Moonstone: vibrating in the search for Being

  • 2013

The solstice of December 21, opened a dimensional portal to perfection and beauty in the Totipotential field of the Human Being, where everything exists and everything is possible. To tune into this energy, it is necessary to be silent within ourselves and open ourselves to the light from within, connect with the flame of the heart and discover who we are.

It is a moment in which, our Higher Self will try to speak to us on many levels, awakening that information that is still in our sleeping mind, for we have to remember that we are Beings. Spiritual living a Human experience. It is time to recognize ourselves in our Essence, it is time to join the Creative Force of the Universe: Love

We live a stage of new beginnings, understanding, transformation and of course, Love.

To tune into these energies and create our new reality, we have the help of the Moonstone or Customs.

The Moonstone is an ideal stone for those people who have had to assume a life regulated by third parties and who have not been able to flow freely in their path, and since we are now convinced that Create is Create And we can materialize our own reality, this gem will help to work with the role of submission and with the attitudes of living silent for fear of being impulsive or for not knowing how to set limits, the Customs School taught them pose everything in its own time, avoiding impetuous and destructive attitudes. All this in order to free ourselves from the Will to Be and become SER.

The Moonstone works with the Temperance archetype, bringing to light emotions such as moderation, patience, adaptability, harmony, compatibility, working on the paternal and maternal image and inspiring confidence in oneself and others. s. This confidence enhances the decision of change that each one feels in the deepest part of their Being, leaving behind the conditioning and fears that prevent us from moving forward.

It is a powerful help to work the fears and those episodes of our life that we have tried to forget, because it acts by bringing them to the conscious mind so that we can overcome them from another perspective, from a reality It's broad and, learn from that experience by re-coding that energy pattern.

The Moonstone is related to the Cardiac farm, is linked to cardiac and circulatory pathologies, as well as to the deepest emotions of being: Compassion and Unconditional Love. As this stone is full of passive and feminine energy, it increases the desire to externalize emotions instead of hiding the true I and giving permission to follow the desires of the heart.

This wonderful stone also acts on the laryngeal chakra, working on the respiratory system and the thyroid gland, helping to express ourselves emotionally in any situation and interlocutor, even if we are ourselves.

When working on the meridian of the Small Intestine, which corresponds to the fire element, the possibility of assimilation of nutrients is associated with the Moonstone, among which is Love, which, as we know, is the Creative Force of the Universe. It also corresponds emotionally to states of mental confusion, where there is no clarity to define what is most appropriate for oneself, what is our path, how to achieve the purpose of our Soul in this existence ...

The energies of this gem are also related to the Stomach meridian, which is linked to ambition and the inability to digest situations in our lives. Because of its properties, it balances and helps in the new beginnings and for this it opens the way to the information sent from the subconscious, enhances the intuition and helps in the interior work in order to transmute those situations and pass the challenge with a smile.

One more point ...

Sacred to all the goddesses of the moon, the Moonstone is a beautiful feminine crystal. Being related to the moon and the night sky, it is said that under the pillow ensures a restful rest. It also serves as a fertility talisman, so Arab women used to sew it on their clothes to get pregnant. This crystal follows the cycles of the moon and is said to help balance menstruation and relieve premenstrual symptoms.


Ana Ortega - Holistic Therapist -

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