Pedagogy 3000 - Circular # 11

  • 2011

Europe Report
April and May 2011

We thank with all our heart, all the people who made this Phase of the tour of Europe a success.

In Greece: Maria Sideri and her parents, and Vania,
In Bulgaria: Emilia Traianova Ianeva and Seniya Atanasova ,
In France: Karine Mazevet, Eduka 3000, ,
In Belgium, Ann De Groote and Patrick
In England: Ramesh Parmar , and Marialuz Martin Martinez
For Spain: Adhyayana 22, Ignasi, Maria Rosa, Carmen Trinidad, , and the whole team
In Mallorca and Ibiza: Carolina , Raquel Rodr guez Raya ,
In Italy: Teresa Retamal, from Padova,
In Finland: Vannessa Andreotti of the University of Oulu,
In Germany: the entire German team of all peoples, Nikolas Peto and "Adelheid-Yukti Petrick"
And to my son Kanduash and my daughter Dayme who have traveled with me part of the tour.

Thanks also to all translators!
It has been a lot of work !! In each country


Wednesday, March 30, conference at the coffee shop in Athens.

Thursday, March 31, conference at the Dikex Auditorium, in the town of Xalkida, north of Athens.
Saturday 2 and Sunday 3, workshops in Athens. Attendance was very small and people were just asking about today's changes and not about education.

Then I was able to visit a public school in Athens where the Director was doing children's Emotional Intelligence activities.


Sofia. Bulgaria has been simply magical !!!!!!!!!!!!! Monday, March 4, 2011, visit the Snow Drop Center, with Slav. Simply wonderful

Seniya in Kindergarten, Drop de Snow provides a cafeteria as a fundraiser. As well as the sale of the book The White Brotherhood of Bulgaria by Peter Dounov

Then thanks to Eva and her daughter we were able to drive to Sliven (almost to the other end of Bulgaria) so we could visit the famous Dr Losanov from Suggestopedia. It has been unique! An honor! It was like joining the past and the future. The Sugestopedia Training are available at the Lozanov Institute in Sliven. And we also met Mrs. Vanina Bodurova.

Photo: Sugestopedia. Dr. Losanov, Mrs. Vanina Bodurova and Eva, in Slive, at the Losanov Institute.

The next day we met Theodore of the Global Education Movement, ( ) And we went to the Russian researcher's conference. Bulgaria is a country with a long tradition of great pedagogues and teacher. I was so happy.

Photo. Teodoros Center in Sofia

From Thursday 6 to Sunday 10 April, Paris, the Maison d 'EduKa 3000
Friday, March 15, 2011, interviews with Antonella Verdiani, from Paris / Italy, Alegre Education, Education for the 3rd Millennium, blog.eduqueralajoie Bruno Guiliani, from Nice, Biodance et education par la joie and Florenceu Isabelle Servant, from Montpellier, Ecole du monde, research in primary public schools in the world. Caroline Sost, Living School, Paris. A beautiful alternative school in Paris !!!
I really like this school since it is the first school (kindergarten and primary) that I saw able to combine social work, sustainability, ecology, planetary citizenship and personal development of both children and teachers.

Photo: Living School

Photo: Karine, Etienne, Isabel, Bruno, Flore and I ... Paris

On Saturday 16 and Tuesday 19 thanks to Flore Beduneau, I was able to meet the great artist of the Akasic Archives Vivian Josée Restieau and many wonderful people actively involved in the new paradigms. Bravo France !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo: Vivian Jos e Restieau's painting (pigment)

Use of vous dire combine j etais contente !!!!!!!!!! (It is pointless to tell you how happy I was!)


Sunday April 17, Louvaine, workshop

Photos Belgium, Leuven and Brussels


The Holistic Education is Possible
1. emAne meeting, world link for a new education: Thursday, April 21 in the afternoon and evening. In the Sierra de Guadarrama, Madrid
2. Training Pedagooogy 3000
Friday, April 21 to Sunday, April 24, Intensive Training of Pedagooogy 3000, course I, Health Education is possible .
Ecological Farm Our Earth, Thank you Daniel and Graciela and the whole team of this Ecological Farm. It has been very cute

Friday, April 29 to Sunday, May 1. Training-intensive, course II Pedagogical Practices for the Third Millennium, Madrid
Friday, May 6 to Sunday, May 8, Workshop-Intensive, course III, The internal master, Montserrat (one hour from Barcelona).


Tuesday 26 and Wednesday April 27, London. Meeting organized by Ramesh Parmar
And contact with Finhorn, with Javier Rodriguez spiritual community, educational center, ecological village. Welcome to Finhorn ecovillage
In England, families are free to choose how they want to educate their children. There is no law.


Thursday, May 5, Padova with Teresa Rematal Thanks to Cristina and Juan Pablo from the bio-dance center, and also Claudia for the interview about education in Italy and “Libertarian education”.

Photos. Padova events. On the right, Teresa, she is from Chile.

Spain, Tenerife, Mallorca and Ibiza.

Thursday, April 14, Congress in Tenerife, The Maac Congress, thanks to Víctor d
and atypical. Presentation "Education and talents, P3000" within the Congress. Thursday, May 5, seminar conference in Palma de Mallorca. Friday, May 6 to Sunday, May 8, Workshop-Intensive in Ibiza


Tuesday, May 10, Global Education meeting, Oulu University. Wednesday, May 11, presentation of Pedagooogia 3000 and emAne at the Oulu University. Interviews with Vannesa de Oliveira Andreotti, Professor of Global Education at the University of Oulu and with Hannele Karikoski, Pedagogue expert in Preschool and Primary.
Photo. Vannessa, right, Oulu


Sunday May 22, Munich Congress There was a Congress in Munich organized by Nikolaus Petö on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 May. It was very interesting. It is called New Children's Congresses. I made a presentation on Sunday 22 at 14:30 - on Lernen macht Spaß - mit Kopf, Herz und Bauch Kurzvortrag und Projektpräsentation von Pedagooogia3000- “Education is fun, with head, heart and feelings” I made the presentation in English with translation into German.

I will put the presentation on livestream. And I will upload the Nikolas interview and the presentation of Silvia Szalony of Austria ( and Marc Herrman of Germany (Stop talking, start the planting program). So cute.

I thank Nikolaus Petö, Stefan Armborst and Adelheid-Yukti Petrick for making all the arrangements in Munich.

Felix Project ... Please definitely read his story (he started at age 9). It is planting a million trees in each country of the world !!!!!!!

Photo: Germany, just outside Munich, Adelheid and Kanduash on a beautiful glacier lake

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