Films and Documentaries on Education that Deserve to be Seen.

  • 2018
Table of contents hide 1 1. Merlí 2 2. The First Grader 3 3. Freedom Writers 4 4. Girl Rising 5 5. Forbidden Education 6 6. The Phenomenon less than Finland 7 7. The Beginning of Life 8 8. Everything changes

Surely they will always have no attempt to have a moment of relaxation and leisure in their homes where they can choose films and documentaries to be able to recreate for a few hours.

What better to relax and also learn and reflect on what we have seen.

Here are some suggestions of Films and Documentaries on Education that deserve to be seen . Then they tell me what they thought.

1. Merlí

It is a Netflix series created by Héctor Lozano and directed by Eduard Cortés. It is about a professor of philosophy, whose name is Merlí, who has a "different" relationship to the conventional teacher-student.

He invites them to think freely through unorthodox methods that divide the opinions of class, teachers and families.

It is a story that will lead them to reflect on how it is taught today.

2. The First Grader

This movie, also by Netflix, directed by Justin Chadwick is about an 84-year-old man from Kenya, a veteran of the Mau Mau (guerrilla organization of Kenyan insurgents who fought against the British Empire during the period 1952-1960), who fights for Your right to go to school for the first time and be able to receive the education you never had.

3. Freedom Writers

Another movie they find on Netflix, about a young teacher who begins to teach language classes at an institute in Long Beach, California . His students live in slums marked by violence. After a bad start, she discovers how to earn their respect, trust and how to help them change. Directed by Richard LaGravenese.

4. Girl Rising

The moving documentary that you access on YouTube, directed by Richard E. Robbins. The daily life of nine girls tells us (one for each country), which are interviewed by a native writer. In the documentary they explain how to deal with the different social and cultural barriers.

** Girl Rising is an international organization that defends girls' school education. The name of the movement comes from the documentary film.

5. Prohibited education

This documentary chronicle, also on YouTube, independent from Argentina, directed by Germán Doin, tells us about revolutionary learning methods and compares these methods in 8 different countries .

Look for answers to the following questions: What if everything we know about traditional education is wrong? And why are alternative learning methods condemned?

6. The phenomenon of Finland

On YouTube, you find this documentary that shows us one of the most stable and efficient educational systems in the world, as everyone knows, that of Finland.

Basically it is the story of the success of the methodology used in this country and that everyone talks about.

7. The Beginning of Life

It shows us how children live with their families in different parts of the world so that we can see how important the first years of life are important and how the surrounding environment influences their cognitive, emotional and social development during this formative stage.

The movie is on Netflix, and collects interviews with early childhood development experts from around the world and families from diverse cultural, ethnic and social contexts.

8. Everything changes

Finally, the documentary, directed by Elinor Milchan, shows an art school in Cuba founded by Fidel Castro and the opinions of his students . They also access it on Netflix.

Beyond everything you can see and hear in these Films and Documentaries on Education, it is important that we can meditate and reflect on how the work of a teacher, teacher, teacher can influence the education of our children.

In all these cases, they may take things that serve them and things that do not, as always there is no single answer to right and wrong.

This type of cinema opens us to other cultures, methods and forms of education. I hope you like them like me and that you can discuss with your families and friends about such important topics.

AUTHOR: Patricia Gambetta, editor in the big family of


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