Preparing for the first contact - The Inner Staircase by the Pleiadians — Through Suzanne Lie

  • 2016


The interior staircase to the Home

Sharman here . I have returned from my last visit to Earth as a "normal human." I have learned a lot and wanted to share with you what I have discovered. Of course, many of you on Earth are familiar with what I will say . However, I hope that my perception of current reality can, in some way, help you in the many challenges you are facing in the tri / four-dimensional versions of your reality.

There are massive changes taking place within the body of dear Gaia, as well as within the hearts and minds of many of His humans. On the other hand, there are many other humans who seem to be going back to fears, lies and deceptions, rather than forward to unconditional love and cosmic truth. It is quite common for a reality on the cusp of transmutation to experience this dualistic form of reality. What is happening is that the inhabitants of Gaia are deciding if they are ready to look deep inside to clean their OWN old fears .

Once their own fears are consciously recognized and forgiven, they can better welcome the new versions of reality that are based on love and unity. During this energetic transition to the next octave of your consciousness, your primary version of reality will change from one day to another. Sometimes your reality will feel this change several times in the day or even now. Many times there will be a myriad of versions of other realities flying through your faster consciousness of what you can interpret. Therefore, you will need to remember to go to your internal space .

Those who are not ready to make this change to the next octave of Consciousness and eighth of reality are becoming aware of this fact. On the other hand, those who are ready for the transition are moving deeper and deeper towards the sensation of the next octave of the resonance. . As you continue your journey, you will find that your external reality is an expression of your own internal reality. Because they have chosen to be among the pioneers of the pentadimensional collective reality, they have also placed their being in the the path of ascension n .

Many of their tri and four-dimensional realities on Earth are based on finding their individuality, while they have also learned how to cooperate with each other on a very diverse planet. In this way they have learned from their experiences, and are ready to move to the HERE and NOW of the fifth dimension. The Pentadimensional Earth is a very special reality because it is created by the collective of those who have focused their lives on helping with the Planetary Ascension. You all have different faces and names, and you live in very diverse cultures and collective expressions of reality.

As you move towards this change in the eighth, your consciousness will take a look inside and outside the Pentadimensional NOW. Via this "look, " you will realize that you are leaving "life as you have known it in ALL your physical incarnations."

You are among the "Openers" who have taken many incarnations in Gaia to prepare others to move on to the next "octave of reality." The first dimension is an "octave of reality." The second dimension is an "octave of reality." The third / fourth dimension is an "octave of reality" and the fifth dimension is much like the "eighth Master." An eighth Master is one in which they will move towards a totally different Operating System. You all started your own journey to the higher dimensions, and each one has stories of how lowered their frequency enough to occupy a three-dimensional container. When I, Sharman, first entered a physical container, it felt as if I had hit a rock.

You "Openers" have volunteered to:

Remember the superior expression of your BEING,

Consciously connect with that resonance of your Multidimensional BEING and

Open the pentadimensional portals of Light.

Like you too, anchor them in the core of Gaia.

What they are actually "opening" are the frequency portals that flow between the superior expressions of Gaia and towards the core of their three- dimensional planet . By giving this service to Gaia, they will be giving themselves the same experience. You are ready for the "jump in octave" from your operating system of "time and space" to the operating system of the "here and now" pentadimensional. They feel this change in resonance by experiencing the knowledge that something, and may not know what, is changing greatly.

You may not understand exactly what is changing or how you will change, but many of you are prepared to follow that flow of constantly expanding changes to increasingly higher resonance frequencies.

Some of you have not yet realized that you are Multidimensional Beings, yet you are determined to expand your consciousness beyond the threatening storm of chaos that precedes any change. You, the brave portal openers, are prepared to fully experience the upward chaos that always accompanies a turn in frequency, such as the transition Gaia is experiencing now. Therefore, I wish to help you redraw your journey from your Higher BEING and to the terrestrial container you are wearing now. Please remember, you are going "back to the beginning to find exactly where you are NOW . "

As you go through this process, you will begin to remember your own personal "Internal Ladder ." This ladder is not made of wood, screws, stone or any other physical material. This ladder is constructed of its own states of consciousness. You took this Internal ladder every time you were born and every time you returned to your higher dimensional Being. This "Internal Staircase" begins at the top of the stairs when they began their long journey down, towards BIRTH ... Let us start within the NOW in which you took your current land container….


Your Internal Staircase begins within your Crown Chakra and is completed when you are fully anchored in your First Chakra, as well as in the body of the planet Earth of Gaia

7th Crown chakra


As he began his interdimensional journey to physical form, his Multidimensional Mind revealed his Internal Ladder back home.

6th Chakra Entrecejo


Upon entering their Multidimensional consciousness in their Third Eye, their Multidimensional Perceptions guided them to choose the current reality

5th Laryngeal Chakra


By fully awakening their Throat Chakra, their interdimensional communications guided them during their journey towards the three-dimensional expression of their BEING

4th Heart Chakra


By allowing their Heart Chakra to guide them, they were able to remember the great healing power of Unconditional Love

3rd Solar Plexus


By fully accepting his own multidimensional power, his tri, tetra and pentadimensional powers were ignited to rule his terrestrial container.

2nd. Sacral Plexus


Upon entering the mother's womb they chose to create their land container, they remembered the interdimensional laws of birth and rebirth

1st. Root Chakra


Remembering their pre-natal promise to join Gaia, they vowed to protect their Mother Earth Planet.


Somewhere in the “grow” process,

Many forgot their true BEING and became, "only" human "!

NOW, happily and with pride, we remind you that you have chosen your current terrestrial container so that you can reconnect with your true Self and thus be able to help Gaia with her Planetary Ascension. Through the great interdimensional knowledge of their Multidimensional Mind, they made this decision so that they could participate more intimately in the process of planetary ascension. You prepared for your participation in the ascension of Gaia by taking many incarnations in your body to help her during her many challenges since the fall of Atlantis. Some of you worked to help Gaia through the great challenge of the fall of Atlantis by taking a land container in Atlantis during that Era. Of course, many of those who chose to take a body within that NOW of the fall of Atlantis, have already experienced many incarnations there. In fact, most of you who chose to incarnate in Atlantis had already taken at least one incarnation in Lemuria. (that is, within time-based thinking). To be more precise, most of you who chose to assist in this NOW of planetary ascension also participated in the early realities of Lemuria, in what they now call the Pacific Ocean, as well as Atlantis, in what is now called the Atlantic Ocean .

Many of you entered Gaia during the early societies formed by the Pleiadians, the Sirians and the Andromedans. Some of our Arcturian family were still wearing a form then, and we also experimented with Life on Earth during the first Eras of Gaia in which she was only habitable for tetra / pentadimensional beings . When we first came, the "Mantle" still surrounded the planet like a huge "fishbowl." While the mantle was still intact, the Earth was very safe and the temperature was always controlled to adapt to the needs of the inhabitants. Within that NOW, the different inhabitants chose different areas and created a climate system that was consistent with their Home World and / or Mother Ship . Most of the Mother Ships remained in a distant orbit, so that the first Earth explorers could visit their Home on the ships whenever they wished.

These Beings were all in total control of their own Multidimensional Minds and functioned continuously from what we could now call the Seventh Crown Chakra. Working through their Multidimensional Minds, they could remember, perceive, communicate and interface consciously with many realities. They had this ability because their consciousness was totally multidimensional, and they could communicate with ALL the dimensional expressions of their BEINGS within the NOW of the ONE : Due to this multidimensionality of their consciousness, they could experience myriad realities within the same NOW.

Many of you are among THOSE who populated Gaia for the first time, and many are relatively new to life on planet Earth. Some others returned to Gaia because they knew that she needed them during her NOW transmutation to her next octave of reality. Some of you came to experience a planet on the cusp of transmutation to the next octave, and EVERYONE came to help Gaia. Some forgot their pre-natal contract to help in the planetary ascension, but more of you remembered your life after life after life agreement.

They are now eager to attend Gaia because their "rebirth birth pains" are beginning. You can see that the reality on the tri / four-dimensional Earth is in a great flow, and you want to return to help the inhabitants of Gaia to create their own "Internal Ladder to the Home".

While everyone remembers the "seven steps of the ascension, " they will remember the way in which they promised to help with the Gaia Planetary Ascension. By completing your promise, you will also complete the promise to yourselves to remember your BEING and remember the REASON for this incarnation. They are honored to be able to help Gaia in this great moment, and Gaia is honored to have her assistance. Once your pre-natal contract is completed, Gaia will be joined by the She transmute into her pentadimensional planetary Light Body!

We Pleiadians, Arcturians, as well as the innumerable other members of their Galactic Family, send them Unconditional Love and Violet Fire, to assist them during their "great trip to the HOME."

Blessings to all of you.

Sharman and his Galactic and Celestial Family


AUTHOR: Suzanne Lie

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