Human Film - Premiere in HD movie theaters - Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • 2014


Finally and thanks to the dissemination of the entire community, the Human film ( premieres on Thursday, April 24 at the Gaumont Cinema - INCAA KM Zero Space)

* * * TWO daily functions for one week * * * (may be more if you broadcast among your )

"A young man travels to the Andean mountains to understand the origin of man and the reason for his existence."

A film that does not have subsidies, sponsors or major producers behind. Made by humans and for humanity.

More details about the event

Human finally arrives at HD movie theaters. After a successful tour of the interior of Argentina, disembark in the center of the city of Buenos Aires.

Cinema Gaumont Space INCAA Km0 - Av. Rivadavia 1635
Premiere: Thursday, April 24.

It will be on the bill for at least one week with two daily functions. It is very important the help of all of you attending the first four days of performances (from Thursday to Sunday) because, if there is good public assistance, you reschedule the movie one more week.

* One week before the premiere, the cinema will provide the show schedules.

Its diffusion to fill the room is appreciated.

Event site on Facebook:

“Before knowing about Humanity, you have to be Human”

Human trailer, South America reborn

More information, on the Humano Facebook page

For those who are not in Argentina, you can watch the movie through the link sponsored by the Virtual City of the Great White Brotherhood.

Movie Link:

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