PATIENCE: A Long-Range Attitude

  • 2016

Don't worry be patient

How many times have we heard "Don't worry, be patient ", it is actually basically a cliché because at the moment of facing difficult situations this famous and well-known phrase does not appear in our mind. Suddenly we are involved in a whirlwind of emotions: anger, anxiety, anguish, sadness ... to mention a few ... and it is important to be realistic, in today's world it is difficult to be patient.

The good news is that it is not impossible if we reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of practicing this skill. Among the disadvantages, we can notice that in a moment of lack of patience, whether we are in the grip of anger and anxiety, we can generate or be involved in discussions and tense moments that damage the quality and functionality of our relationships with others, whether they are close or unknown beings and the cost of repairing the damage can be emotionally exhausting, usually anger or sadness increase even if there is a motivation to fix disagreements ... if this is not a pleasant scenario but it is very common, if we contrast facing the difficulties with patience we will give ourselves realize that taking time to think well what to do in a situation offers us mental clarity, we do not shout, we do not insult, we stop to think for a moment about what is happening and what is the right thing to answer, that small space of clarity Mental is a sign of patience, does not mean that we must remain passive to situations rather allows us to structure our answers and orient them to solutions in a framework of respect and generosity.

Remember patience is not a concept, it is a mental attitude, its continuous practice guides us to inner peace, otherwise it makes us emotionally disgusted, resentful and intolerant beings. So when you are in a difficult situation, think about the time to activate the patience muscle, I must make a difference, observe, reflect and act and ensure Noting that I am not harming anyone, the great Eastern masters often say that the benefits of patience are countless, peace is the most valuable, in short, what do you prefer to win a fight? or keep your inner peace ... without a doubt the happiness that peace and tranquility offers us by not harming others.

Why is Patience a powerful attitude?

Finally Why Patience is a powerful attitude ?, because because it is something that we must practice, we must be patient with Patience, when we fail to apply it we must try again and again, human beings act result of our habits and we can disarm the habit of aggression to build that of the patient reaction.

Like everything, it is only a matter of applying it again and again until it becomes a natural way of acting. The great masters have achieved it. There is no reason to think that we cannot do it… everything else we count by nature with the great potential to change and the laboratory of our daily life to practice.

AUTHOR: Pilar Vázquez, collaborator of the great family of the White Brotherhood

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