To Perform Unity in Difference, by Ute Posegga-Rudel

  • 2013

February 8, 2013

Beloved Friends:

This is really the time for integration. It is a transition process in which we change step by step; and in which we are being changed by allowing us to become a New Humanity. This is valid for all who understand the importance of this time.

At this very special moment, it seems that for several reasons we are holding new spectacular information. But for us the most important reason is that it is now our own personal process. It is about adapting to what has been delivered to us; and to go deep inside to explore our own Self, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

With all the vast information that is now accessible, related to the glorious change that is already happening, each of us has been given the opportunity to apply what he feels is appropriate for himself and work with This, to increase their knowledge, understanding and awareness.

It is also the time to learn and understand that we are vibratory beings and that everything has to do with raising our own frequency with the enormous help of Light and Love that is flooding our Planet.

Now it is important not to waste energy or go into low emotional states because of the disenchantment caused because the World has not yet changed as we expected. Because now we have been given the time to purify ourselves, adapt ourselves, change ourselves first, to radiate more and more Love and more and more Light.

Both are the Constituents of the New Humanity that is being born at the moment. Naturally, the birth process happens in stages; and not all at the same time right now. At the beginning, as we know, very few of us begin to wake up. But awakening happens in larger and larger numbers; It has been designed to be like that. And collective awakening will come when the time is right.

Now we are at a stage in which the self-responsibility for the process itself is increasing; and we need to understand that the chronology is always perfect. If things do not happen as we expected, we can always rely on the little voice of our heart, which tells us what we need to achieve right now, because it is the missing link so that the expected can happen.

We tend to be quick with the projections of our mind, but the processes of our body and our emotions need more time and space to exactly match our visions, with the correct vibration.

This is also the time in which we are being put face to face with the reality that Humanity is One and not many, even when it is the totality of many individuals.

While the time of the illusory separation is coming to an end, the one in which we could feel like separate islands in the ocean of existence, when it seemed that we could act without considering other beings; Now we are seeing and feeling more and more the truth, that we are all interconnected in relation to vibration and consciousness.

And then among us there are many doing the heroic work of raising their vibration in the midst of all this density, which makes possible the transition of Humanity in due course.

This preparation will reach its great end at the moment when we, who are traveling the Path, join our forces in forgiveness and have managed not to judge each other.

There are innumerable groups from all over the Universe here on Earth. We come from different experiential backgrounds and spiritual teachings and points of view. But we all share A Heart, An Essence, A Love, because we all arise from the Radiant Divine Source. Only our structure, our mentality, our history could differ.

Consequently, what we need to do is find and accept that the Divine Source in our hearts discover that the unity of Humanity is True. This is the Planet to unify the Universe for those who need this learning step. It is the greatest opportunity for the liberation of ego and separation. Then all our knowledge dissolves in the Heart-Unity of Knowledge.

That is the Place of Love and Feeling, Joy and Happiness, of Stillness and Radiant Abundance. This is the great gift that Mother Earth is giving us. When we accept this gift, the New World will be born; and all universes will be unified in our hearts.

May this vision reach all of us to realize the Oneness of all existence, despite all the differences that are the salt of the soup! We are the different pearls of the necklace of the Great Eternal Divine Great Being that is our True Nature and State.

With much love, my dear friends!


Translated: Jairo Rodríguez R.

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