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  • 2011

We thank Mr. Karina Rodriguez and the Center for Comprehensive Neurostimulation and Children's Community of Chihuahua, Mexico, with all my heart for sharing such valuable work and showing us how each time they are more and more The institutions that adhere to a holistic view of education at the service of the Purpose of Life!

Comprehensive Quantum Education

The Center for Comprehensive Neurostimulation and Children's Community is a first level Institute, which has the highest educational quality and excellence in its facilities and methods, always committed to the development of the potential of the child At a conscious and subconscious level, with the main objective of providing the ideal tools for the child to obtain full development and a true Integral education for life.

Our interest is focused on the inclusion of methods, which serve with deep love, broad patience and marked constructive responsibility, the new educational needs of children, thereby making a true integral education,
a "Comprehensive Quantum Education for Life".
Special attention to children between 1 and 3 years, with whom, according to the latest scientific advances in neurosciences, there is a brain neuroplasticity greater than 90%.

In the morning schedule, attention is given to children between 1 and 3 years of age, with a system based on Pedagogy and / or Montessori Method, Shichida Method techniques, Multiple Intelligences, Ecopedagogy, Hemisphere Integration, Empowerment Subconscious brain, Neuronal Focusing and Programming, Brain Gym, Tai Chi, Biological and cellular reprogramming, Use of specially selected frequencies, all through the application of the innovative Educational Support System, Pedagooogy 3000 .

In general, our interest is focused on the inclusion of methods that address the new educational needs of children with deep love, broad patience and marked constructive responsibility, thereby making a true integral education, a “Comprehensive Quantum Education for Life "

The child's learning takes place in a practical, fun and proactive way, contributing decisively to the formation of truly wise children, in addition to promoting a healthy balance between their emotional and intellectual aspects.

Major brain neuroplasticity

The latest scientific advances, in Neurosciences have shown us that children between 1 and 3 years, have a brain neuroplasticity greater than 90%, which means that their neural networks are constantly restructuring, which is why, we specialize in providing extensive experiences and learning to the infant, in order to be integrated into their brain system, during this unique window of opportunity that gives us that age and that is pedagogically called the Child Construction Period.

In a nutshell, the importance in excellence and personalized attention, with the latest cutting-edge methods in the educational world, resides in that it is precisely at this stage, where the child will integrate more than 95% of what he will learn for his entire life .

In the evening, we provide specialized educational attention, with children between 3 and 8 years, in a circuit of integral activities, which develop and stimulate the child neuronally, consciously and subconsciously.

Some Methods and Techniques

Fractal Drawings

Tool that helps the infant to awaken his brain potential and rebalance his emotional intelligence.


  • In the cognitive field, he develops his attention, flexibility, fluidity and originality in his ideas.
  • In the social affective field, develop the creative attitude.
  • In the psychomotor field, it favors that the child expresses himself in an open and creative way with the use of the different plastic techniques.

In general, fractal drawings help the child in the formation of intelligence, reasoning, control and mastery of the whole body. They act in the child as stimuli of unconscious learning, expression and communication as well as for the child to work repressed emotionality, relax and maintain a balance.

Brain gym

Brain Gym and Neuronal Concentration through specific body positions and exercises are techniques for the integration of brain hemispheres.

These exercises help facilitate the flow of electromagnetic energy through the body. They help restore neurological connections between the body and the brain, sustain electrical and chemical changes, as well as our awareness of where we are in space and how to interact spatially with objects in our environment.

The objective of these exercises is to stimulate the integration of both right and left hemispheres and relax the system to process information without emotional charge, and thus improve the learning potential in all its dimensions.


It allows the child to channel their emotions through the body.

It is a system of integration and human development based on experiences induced by music, movement and emotion, in order to help the solution of internal conflicts and the harmonious development of personality.

Exercises and music are used with different rhythms, in order to promote organic renewal and improve communication, improve the quality of life by achieving a physiological and mental balance for the solution of internal conflicts and the harmonious development of personality, affective integration .

Neuronal Focusing and Creative Visualization (VC)

For the improvement of the concentration of the infant.

Various Neural Reprogramming activities
For mental stimulation, through specially selected melodies and frequencies.

Yoga for children
To develop self-discipline and mental concentration.

Emotion Management
Among many other activities, this makes learning an experience. During the development of all the activities described above, the neurostimulative and educational development of the child is complemented, on a conscious and unconscious level, through the use of directed melodies and specially selected sound frequencies, for the integration and enhancement of both hemispheres. brain

The child builds man .
Society must be rebuilt and the child has the potential
that will result in a new man.
Dr. Mar a Montessori

Contact information
Group Director and Director: Lic. Karina Rodr guez Corral
Chihuahua, State of Chihuahua Mexico

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