Preparing Children for Ascension by Master Sant Germain

  • 2012

Many chelas are denying their ability to ascend. In the next few days, we will need your conscious choice, in order to determine how to proceed. Children who have the purpose of ascending will do so. If a child needs the development of awareness that abandonment would give him, he will receive that lesson. All children were able to write their own destination contract before this incarnation. It is not accidents that occur.

Children who only need to give one more gift to humanity can ascend, as this will complete their contracts.

Parents must put aside their attitude of ownership. Give children love and guidance, not overprotection . Let them make their own choices and look for their own lessons. Pause before demanding that you not take risks. Children need to control their own movement in consciousness. As parents, give them the courage to do the things they must do to move forward.

Are they going to ascend with you? Most are already aware of this choice and expect it to occur. Choose only for yourselves.

Attachment is not as loving as detachment. Attachment means to others: dependence. He communicates that they have no ability to be happy without their connection - an unhealthy message. Children are not goods. Giving life to a child does not come with the obligation to control their decisions. Life is a gift for them, and an opportunity for you to grow from the lessons they offer.

What does this have to do with ascension? Nothing is in the contracts concluded between a child and the two who conceive it. Ascension, on the other hand, is a contract between one of them with the most high God, who created each of them in the concept they chose.

Following the call of the heart means looking only at your own contract to decide . If you still have to decide on this, you will look for someone to decide for you. What could be more important than the contract they made for ascension? Only the ego could even consider anything else. And the ego is still in command, and the ego is not aware of what the true image is. A complete awakening has not yet occurred for those who are still considering something other than ascension.

Make your decision, and don't be worried about the decisions of the other members of your family. They all have a contract with God, and what is contained in the contract is what they need to choose. If your choice does not match yours, it doesn't matter. They need to determine their own destiny. You are not responsible because they choose their destiny, but only for giving them the care they need. Next, you should detach yourself enough to allow the options not to suit you.

What does God want for them? Ask yourself while your childhood develops. God wants them to be confident, full of life force, and able to take care of themselves with the awareness of what is good for themselves and others. Can this be what you give them as your parents? It is not just a name, and lack of solvency options for themselves. Parenting requires detachment.

When you really want, attachment is not an element of love . Attachment means adherence. To love is to give, without any demand that they be in a certain way.

The change of attachment to true love must be done, as a lesson in care and control.

Control is not the same as caring!

Child therapists are trying to empower the child to choose their own options. Negative reactions to a child's choices, by their caregivers, deny the therapist's direction. In most cases, parents need therapy more than children.

Courage is a quality to foster in the child. When a child does not want to take risks, he is more than likely afraid of disturbing his caregivers.

When ascension is an option, taking the risk is a duty. It will be the risk of letting go of all the comforts of this world and appearances, to discover a totally different new world. Are you and your children willing to go to that world? Are they brave enough? Are they competent to go through the highest dimensions on their own? Encourage them to face their fears and be willing to leave their attachments, so that they can succeed in their own chosen destiny. Release them, don't control them. Love them, don't stick to them.

After the ascension, those who remain on Mother Earth will be able to climb the final wave of the ascension. When this occurs depends on the conditions that occur after the first disappearances. Perhaps those you adore, who did not come up with you, can ascend in that wave. This could depend on the courage they can empower in the now.


Ascended Master Saint Germain Channeled by Aruna

Via Compte de Saint Germain´s Blog de Compte de Saint Germain on 01/16/11

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