Omraam M. Aivanhov - The scope of the zodiac.

  • 2012

Initiatory Science teaches that we live submerged in a fluidic ocean, which he has called astral light. This fluid is so sensitive that everything is inscribed in it: the most insignificant of our acts, the most tenuous of our emotions, the most fleeting of our thoughts. According to esoteric tradition, this astral light is composed of an extremely subtle matter that all creatures give off: human beings, animals, plants, and even stars. To this fluid, Hermes Trismegisto called him Telesma, and referring to him, he said: «The sun is his father, the moon is his mother, the wind has transported him to his belly and the earth is his nurse. Obviously the sun (fire), the moon (water), the wind (air) and the earth should not be conceived only as the four known material elements, but as the basic cosmic principles from which the matter has been constituted.

Hindus call this fluidic matter akasha. But, in reality, the names given to him are of little importance: cosmic electricity, original snake, Fohat force… Since every creature that thinks, feels and moves prints new vibrations, it is impossible to determine and name all its forms since creation of the world. Its nature is extremely mysterious and everything that can be said about it is both true and false. This akasha has, therefore, the property of recording everything that happens in the universe. And, on the other hand, the proof that everything is recorded is that clairvoyants can read about an object the events that happened around them, and even the fate of a person who had this object in their hands for one or two minutes . I speak, of course, of the true clairvoyants. The existence of this clairvoyance is an extraordinary argument: if the wise materialists took it into account, they would be forced to modify their views on the nature of the matter.

This fluid, this akasha where everything is printed, where everything is reflected, extends to the confines of the Universe, which are for us the limits of the zodiac, because the circle of the zodiac represents, symbolically, the space that God delimited to create the world. On the other hand, according to the initiatory Science, the succession of the 12 signs of the zodiac (Aries q, Taurus w, Gemini e, Cancer r, Leo t, Virgo y, Libra u, Scorpio i, Sagittarius o, Capricorn p, Aquarius [, Pisces / reveals the different stages of creation.

Aries gives the impulse, it is the indomitable force that sprouts and wants to manifest itself, at any cost, like spring shoots. To this brute force Taurus contributes matter, but this matter is not yet organized, it is nothing more than a mass report of undifferentiated elements. When you see that a work is being prepared for the construction of a house, it is the Taurus stage. But, with these elements, something needs to be done.

That is why Gemini begins to establish a communications network, so that the work can be done: the trucks, the pulleys, the cranes that will transport the materials from one end of the work to the other.

When Cancer arrives, it establishes the foundations, a solid base of "reinforced concrete" in nature; This base is the germ, the nucleus towards which various elements that contribute to its development will converge. On this core Leo begins to work, introducing a centrifugal force. Increases heat, as well as the intensity of movement. An explosion then occurs and the mass begins to shine and project rays in space. When Virgo arrives, he will declare that it is necessary to introduce order and organization in this set. It is then put to work and everything is put in its place. But the order is insufficient, there is an element of aesthetics, harmony, and Libra brings this element. It is the seventh day (the seventh sign) and work is interrupted so that workers can rest and have fun. In this climate of joy, certain workers forget work and get carried away by laziness and laziness. This is how elements of disintegration begin to be introduced: Scorpio producing disagreements and hostilities. Then the hour of Sagittarius sounds, which has the gift of reconciling beings with each other and linking them to Heaven. When it appears, it channels this excess of fiery energies, guiding them (the bow and arrow that supports the Centaur), and putting them at the service of a higher activity. Now, this well-ordered world, whose wheels work perfectly, tends to crystallize and curdle under the influence of Capricorn, and life begins to move away. So, so that it is not destroyed by materialism, Aquarius puts into action the powerful currents of the spirit. When he arrives, Pisces projects peace on the world. In this universal peace and harmony, life becomes pure, subtle, until everything melts and returns to the Ocean of origins.

All those who enter the scope of the zodiac are subject to the imperatives of time (periods, cycles) and space (location within the scope). Only pure spirits are free: they are not chained by time or space. But since they are incarnated, they enter the realm of the zodiac and are trapped in the magical circle of the implacable destiny that chains even the most luminous beings, the great children of God.

On the other hand, with his physical body, the human being represents the circle of the zodiac, in whose interior his spirit remains captive. To each sign, corresponds a part of the body:

Aries - the head

Taurus - the neck

Gemini - the arms and lungs

Cancer - the stomach

Leo - the heart

Virgo - the intestines and the solar plexus

Libra - the kidneys

Scorpio - the genital organs

Sagittarius - the thighs

Capricorn - knees

Aquarius calves

Pisces feet

To escape from this Serpent that squeezes him with his rings, man must leave the circle of reincarnations.

At the time of birth, the child's ethereal body, which is still like a soft and virgin wax, receives the imprint of astral influences.

Once the wax has cooled, the shape cannot be modified. When the child throws his first scream, the sky stamps his seal on his ethereal body and fixes his horoscope, in which his destiny is inscribed. The only means that exist for man to free himself from the limitations imposed by the stars is to work to consciously restore the bond with God; This is how he escapes the law of necessity, and enters the law of grace. But this freedom, to which we all aspire, is the last thing we will get. That is why freedom is considered the crown of spirituality; This crown is a circle of light that the Initiate carries over his head to show that he has overcome the circle of terrestrial limitations.

Let us now study the practical consequences for our daily lives of the existence of the zodiac circle. Suppose you pass by the mountain, have fun talking loudly or shrieking, what happens? That the mountain gives it back to you. The sound, the words stumble over an obstacle and return. When you throw a ball to the ground the same thing happens: it bounces or against a wall: it comes back and hits you. They are physical laws and physical laws are a reflection of spiritual laws. If you exclaim: I love you, everywhere the echo repeats I love you, I love you, I love you. And if you shout, I hate you, I hate you, , everywhere the echo repeats I hate you,

I hate .

You must understand that in life everything repeats endlessly; man, through his thoughts, his feelings and his actions continuously emits beneficial or evil waves; these waves travel through space, until they find a wall, which returns them and he receives awards or punishments. Yes, it's like a bumer. Those who know this law strive to send everywhere light, love, goodness, purity, warmth, and one day another necessarily receive, in turn, the same blessings; They feel happy, happy, they succeed. They say: It is the good God who has rewarded me! . But it is not like that; the Lord does not even know it. He has other tasks than to observe us incessantly and write down all our actions to reward or punish us. He established laws inside and outside of us, and it is these laws that punish or reward us.

The circle with a central point is the structure that is found everywhere in the universe. Take any organism, a cell, for example: you see a nucleus, a protoplasm, and around a film, the membrane. Take a fruit; In the center you will find the nucleus, then the pulp, the juicy meat that is eaten and, finally, the skin or crust. Thus, every living organism has a center, then a space through which life circulates and, finally, the skin that serves as a border, a limit, thanks to which the law of echo can be applied. Now, it may happen that the distance from the center to the periphery is very large, the voice reaches far, far away, and that only a few years later it meets the wall that will return it.

But even if the boomerang waits, it does not mean that nothing will be produced; yes, it will occur, but later, perhaps in another reincarnation, since the border (or even the periphery, the wall) is very far apart. And this is how the destiny inscribed in our natal theme is explained: it is the consequence of our past actions.

The atom and the solar system have an identical structure: a circle with a central point. And the space surrounding this point represents matter; without space matter would not exist. While the spirit has no need for space; its power is due to the fact that, being a tiny point, it acts everywhere at the same time. It is, then, in the limits of this space occupied by matter, where everything collides and then returns to its starting point.

Thus, through matter, everything we do, everything we think, returns to us after having traveled space. It is the matter that sends the echo again, it is not the spirit. The spirit acts and matter reacts, responds to the impulse. Its role is to face the spirit, oppose it, limit it, imprison it even. And the zodiac is this limit that surrounds our universe, just as the snake of matter surrounds the spirit.

Excerpt from: The zodiac, key to man and the universe

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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