Thoughts for July 2014 by Maestro Beinsá Dunó

  • 2014

1. Do you ever find the angel in a grain of wheat - he has hidden. Or it can be found in some stone, or in some glass. He who does not understand laughs at small things, and he who understands tests things.

2. Our conscience must be awake. You say you love someone. I ask you: Do you love God? You will say: "We love you, we try." No, when I speak of God I must be ready to sacrifice everything, that is free from everything in the world. If I love God, I will love all people and with all people I can manage. If I don't love God, I can't love humans, and even with myself I can't manage. A man who does not love God is the greatest selfish and with no one can live.

3. The Scripture says: "No one lives for himself." And the biggest misfortune is when we think we live for ourselves. Everyone who has tried to live for himself has ended catastrophically - the part outside the All makes no sense. We, as part of the All, are rays that have come out of the Great. What is the whole? - We can't talk about this; We cannot speak of the Great, of God - this is a sacrilege. But I say: we are rays that have come out of God. These rays have already formed.

4. All humans are united with each other. Someone says: "I can't without God, but without humans I can." It is not true. You cannot without God, but without humans you cannot. Strangers are humans when they deny this what God has created! All souls, all spirits, all humans have been created by God and when we love God we will love and humans. So where is the ideal man?

5. This great spiritual science discovers the Way of life. The earthly life and the spiritual life are closely related and that is why the goods of the earthly life depend on the goods of the spiritual life. To the extent that man is connected to the Spirit and lives without doubt, without negative qualities, to such an extent he can achieve everything and can live an ideal life on Earth, without torture and without saying: “since I was born, I have not I've seen a bright day. ”

6. Life is one: physical, spiritual and Divine. When man does not understand life, for him it is only physical, when he understands it halfway, for him it is spiritual; and when he fully understands it, it is divine.

7. To you I would now recommend that you do not go to ask if you sing well, but when the birds are gathered (the Sparrows meet, 20-30, they raise noise), stop and start singing. If they suddenly remain silent and listen to you - you sing, but if you sing and they sing, don't be discouraged. Go somewhere else, a second, a third, a room, until they suddenly shut up - when you sing they shut up; after this again they twitter and begin to imitate them. You have already advanced a bit in singing. Good public are the birds. Or if some nightingale sings, go and sing. If he doesn't change his tempo when you sing, and he sings and you sing, you will study more. If you sing and he listens, and then he sings again - then he is a colleague, you are singing colleagues.

EXERCISE OF THE WEEK: Let the man sing, this is a healthy state. When you wake up in the morning, start singing. And why shouldn't man sing? If you can't sing out loud, let him sing in your mind. If the ear develops in you, you will see that the world is harmony, music. Speaking, human thoughts, feelings and human acts, all this is singing, but so natural that it is nice to hear it.

8. Say a good word, benevolent, to man and the blessing of God will begin to flow.

9. You will say: "But I have specific understandings about the world." I am glad of your specific understandings, but I say: I have Divine understandings about the world. I want to understand how my behaviors are in a given case, not only towards God, but towards all beings.

10. They ask me: "Do you believe in the Lord?" I have passed the Faith a long time ago, now I hear lessons from the Lord - The Lord tells me: "Do this and this." The Lord gives me a whole lesson, he tells me what to do. A second time when I go it says what I have achieved, what I have done.

11. Scripture says: "The Spirit will teach you everything." This is a collective Spirit. You must all know this Spirit and have it in your soul. Do not think that it has existed only in the time of Christ; no, he exists and now, he will exist and in the future. The Spirit is the expression of the Living Lord. And we seek life, we seek happiness, we seek bliss, we seek culture, knowledge and wealth, but we must know that all these things can be acquired only by the Spirit.

12. I say: some of you now remain at a crossroads and think what teaching in the world is right. The teaching that gives expansion to your soul, expansion to your mind and expansion to your heart, this is a Divine teaching. The teaching that introduces every day this Divine nectar of life, the teaching that introduces in you the impulse to overcome all difficulties and to grow - this is the Divine teaching. The teaching in which you do not age, you do not lose the meaning of life, but you rejuvenate, grow and grow every day - this is the Divine teaching.

13. You say: "The Lord will correct everything." Yes, but the Lord does not act outside. When we talk about the Lord working outside, we understand angels and all Advanced Beings who have completed their development, who have completed their evolution. So where does God act? You say: "The Spirit acts within." If God acts through his Spirit within, then where does He manifest himself? He supports everything inside and out, but He himself does not take part in anything.

14. Advanced Beings work on our culture and on our souls. They will elaborate on us the new man, they will prepare us for the new life on which we have no image. The superior conviction that man has is given from the Divine world as a gift and given to a man in whom God already has confidence; He is given a conviction that cannot be broken.

EXERCISE OF THE WEEK: The one who is not exercised in deep breathing, who retains the air for 2 to 3 seconds, and that every day increases the retention with a second more . By increasing the air retention with one second for a month, the man will retain the air up to 30 seconds. If you can hold the air for up to 30 seconds, he will manage with many of your indispositions and diseases. Headache, chest pain, stomach pain, paralysis all this disappears. Therefore, if you hear someone is sick, advise them to breathe deeply.

15. You should know that you are surrounded by many Reasonable beings who watch over all; They are witnesses of everything that is done in the world. Do you think that these Beings who love you sleep? Do you think a mother who wants her child to sleep when he is in need? No, she constantly watches over him. In the same way they watch over us all the Beings that love us. If we surround our houses with walls, do you think that those who love us will not put such a wall around us?

16. Many of our thoughts are the result of the thoughts of Higher Beings. When some seed of these fruits falls on the mind, in the heart in our soul, this by itself is already being organized. These are Divine ideas that penetrate us, these are a great wealth. If one of these precious little feelings penetrates into you every 10 years for 10 years, your life will change from the root.

17. You complain that your heart is not beating properly. What is the healthy pulse? In which there is music and rhythm. If you are deprived of the healthy rhythm, this is not correct. The hearts of all humans are related to the common pulse of the Cosmos, that is, to the heart of the heart. In this sense a rhythm exists in Nature. When we don't live well, this rhythm is cut. When the man dies, the rhythm of his physical heart stops. So that there is no interruption in the rhythm of our heart, keep the harmony between your thoughts and feelings. This is because, when your heart beats incorrectly, do not fear, but restore harmony between your thoughts and feelings.

One of the causes for disarmament in human life is discontent. Be happy with this what you have. I say: I am happy with this what you have. If you do not value it, and this will lose.

18. You have a heart, hold your heart to the loan, don't give it up. You have a body save it. Only one exception is in the world we can sacrifice our bodies as the Scripture says: Leave your bodies in a living sacrifice, holy, only to God ; only God is the only Being who deserves to sacrifice this what we have, since he has sacrificed and understands us, he has sacrificed Himself. This is what we have, he has given it to us, therefore, only we and no one else can serve! We will serve others for Love, and only we will sacrifice this is the new understanding of things.

19. Do you ever protest against the materialists. These materialists formed beams for the buildings. What will spiritual men who look like little herbs do, what house will they create? If you are all spiritual, what will be built of you? God has agreed - Spiritual energies are expressed in the plains, and materialists are expressed in the heights.

20. Now you go through young people, but you don't know what the young person represents. The old don't know what the old represents. In this ignorance concludes the error of the young and the old. The young man does not know why he is young, and the old man does not know why he is old. If the young man cannot become old, nothing has been acquired; if the old man cannot become young, and he has acquired nothing. If you are young, you must manifest yourself, that all Divine energies flow through you. And while you are young you will sow the Divine seeds. If you do not sow, in old age you will remain last poor. Sow in your youth so that you take advantage in your old age of the fruit of the trees. Sow wheat in your youth to grow and bear fruit. All the seeds that exist in Nature are hidden in the young. The old man will manifest this what the young man has sown, that is, will bear fruit. Therefore, if the young man does not sow and if the old man does not give birth, and the two have broken. This is not just theory but a reality. Without sowing and without birth, life has no meaning.

21. Fruit trees represent energies of Higher Beings that converse with the fruit trees of Earth. These Beings awaken Love, through the fruits they introduce in us impulses to do good; through the fruits they introduce different thoughts, impulses and acts. When Eve ate the fruit of that Tree, the lower beings that were in it introduced their energies into this fruit. They prompted Eve with an extreme boastfulness - she thought she was goddess, that she can transfigure the world, that she can become like God, put a whole culture, that they know that there is an Eve in Paradise.

EXERCISE OF THE WEEK: All people want to be healthy. This desire is natural, but they should know that health is related to conscious breathing. Here is why at least 3 times a day - in the morning, at noon and at night, before bedtime - man should use 10-15 minutes for breathing. When he breathes, he must thank for the air he receives, how and for the good that is hidden in the air. This means conscious breathing.

22. Eve became the cause for the crucifixion of Christ. For her, her beloved from the Divine world should descend, be incarnate and suffer. I will not tell you more. In the time of Christ Eve was on Earth and bitterly wept, saw her error; He said: "How much I was deceiving myself in my ancient thoughts!" She did something without Love - Eve ate without Love. Because if she has love for two, this is not Love - Love is one. If you think you love two, and love towards one is distinguished from Love towards the other, you are on a crooked path. In Love there is no distinction - when you love a man and an animal, this [Love] is one and the same.

23. Eating meat began with Eve. The food of the fruit of the forbidden tree is meat. He says: "You will not eat the meat of the animals, " Eva says: "Why don't I eat, why don't I prepare a meal?" Maybe Eva was the first to cook a chicken. I draw the conclusion: when they left Paradise, the mother who had learned that animals can be cooked, already taught the children born, Cain and Abel. The meek Abel came to mind, slaughtered an animal and sacrificed it to God; With this he gave an example to his brother.

24. When you keep the flowers you connect with those reasonable beings that work on them. Do not trample the flowers, be careful towards them, if you want to educate yourself.

25. The law of charity is as follows: when in me a feeling of charity is born, since charity falls from above, from Heaven, I must without fail carry something, I must give something; if I give nothing I cannot manifest Love. God, who loves us, when he manifests, gives us something. And when we want to love God again, we must give something from ourselves, we must sacrifice something, that we may bear our fruits. And God wants something from us.

26. Not only that you should not grow old but that you should rejuvenate every day. Not only that you should not die, but that every day you should become alive. You must constantly live in joy.

27. In the sacred hour your conscience must live the most beautiful and the highest; then it is necessary that you forget where you are and that you immerse yourself in such a way that the environment and the noise around you disappear and that you completely separate yourself from all worries and concerns. Immerse yourself in another world - of beauty, poetry and superior life. The beautiful and the noble that you raise awareness, may this form the world in which you live during this sacred hour. Practice the sacred hour in the morning and at night.

28. Suffering is a path to Love. When the greatest suffering comes, man approaches the Love to which his soul aspires. If the border of Love passes, the Soul begins to live in a deep inner peace, in Eternal life. While out of Love, man lives in the temporary, in the temporary. - "Why are great affliction and great suffering necessary?" - through these the soul enters the area of ​​the great, the unknown, in the Eternal life - in the life of Love.

EXERCISE OF THE WEEK: When you receive the air, say: “I thank you, Lord, for all the goodness you have given us!” This is right! Then you will exhale and again you will receive the air.

29. Man represents the perpendicular of the animal kingdom. All their aspirations are in a direction diametrically contrary to the aspirations of animals. Curved lines are animals, these are not bad. Enough magnetism animals have collected. We must be in friendly behaviors with them since they have a lot of magnetism. The man has enough electricity. If you don't have electricity, you can't think. Both elements are necessary for human thought.

30. The thought of man must be like this source - that sprout incessantly. This should not sink on Earth, but always go up. In man there are thoughts that sink down on Earth, but there are and such that go up, they sprout like water from some pure mountain source. It is good that our thoughts sprout and constantly go up. The first thing necessary for all of us is that we taste the fruit of our thoughts and feelings alone, and after this, when we are convinced that they are of the highest quality, that we offer them and others, saying: “We offer you these fruits, we have tried and found that they are of the highest quality - these are a Divine good in us. ”

31. Every job of yours must be valued. This should differentiate them from people. And if you are asked how you distinguish yourself from people, you will say: we distinguish ourselves from other people because of this, we value light, air, water and food. We value all that God has created and we thank for everything. We know what light, air, water and food represent.

Now as disciples of the New Teaching, what will you say to the people? Here is what you should say: “We distinguish ourselves from people, that is why we are friends with light and heat, with air, water and food. If and you want to become his friends, accept our teaching. ” This should preach the disciple of the New Teaching.

Translated by Dimitar !!

Thank you Dimitar for all the translation work you do of Master Beinsá Dunó !!

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