Why are you eternal? by Daniel Sotelino

  • 2014

Each of us at some time in our lives have felt, felt or felt a strong personal concern, a vital concern that in many cases can occur unconsciously, as well as its effects. When will what we call death come? What will happen then? Will everything we consider our life end? Is it the end?

Those seekers who have embarked on a journey through spiritual philosophies capable of showing us what is the reality that is beyond matter, have been able to discover that each of us is formed by two deeply differentiated parts, one spirit - associated with our eternal part. and essential - and another, the ego - associated with matter, our body and its expiration. Even so and having clear the existence of a part of us that is immortal and that is beyond time and space, the need to bring light to an idea that in most cases we only understand intellectually and that unfortunately costs us internalize, leads us to seek evidence of our eternal reality, of a reality that allows us to transcend death allowing us to free ourselves from the suffering and fear that this dangerous idea - death - can cause us.

The fear of death can sometimes block us, but what is really worrying is that, in most cases and when it occurs at an unconscious level, it leads us - without us noticing - to condition our behavior and attitude before life When this happens we desperately seek our own conservation, we see dangers where perhaps there are only opportunities; enemies or predators where perhaps there are only potential friends and partners; and insecurity in those spaces for growth. Thus, for fear of suffering, dying and disappearing, we face the world to protect ourselves; We undertake the well-known strategy in which: the best defense is a good attack. Aggression and fear sadly, then, become our tools of life.

In the following reflection on video I want to share with you all a particular vision about life and how our consciousness transcends - without a doubt - the limits of death . A vision based on a test that for many is irrefutable, our comparative position within the Universe, that of its age against ours. Perhaps after changing our perspective on our universe and our relationship with it, we can free ourselves from our deep fear of death, discover our eternal reality and be able to release all the blessings that life saves for us.

When we stop thinking of death as a threat, our being is released to display all his power, extend his Love and creativity. Our reality changes and with it the world in which we live. As Mahatma Gandhi said, in this way we become the change we want to see in the world .

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Why are you eternal? by Daniel Sotelino

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