Why you should know the GHEE Clarified Butter, by Julia Clarke

  • 2014

Ghee is a clarified (purified) butter and is commonly used in India. ElCharaka Samhita , a centuries-old Ayurvedic text says: "Of all the oils suitable for human consumption, ghee is the best thing to eat, " and this healthy fat is used as food and as medicine to nourish body tissues, Clean toxins, improve eye health, reduce cholesterol, improve the immune system and promote vitality in general.

The idea of ​​using fat for detoxification is so far from western reasoning that it even defies logic. But recent studies have shown that Ayurvedic methodology is very right - the best way to eliminate fat-soluble toxins from tissues (think of heavy metals from fertilizers that seep into the earth's vegetables) is With the same fat. A fat-free diet can be detrimental to your brain health; and a very important point: fat, as they say, creates the flavor.

Although you can buy ghee in some supermarkets, I recommend that you make your own.


500 grams of unsalted butter (preferably organic)

1 airtight glass container

1 white cotton fabric or gauze (mesh to strain cheese)

1 sieve (strainer)


Place the 500 grams of unsalted organic butter in a stainless steel pot over medium heat. Put the mesh or gauze into the glass bowl. In a couple of minutes, the butter will boil (keep over medium heat). A foam will appear on the top of the butter. In 7-10 minutes (times vary depending on the pot and its thickness), the ghee will look like a yellow "gold" and at the bottom of the pan you will see brown solids that form. Immediately remove the ghee from the heat and pour it through the cloth or gauze into the glass bowl. Let it cool, put a lid on, and store at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

You can use it as a cooking oil (better option than vegetable oils such as soy and corn), on a toast, or even add a spoonful to your steamed vegetables to ensure that each meal has a healthy fat component.

Source: Julia Clarke
Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pinprick/3322926738/

Why you should know the GHEE Clarified Butter, by Julia Clarke

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