatly appreciates your help. Yes, Gaia and her Planetary Being are a living, planetary, sentient Being. She also wants me to share with all of you that her pentadimensional core is expanding more and more towards the surface on which her Inhabitants live. Upon opening to communications with Gaia, She will respond.

Closing, I want to remind you again that in the fifth dimension YOU are the complete creators of your life. In fact, every thought and every emotion manifests instantly.

If you do not like any of the choices you have made in your life, ask yourself, "What did I learn?" With this question they have changed from "making a mistake" to "creating a lesson to help you on your journey to the HOME."

If you see a tall, skinny man with a hat and big sunglasses to protect my Pleiadian eyes, maybe it's me. Otherwise, see you on the Ship.


End of stream.

AUTHOR: Dr. Suzanne Lie


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