Watch and release for the new change: Metanoia by Sofía Randall

  • 2013

We use dates, events, and the awakening of fear and other emotions to activate sleeping consciences ... Long ago I thought about the great importance of letting go, letting go, letting it flow. Not only in harmonious words and concepts loaded with light; but in the harsh reality of events or in the daily life.

And I see that if a date mobilizes fear it is because we are far from the natural and who we are . I can realize, that even if we enter cycles of constant changes where the past is already seconds; we have for health, that we learn to go with the cycles of nature; let go, say goodbye and let go with the reconciliation that nothing is forever.

No one teaches us to say goodbye in peace, to close the past with love; Now the concepts that have always been available are seen with new light, a new face appears for those who seek to understand the why of things, we now have an opportunity to see and experience everything more quickly.

We lose power when we don't recognize ourselves . We all develop a personality that frees and enslaves us at the same time, reacting to everyday situations and adapting to them without hardly any effort. What I mean by this? That what bothers me or stresses me is not the same as you, there will be people who mock our emotional states simply because they don't understand them. But no one can force us to have negative, sad, catastrophic, harmful ideas ... Well, no one can get in our head, nor feel for our own heart.

These times have accelerated since events are fast and unexpected, energies are affected, things hurt because we want to keep them stable and unchanged . Many wonder about what is to come, that if the end of the Mayan calendar is a sign of the end of the world. Yes, maybe it is but not as it has been represented or interpreted.

The end of an Era, of what until now has been your attachment, the way of how you perceive reality, for many may be the end of a cycle, the closing. Moments of decisions, opening of new ones to evolve.

Everything that happens in these days before 21 is a book about to close, the end of a story. We will observe how around us people, friends or family leave our lives; due to death or because the relationship has already given. I am sure that from the following months there will be progressive changes in your person, environment, etc.

Having seen all this, it is clear that neither the Mayan calendar announces the end of the world, nor right now the planet is in danger from a cosmic threat. For the psychologist Juan Carlos Albadalejo, the positive part of the uproar created with the announcement of the end of the planet is that, “if we consider the issue as a cycle change, we can think that, after that date, we can improve and get out of this crisis”

The phrase so used of "I'm falling in my twenties", is that from now on, that's what will happen, progressive change of consciousness, we will realize our garbage, what to do with it, work it, and recycle it, because You cannot be indifferent, there is a lot of work to be done on a personal level, because nothing can remain without moving. The change is permanent, embracing each of our parts, working our pain and darkness means: “I do something with this that so much hinders me, because it hurts and I cannot continue like this”, “I realize that when I give, I open myself to new energies. "

A week ago my grandmother - almost like a mother to many - passed away, and I will tell you that it was like a dream, it happened so suddenly and all these days, feelings, very confusing emotions, quite attachment, much anger and above all a recognition of vulnerability, and that work is constant .de every day: clean, let go, drop and repeat it as many times as possible.

And this reminds me of a story I read long ago:

Two monks were walking through the countryside at sunset; as they walked, prayed and reflected.

Shortly before approaching a river they had to cross, which had no bridge to do so, a woman approached them, asking them to help him cross the river o. One of them immediately said yes, while the other saw him with a look of disapproval.

The one who signed up to help the woman climbed it on her shoulders and finished the river, lowered her, the woman was very grateful to that monk.

The monks continued on their way and the one who did not approve the decision began to complain to the monk who helped the woman about her behavior: Why did you raise that woman to your shoulders? Do you not know that in the convent we are forbidden to maintain contact with women?

The monk who had helped the woman did not answer the other monk's questions. They went on their way and the monk insisted on his questions, to which the other monk did not answer. Shortly before arriving at the convent, the monk again questioned him about what he had done and finally the monk replied: It has been more than four hours that this woman is no longer over my shoulders. But you, why are you still carrying her?

The easiest of all is to get rid of everything that hurts us, but many of us don't know how to do it, and we don't even know that we carry it. We become obsessive about issues, emotions, and people ... we keep them constantly boiling, bringing the past to the present by torturing us whenever we can.

Knowing how to let go has always been a theme to be able to forgive and live a fuller life, but few know how to do it, the next year that only a few days are missing will bring many ways to Learn to let go, order and destroy what is about to fall.

But what exactly is coming? Do not! it is not what is coming; It is what we are already living ... And as the Mayan prophecies tell:

They speak of the end of fear and tell us: “Humanity will enter a time of change to make it enter the great hall of mirrors; be observed, and analyze their behavior with it, with others, with nature and with the planet where he lives ”time for all humanity by conscious decision, we decide to change, eliminate fear and disrespect from all our relationships .

The energy received will increase and accelerate the vibration throughout the universe to lead to greater perfection, producing physical changes in the sun, on the earth and psychological changes in man altering his behavior, his way of thinking and feeling, will be transformed relations and modes of communication, economic, social, order and justice systems will change religious beliefs and accepted values, man will face his fears and anxieties to solve them, and in that way he can synchronize with those of the planet, and the universe. The events that separate us but also those that unite us will be increased.

Aggression, hatred, dissolving families, clashes over ideologies, religion, models of morality or nationalism; Simultaneously more people will find peace, they will learn to control their emotions, there will be more respect, they will be more tolerant and understanding and they will find unity, man will emerge with a very high level of internal energy, people with sensibility and intuitive powers for healing.

A heat wave will increase the temperature of the planet, producing geological and social climatic changes, due to the combination of several factors, generated by man in his lack of synchrony with nature.

Excellence and spiritual development will be the result of men in harmony who perform the activities with which they vibrate higher; doing so will expand your understanding.

A new universal order will appear, with communication through thought, a super immune system that will eliminate vibrations. detaching from diseases.

Men who consciously and voluntarily find their inner peace, enter a new era of learning by harmonic contrast, communication and reintegration will make experiences, individual memories and acquired knowledge available without selfishness to everyone else.

Thus, astrologically on December 21, 2012 the sun enters 0 ° of capricorn and a few hours before with moon in Aries, some tremor situations, or tectonic adjustments, people who panic in some situations may happen, but this could extend until the December 25 and especially Dec. 30 Attention to the handling of gunpowder or pyrotechnic games in some event. It is best to get away from crowded places, or synchronize with waves of tragedies .... change the perspective. The moon in Aries although it is separative if it makes a tension to Pluto (power, government, narco) In the beginning the moon (emotion, house, women), could tell us about how we are at the moment, susceptible, aggressive and quite reactive, what the moon could be a trigger for small isolated events . As I said before, I would avoid places with a lot of emotional and action load at all times. Avoid going to the pyramids, or conglomerations where its main theme is the end of the world, something catastrophic or otherwise people who gather to make meditations creating some stress situation.

The sun seeks to reform centralize and unify with little, austerity and practicality. Sun tension with Uranus is not applicable but will form in the following days and may generate general confusion, make quick, sudden and erroneous decisions, and this aspect is also given to hysteria. But also to the unusual, to implement new forms and more liberating perspectives. Find more crazy plans to do what we had never dared to do or say. Any unexpected news that changes the course of action. Days moved where fear has no place.

There will be the real desire of many people to make it a moment of spiritual reform in the human being and humanity, and that is why this sextile between Neptune and the sun causes situations of spiritual changes of healing ... We will realize the elderly victim that will be the earth, the helpless, the sick, the children who cannot defend themselves and those with little heart. Poverty and ignorance as causes but also despair and indifference; before anyone who can or wants to do anything and keep things as until today ...

As soon as the year is almost over, it could be that you are feeling discomfort, a lot of energetic movement, reflections on directions of life, changes and decisions, new perspectives, greater activity of the unconscious, to settle and fulfill with you mainly long-term issues letting go and emptying yourself at all levels, because acquiring and filling up is easy, letting go and letting go is another story ...

And finally, make a list of 10 things impossible to continue loading:

Perhaps the rigid perspective, hatred, resentment towards someone, some disease (depression) an unfinished issue that you have not been able to heal, your lack of confidence, your abuse, your ignorance and indifference towards yourself or others. Make your list with priorities this time I will not ask you to burn it, or transmute it, this time you will work it for your love to RELEASE and release….

Because it is impossible to continue like this….

Begin by applying the theories of light, that we are all one ... everything that heals you will be investing in you, the others, in the surrounding and collective energies, you will heal footprints and links with the disease will be severed. Therefore, whether we want to or not we are all united and the law of attraction does not interest you if you remember, pretend, play, believe, complain or worry, simply respond to what is in our vibrational bubble.

The end of the world will not be such; just a change of perspective, a METANOIA in the heart ... and if it can be better in all humanity, because eventually we must give up everything ... Because eventually we will release everything

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Watch and release for the new change: Metanoia by Sof a Randall

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